Dahlings, I am attending an old world New Year’s party tonight at Vulca where Andy Warhol will be among the glitterati. If I get the chance I’ll whisper in his ear, “When you meant fifteen minutes of fame did you have certain faux music stars in mind?” By this question I am inferring Kelly Clarkson a singer created wholly out of the plastic and other synthetic materials of a reality show. With her fictional popularity waning, Clarkson has made a political endorsement of GOP candidate Ron Paul. For Clarkson who had a myriad of mostly white rural fans as her base this is the safest choice.

Kelly Clarkson’s music isn’t the stuff of the Baby Boomers, dahlings, it has been transformed from pop to rock to country, aimed at the bored, chunky girls who live in “America’s Heartland.” Clarkson has not had a number 1 single since 2009 and her last three releases have failed to sell 1 million copies in the US. So as a young white country singer she supports the man who is the antithesis of the older conservative establishment Ron Paul. While this might alienate some of her middle aged white female fans it surely endears her to those who want to smoke pot, meth or whatever they choose to get them through the day to day ennui of living so far from the urban hearts of America. Of course Clarkson need not worry about black fans who see Ron Paul as a bigot because of that whole newsletter kerfuffle for there may be fewer black Kelly Clarkson fans than black members of the GOP.

Lindsay Lohan for all her faults has always been about Lindsay Lohan. Ms Clarkson despite her talent is trying to do exactly what Warhol warned us was soul decaying. Kelly Clarkson is desperate to extend her 15 minutes of fame to half an hour and the stress is causing her brand and her Soul to rot because.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil and Happy New Year!

Valeri Dubov, D.S.V.A., O.Q.H [Fashion Design]
Managing Editor—Arts, Fashion & Culture
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
27 Ravenshade 2 AS

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