As a demon journalist I am often puzzled at the actions of humans. Note I didn’t say Human beings which in this form in my language takes on a totally different meaning. In Hellac, “Homo suisentjuis” literally translates into English as “man thinking being.” It is a title of respect offered to those who have elevated themselves beyond thinking of race, or gender or nation state as an ideal means of creating a false superiority. Sadly, I see less and less of this in America these days.

Some of what I have to write here may surprise many of you who have been with me on this nearly seven Terran year journey to help the Living understand how we see you in Hell. First on the Trayvon Martin case i think the shooting had more to do with fear than racism. Bigotry, got Zimmerman in the position he was in because he wanted to be a hero– desperately. Fear placed him in a tussle with a young man for no reason that ended in a homicide. All the marches and speeches in the world cannot and will not stop people from wanting to more than they actually are. This is a human frailty. If you do not believe me go to a strip club and talk to the dancers for an hour and report back to me.

The problem with dividing people among races and cultures and seeking superiority out of these divisions is the sad truth that 10% [or often more] of any group is divergent in a quite beastly and negative way. This is true of the Irish just as it is of Jews. It is true of black, yellow, white and brown all across the cool and verdant landscape of Terra. I have lived more than 400 of your years and I have seen what power the willingly ignorant have.

This is not a new trend but a series of events in Norfolk, Virginia, a town with which I have some familiarity from my youth before law school, has moved me to write on this topic this morning. The prime mover was a conversation I had with my friend and one time contributor to this blog Odamo Sese Omoko, Master Chef at the Imperial residence here in Dis. As I lapped up my leepoo eggs this morning sitting in the Imperial Kitchen chatting with Pain and Fredrick Schwartz Odamo asked me why I had yet to comment about the beating of two Virginian Pilot reporters. I let him know that I had not heard the details of the attack or any report of it at all and he filled me in.

Anyone who knows me knows that as a demon journlist and editor of this newspaper I take the security of my reporters very seriously. Many on my executive staff have been locked up for violating gag orders or refusing to divulge sources. I believe in the Hellac amendment to our constitution just as much as American journalists and their editors believe in the 1st amendment. However, all of us know that free speech has its limits.

That same freedom should extend beyond the newsroom to the private lives of journalists who are simply going on about their business. Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami had done nothing more than go to the theater two weeks ago when they were attacked by a mob of black youths in Norfolk, Virginia. But the injustice of being battered and threatened by a mob was made worse by the editorial staff of their newspaper by not reporting the crime in its entirety and immediately. Had Schwartz and Valencen been similarly beaten on the streets of Dis I would have been, metaphorically, calling for the heads of their attackers as soon as the news became known to me.

All of this and the articles this morning witten by Pain about the violence of a white conservative JT Ready this morning begs a question. What is America to do with those who are ignorant and motivated by their baseless ideologies of stupidity and anger? Sadly, this is a question I have been seeking an answer to for centuries and to this day I am no closer to a solution. I do know that this must stop and today if America is to continue as a going concern.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
147 Ravenshade 2 AS

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