I read somewhere, not too long ago, that the Mexicans were taking over the meth trade in the US and all the meth labs were going to go away. Well, from where I sit as City Desk Editor here in Serratoth Custom House observing what youm the Living, do every day I’m not buying it. In rural America the dirtiest little secret right after the rampant abuse of teenaged girls by members of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Churches is the production, sale and widespread use of methamphetamine.

A case in point is one of Mary Taylor, 28 and her husband Jason Taylor 32, of Vincennes, Indiana. The couple has four children ages 4 to 13, and the Taylor adults were charged with possession of meth, child neglect, maintaining a common nuisance and two drug related misdemeanors. I am trying my best to find some excuse for these sad people but I just can’t. They made their own decisions which are often used against others to point to a collective or group inferiority. “Mary Taylor,” it would be said by one of the conservative screed writers, “cast her lot for failure when she got on her back at 15 and got pregnant.” This may or not be true, but it is the path of argument most commonly followed when the losers don’t look like Mary Taylor and her husband.

A trailer park [of all places!] in Quincy, Illinois has come under investigation after the arrest of three people on meth possession charges. Elizabeth Jett, 24, Gail Maroon, 44 and Stephen Maroon all face a litany of manufacture and possession of methamphetamine and other drug charges.

I’ll be the very first to admit the worst thing in the world is being blindsided. The case of Jane and Scott Stough of Sylva, North Carolina strikes me as one of these. The father of these two siblings is in a state of denial after driving from the meth capital of the world, Missouri to take care of his grandchildren. You see the Stough kids have been arrested and are charged with making and dealing meth prompting their loyal dad to intone, “It’s all bogus!” I’d step back from that if I was you Mr Stough as the coppers have the pseudoephedrine purchase logs from CVS that the buyer for the Stoughs used. Being blindsided by realizing you raised two drug criminals does suck.

More from LaOtto, Indiana where two children were rescued from a home where two men were cooking meth. Richard Harpel, 25, and Thomas Childress, 20 are both in custody on a laundry list of meth related charges. The kids are in the care of county child protective services and the trailer where they lived is still being searched carefully for chemicals.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
6 Fadesh Miro 2 AS


  1. I kinda (or at least thought I did) knew these two from there last store and gas station out on cedar point. hell had beers with em and ate there, got my gas there and such. Til one day the boy up did the same damn thing there. Hell I here told he had to leave missouri and not come back for making the dope and having a gun. We’d never had that sorta problem around our parts, first I heard of any such thing so close. Guess they havent any duty as an American or anything else. I’d sure not mess up somethin as good as my own buisness or my kids lives..felt like i liked em both, but I guess they just wont learn til its all gone.

    • consigliereciucava Says:

      Imagine all those people in rural communities in the 90s laughing at minorities addicted to crack. Who’s laughing now?
      Suddenly “country crime” is just as damning a statement about the Human Condition as “inner city crime.”

  2. anna Says:

    look you bitches you should put this on ther enet cause thats my mom and shge wasnt 15 she was 14 it was 14 went she had me and you guy are asses for putting this up

    • consigliereciucava Says:


      Despite Ms Green’s error in math this was an open story reported in the local newspaper. Our crime blotter writer took up the story and made comparisons to other cases that were blown out of proportion because of the ethnicity of the perpetrator. I am personally sorry about how drugs use by your parents has caused you ill in your short life but it is not the staff of this paper you should be angry with it is your weak minded and drugs addicted parents and anyone who would aid or abet them in their addiction.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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