As a demon journalist, I have seen many topics of discussion grip the Human Mind over the past several centuries. Political scandal has the power to turn calm citizens into fiery partisans when they smell the blood of the opposition in the water. At no time was that more emphatically presented than when President William Jefferson Clinton was caught having oral sexual intercourse with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton survived Impeachment and his own tap dance with perjury to go on to become what many historians both here in Hell and on Terra consider among the best of the American leaders of the 20th Century. Others who did not reach the lofty heights of the Oval office in that time and since have not fared as well.

We have watched and written about the Mark Sanford’s infamous hike of the Appalachian Trail by way of Buenos Aires and John Edwards’ love child with Rielle Hunter. I watched as the political career of Eliot Spitzer a man whom I respected greatly devolved into a rotting suet of tawdry details as his penchant for escorts was revealed. John Ensign and David Vitter did nothing to help the reputation of Congress by their actions or the cover ups involving their extramarital affairs soaked in political gamesmanship. What I have learned is that men in powerful positions politically often find te lure of lust more powerful than the vows they have taken before the deity of their choice.

Today, America faces many serious problems and they will not be solved with sound bites or bloggers who simply want to fuel the religious, racial or political bigotry of their base. If ever there was a time for a moderate in American political leadership it is today. I am certain that somewhere in the United States there is a better woman or man for the job of President of the United States than Barack Obama; some that is truly outside of the corporate greed and partisan foolishness that the inner workings of Washington have come to rely upon for the last 150 odd years. Sadly, that person is not being offer to the American people by the corporate interests that are jockeying for the rewards of the new global economy to come. Once Europe heals its woes brought upon by the narrow-minded thinking of conversion to the Euro without structures within the Community to assure that debts get paid and business as usual regarding fiscal laziness are replaced with a Union wide growth foundation plan there will be a new political reckoning.

All this means is that America now, today, has a choice to make and Newt Gingrich supporters also have a choice to make after understanding the differences between what they have seen in the scandalous past and the present. Point to Clinton and the others in regard to this situation is not the solution that is needed. I can say with a measure of certainty that if Mitt Romney has ever desired another woman outside his marriage he has not acted upon it. The issue of marital fidelity is something that Conservatives take very seriously as they attempt to keep others from taking the sacred vows of marriage.

At one time in the not so distant past Americans felt that marriage between the races was improper. Most states in the US outlawed interracial marriage well into the middle of the 20th Century. Now such marriages are commonplace with no destructive effects upon the society at large. Only the bigoted pride of the few is bruised by seeing a young black man with his white wife in modern times. The same should hold true, from a purely Constitutional point of view for same-sex marriages. To deny any adults the right to marry as they choose is anathema to the ethic of Freedom and Justice that America has evolved toward since the passage of the Civil and Voting Rights Acts of the mid 1960s.

This all brings me to the conundrum facing the Republican Party and Conservatives in the United States of America in 2012. Here you have Newt Gingrich a truly brilliant mind and someone who would serve the Right well as President. Many of the dreams that the TEA Party and the milliard of Conservative pundits, bloggers and PACs would be realized in the first four years of a Gingrich presidency. But you and I both know dear reader that there would be a deal on the table regarding his potential dalliances that would make Mr Gingrich a bit of a political marionette.

His modus operandi in his personal life, like Clinton would cause him great grief in his second term. The next affair would be damning to his administration and he will find himself on the very same hot seat where Bill Clinton was twenty years before. This time Gingrich own party would be bringing the charges against him.

This is about character in the end and I as the Editor-in-Chief question not only the veracity of Marianne Ginther’s statements last night to Brian Ross but how Callista Gingrich can remain silent in all of this. It was not and is not a personal matter. The affair that Newt Gingrich had with Callista for six years while he was still married to Marianne Ginther is a known fact and is not disputed. There is nothing to prevent Mr Gingrich from falling under the spell of another woman in her late 20s to replace Callista tomorrow if he has not cast his eyes upon her already. The Former House Speaker was able to hide his affair from the public as he lambasted President Clinton for his.

As a demon journalist I make my inquiry plain. I have to ask the third wife of Newt Gingrich, if you faith in the Roman catholic Church was so strong how is it that you were able to have an affair with a married man? How is it that you can justify your selfishness in allowing the commission of the mortal sins of adultery and fornication with Newt Gingrich and now smiling before the cameras as if you are without this horrible stain? These are your own rules the rules of a religion you drove a man I see as corrupt to taking into his own Soul and you have done these things out of the cowardice and fear of your own lust. Once again Ms Gingrich these are your rules not mine. Our morals here in Hell are far different from the do as I say not as I do requirements of the falsely pious on Terra.

I demand that Callista Gingrich tell the American people and the world why she decided that a corruption of her faith was more valuable to her than her own Soul in regard to this married and how can you the American people trust her to whisper in his ear on a daily basis while he sits at the apex of global political and military power on Terra?

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
46 Ravenshade 2 AS


  1. Jenny Hurely Says:

    The other day I heard that Callista had an affair with another married man before Newt. Can you verify that?

    • Majordomo Pain Says:

      We, Ourselves, cannot verify this but We are working with several sources who knew Ms Bisek in the 1990s and before for just such information.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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