The American media is flush this morning with the video of George Zimmerman being taken into the police station his head clear of any of the injuries he said he sustained in the incident that lead to the death of Travyon Martin. Over the past week many of you have heard, as have I, a litany of media reports about Trayvon martin that have fueled speculation about his actions on the night of his death. Some bloggers and those that comment on blogs have even gone so far as to state that Martin ‘got what was coming to him” because black crime is “cultural.” I have said here many times in my crime page that crimes that lead to death are a Human failing and that no one race, culture or religion has a corner on that market. In a just society, the crimes of Demeko Duckworth would carry no more social weight than those of Matthew Denholm?

So this leads me to a very basic question for the readers here that I hope you will feel free to answer in comments. Why is it that when incidents like this occur is black on black crime seen as cultural when white on white crime is equally prevelant in American society? How is it that a man like Dr Timothy Roses, a married professional can murder a girl he was having an affair simply because she broke up with him and that not be considered with the same weight as “flash mobs?” How is it that the murder on a daily basis of ex wives, girlfriends, in-laws, and the violent and brutal murder of children because of relationship failure doesn’t gain the same traction in the black community as drug violence among blacks does in the white community in America? Every morning my research staff dumps a pound of email on my desk detailing where a white perp has killed himself, his ex wife/girlfriend, and/or his children in a fit of rage. If you want to talk about a culture of murder you might want to look at those that have been charged in the death of Tiffany York. How is this not a sign of some sort of culutral weakness? To me this clarifies that violence, especially gun violence, is a failing that the Humans in America need to deal with and deal with soon, just as they need to finally deal with matters of race and culture like free adults rather than angry mobs.

What does it say about the America of 2012 if a 17 year old kid can't walk home from the store without being asked where he is going? I know if I saw a man following me with a gun I'd be preparing myself to defend myself against him– I would be fighting for my life were he to be aggressive. I know that as an adult I would have handled the situation differently; very likely I would have run. But a 17 year old black kid minding his business who has seen how he is percieved in America might just have told Zimmerman to go fuck himself and walked faster. I can see Trayvon trying to defend himself against a man with gun. But sadly, I can also see a man like George Zimmerman, who appears to me to be a wannabe cop being enraged with his failures so greatly that he decides this is his moment to be a hero, and in Florida a state where the fear of culture among certain groups is so great that laws get passed to give them the illusion that guns will make them safer citizens, decides to shoot to kill with no provocation whatsosever.

Qu'ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about. You are reading news articles about Dr. Tim Roses and concluding them to be true. If you read what has come out since a day after the event, you will realize there is more to this story than a doctor shooting his ex-girlfriend because she left him for another person. Maybe you should do your homework before writing a bunch of lies on the website, and then ask yourself, what good am I really doing by posting things I know nothing about.

    • Robin Naismith Green Says:

      Anonymous I am nothing more than a crime reporter and it is true I am reading news articles and other data that is available to me some of which I am sure you have not seen that bear a certain number of facts out. You say there is more to this story than a simple relationship gone horribly wrong. Still, in the end there are certain known facts. Dr Roses was married and having an affair. He was reluctant to leave his wife and move on with Lindsay wishing to have his cake and eat it too. When Lindsay went on to a new beau, Timothy Roses became angered and hatched a plan to get her back which ended in him killing Lindsay and himself. This is what was reported and this is the basis, in fact, of my commentary. I am more than willing to publish a retraction if you can show that Lindsay was the shooter or that her new boyfriend killed Lindsay and Roses. So far I have seen no evidence to that effect.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What kind of reporter are you where you take what has been printed and copy it. You have no idea what you are talking about, but my question to you is what good are you doing? Are you helping others, by printing things that are copied off the internet. Tim and LIndsay had an affair, and Tim was the one who wouldn’t leave his wife. Lindsay’s husband left her because of the affair. It was Lindsay who was so upset over Tim telling her he was leaving. He was not upset over her having a boyfriend. He was the one who decided to not leave his wife for Lindsay. Maybe you should not report on things you don’t know about. This gives people who know both of them more hurt and pain for no reason. A good reporter waits for the true story to come out and they focus on things that will tell a story where others can learn from tragedy. Maybe you should change your career path.

      • Robin Naismith Green Says:

        Clearly, Anonymous, you are a friend/relative of Timothy Roses and are having a bit of trouble dealing with the result of his actions and this is clouding your ability to process exactly what happened. You wrote:

        Tim and LIndsay had an affair, and Tim was the one who wouldn’t leave his wife. Lindsay’s husband left her because of the affair. It was Lindsay who was so upset over Tim telling her he was leaving. He was not upset over her having a boyfriend. He was the one who decided to not leave his wife for Lindsay.

        How does any of that change the fact that Timothy Roses was a married man with four children ranging in age from 20 to 9 months, strayed from his marriage bed while his wife was pregnant to have an affair and then when he realized the affair was coming to an end he didn’t choose to go back to his family and try to gain forgiveness he murdered Lindsay and then committed the ultimate crime against his own Soul by murdering himself? Answer a simple question and then take a deep breath; who is responsible for Lindsay and Timothy being dead now? It’s not a trick question and the answer isn’t Cindy Passmore Roses.

        This gives people who know both of them more hurt and pain for no reason.

        What you mean is it embarrasses people that the entire world knows that neither of them were saints as they tried to have most of the world see them as. This Anon, is the entire point of us here in Hell writing this blog; to expose some of the Living as the frauds they often times are.

  2. Texas Says:

    “Anonymous” says “there’s more to this story” about Tim Roses. Yes, there have been additional anecdotes that his supporters want to use to justify his actions. The TRUTH is….it was his actions and he made a choice. I knew Tim for almost 30 years. Nearly 30 years ago, another friend and I sat him down and told him he had a problem. He was far too controlling and possessive of his girlfriend at the time, “M.B.” He was narcissistic and eaten up with jealousy, while being consumed with lust for other girls. That was back before anyone used the term “stalker”. Subsequently, we thought he had grown up a little and gotten past it. Apparently not. Other doctors he worked with have said that he had a long term problem with inappropriate comments and contact with women he worked with. Do those of us around him bear some guilt for not seeing more signs and taking stronger steps? Probably so. However, at the end of the day, we all need to be responsible for our actions and the decisions we make. I refuse to blame the victim in this matter. Did she make poor decisions? Absolutely. But it also appears that she tried to take responsibility and end the relationship. My prayers are with both families and their friends, as they are all scarred now, while he took the coward’s way out. If things were so bad that he couldn’t handle it, it would have been bad enough for him to take his own life and scar his own family and friends. However, NOTHING can justify the decisions he made. He decided to travel from his home to Iowa. He decided to take a gun. He decided to follow the girl. Decided to confront her. Decided to kill her in cold blood. This was not a sudden “snap” or an act of passion. This was cold, pre-meditated murder. My former friend my have been intelligent, but he acted with pure stupidity.

    As for Trayvon, there is similar stupidity. The press likes a story that’s sensational. In this instance, they got it and ran with it without either checking out or reporting all the facts. Either way, it was irresponsible journalism. To make matters worse, political opportunists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that care nothing about the facts….they only want to claim racisim at every turn. If you dont believe that people like that exist, google “john wiley price” and some of the truly ignorant statements he’s made. For example, a comment by a rival that funds were disappearing “into a black hole” was racist.

    This takes us full-circle. The bottom line is that we have a nation of deflectors…..people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and who refuse to hold people accountable for their actions. The rest of us can only shrug and ask “where is our country headed and what’s going to happen to us.” God…please bless our country.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s been a while since this so-called friend of Tim’s 30 yrs ago posted from Texas about Tim’s history so I doubt you’ll get this. If you do see this, I want you to know that you’ve deeply hurt my family by sharing this information. I am Tim’s sister & I want you to know your comments deeply hurt my
      mother. It wasn’t necessary that you confide in the world your experience w Tim & M.B. We are NOT in denial but we don’t understand why you don’t have anything better to do with your time than this. Again, you only caused more pain for my family. Pat yourself on the back. God is the only judge & the Bible talks about gossiping & judging others. God will be the only judge for my brother…not you. He will deal with you in His own time. God has a way of teaching hard lessons to those who judge. You should be ashamed for joining in on this Tim bashing & hurting my family. I’m guessing you’re not that kind of person.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Again Robin or whatever you real name is, you don’t know what really happened, but keep making your remarks like you do. It is true that this is all you sit around and do is try and make up stories that are more appealing to the public eye so your column will make it. It is not embarrassing to me what happened, it is sad to me. There were bad decisions made by both, and yes, Tim made the worst decision he could’ve have made, but if you would read the more current stories, it further explains that Tim a year and a half ago did have a serious head injury which put him in ICU at Baylor for a week. You don’t mention that at all, and why? It’s because it may not be as appealing to your audience. Tim was diagnosed by more than one specialist that he has trauma in the part of the brain that dealt with stress, reasoning, coping, and behavior. He was not like this before the accident, but again you only want to make him out to be the worst person you can. You should be proud of that, because our world is not filled enough with hate. Why don’t you spend time trying to find good in people instead of trying to find bad in people and maybe, just maybe make this a better place to live.

    In the meantime, you should check more updates, because they have recently after anaylzing the 911 call, found that the gun shot that hit Lindsay went off on accident, and then Tim decided to take his own life. I know you don’t want to say anything good about that, and you only want to write something more negative to that, because that is what you do. You know if this kind of thing ever happens to your family one day, you’ll understand that it is just cruel to do what you are doing to both families.

    • Majordomo Pain Says:

      We, Ourselves, believe you are simply trying to rationalize what is painfully clear.

    • Lynne Says:

      This is long time coming but I just saw this site and I have so much grief and respect for both sides but to read this infuriates me. My good friend was the new boyfriend and watched the shooting….he fired 2 gunshots….there was no accidental misfire. They released the 911 call as well so you can listen to that and hear. im sorry that this happened, it obviously takes some serious damage to make a person go this far and that I understand. But it is not fair to that girl to continue to rationalize his decisions, she died early and should have lived a full life. I have offered many prayers for both sides as I know it is beyond painful but please….

  4. […] a couple of months the statements of an anonymous commenter made regarding the murder of Lindsay Nichols and the suicide of her former lover Dr Timothy Roses […]

  5. jane Says:

    People who worked with Tim Roses say that he had numerous affairs prior to his affair with Lindsay and PRIOR to his head injury on a golf cart. My best guess is that Tim’s sister and the family are trying to find ways to justify the horrific crime that Tim committed and it’s easier to blame a head injury than to lay 100% blame on Tim where it belongs. I am sorry for Tim’s family, but maybe the family needs some counseling so they can accept and heal?

  6. jane Says:

    And I’ve listened to the 911 call and played it back after reading the sister’s comment about the fact that it was discovered that the gun went off accidentally. I heard nothing in the 911 call that indicates the gun went off intentionally or accidentally. Where is that information coming from? Did Tim say, OH NO, I DIDN’T MEAN TO PULL THE TRIGGER? I didn’t hear any such thing so I’d love to have the sister’s explanation for that piece of info.

  7. jane Says:

    Since my last post inquiring about the comment Tim Rose’s sister made here about the 911 call showing new evidence that the bullet that shot Lindsay went off accidentally, I have done some research. I found this article in the Des Moines Register. It says:

    “Harden said Roses fired three shots, though only two are heard on the call. He said the first struck Nichols in the chest from a few feet away, went through her and ricocheted off the truck. The second shot, Harden said, likely was fired seconds later by accident, hit the ground and can’t be heard because of screaming on the call. The third shot went through Roses’ heart from point-blank range after he yelled a profanity, Harden said.”

    So, speculation by Harden is that the 2nd shot went off accidentally. Obviously the family is trying to take bits of info and spin it to justify the actions. Understandable and heartbreaking, but not reasonable to outsiders like me.

    • Lynne Says:

      Thank you for adding your articles, I know it is hard for the family to continue reading this but I agree that counseling to heal is probably what they need to be able to accept and let go. Like you I have heard from people that knew him through covenant that he had a wandering eye even before his accident. The new boyfriend was one of my good friends and witnessed the entire event and I have heard from him what he saw. So to continue to read people changing the story, messing up the facts or ‘rationizing’ is infuriating to me. I know it’s hard to accept but don’t disrespect that girl or chase by changing what clearly happened.

  8. mrskailuakona Says:

    This is a message for Tim’s sister how dare you speak of your brother Tim’s coworker from 30 years ago scolding him for writing
    in his own words his experience with him. While it’s true these statements may have hurt your mother. Do you have not a clue how hurt Lindsay’s parents are right at this moment? Lindsay not your brother is the real victim. While it’s true Tim’s four kids are suffering they are suffering because of YOUR brother. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

    Back to the story. I was reading another forum which said Dr. Tim had an incredible lust for young medical students BEFORE the accident. He was a womanizer from the get go. He had multiple affairs BEFORE the accident so it only got worse after the accident. I am sure the accident altered his judgment that in itself doesn’t excuse murder!

    I would like to know what accident was the good doctor in? Was it a car accident?

    Finally Lindsay was no angel in fact she caused her own death by sleeping with the doctor who will star one day on SNAPPED! Two selfish married people who had affairs with no thought to adultery or the lives they destroyed along the way including their own.

  9. Family of Lindsay Says:

    I just happened upon this website…after 15 months of Lindsay’s passing. As hard as it is to go on living without Lindsay, we can not imagine being in his families shoes…with the loss of a husband, father and son and knowing he caused someone elses death. Lindsay was a class act. Her relationship with Tim was built on his lies. Lindsay acted responsibly the day she found out Tim had a wife and children at home. Our thoughts and prayers continue for Cindy and her children. Our hearts are broken…I’m sure their’s are also.

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