Without spoiling the film for you dahlings, just know this– Lars von Trier is a genius and Charlotte Gainsbourg deserves to be nominated as best supporting actress for her tour de force in the new film Melancholia. While Kirsten Dunst is getting the high praise she should for her role in the film the real stars are Gainsbourg and of course the rogue planet Melancholia. The story is more than the sum of its parts however as Lars von Trier chooses to offer nothing of the panic of the 99% all over the world as a planet five times the size of the moon hurtled toward Terra in what is called by Kiefer Sutherland’s character a “fly by.”

The writer/director prefers to give the audience a look into the life of a family of those in the 1% going on with their lives of arrogant luxury and diffident optimism as the possibility of an extinction level event moves toward Terra with reckless abandon. The movie has two parts and those two parts show the seemingly flawed wedding of Aleksander Skarsgaard and Dunst set in a bucolic setting at a golf resort presumably from the auto plates in Pennsylvania. In this retreat far from the economic crisis protected by their wealth and power Dunst descends into melancholia and comes to embrace the joy of a world shattering rock of the same name while her sister goes from capable planner to Internet rumour obsessed victim in the turn of an act.

Gainsbourg’s tragic competence, the scene where she is struggling with a nude Dunst to get her to bathe is artistic gold, soon enough is shattered just as Terra will be by the realization that her place in society, her wealth even her love for her son cannot save her from the laws of physics. Kirsten Dunst’s character on the other hand seems to fall in love so deeply with planet Melancholia that she strips down and bares not only her body to the planet glowing above in the night sky but her soul as well. In the end Melancholia cannot be stopped no matter how many hedge fund investments, stabled horses or perfectly manicured greens surround them.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Valeri Dubov, D.S.V.A., O.Q.H [Fashion Design]
Managing Editor—Arts, Fashion & Culture
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
242 4 Leviathan 2 AS

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