The JT Ready for Sheriff Facebook page is on fire with outlandish conspiracy theories, bigoted rhetoric and quite a bit of dark humor after JT Ready killed his girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, her daughter and boyfriend and the daughter’s 2 year old girl in Gilbert, AZ.

Posted by mobile 16 hours ago to the JT Ready for Sheriff Facebook page:

“Reports are unconfirmed that a cartel assassination squad murdered JT Ready and several of his friends and family this afternoon in Gilbert Arizona. This page’s admin will keep you updated of the situation as soon as possible.”

Hispana Views
“This all just proves one point. These minute men and other supporters claim their is non-racial or racist behind their actions. It’s only against illegal immigrants they claim, we have no problem with non-white citizens. What was the baby then? Amber? We know racist hate whites that are married and have children with minorities. They hate all minorities. Why would the cartels kill him? Doesn’t make sense. These minutemen try to be intimidating and everything else to unarmed families. They have no problem killing families that are looking for work trying to cross the border. Have you ever seen them go face to face with the cartels? No. they are cowardly in that aspect. JT supporters are on this page. Can they answer why they don’t fight cartels? I believe JT killed that whole family, they shoot at families all the time at the border. Not criminals or cartels and they and all of us know it. This is in his character.”

Alex Lowry
“Rot in hell scumbag…”

Stanton Brasher
“Hi JT, you’re a total douche and your death makes the world a better place. I wish I could be at your funeral to laugh and play mariachi music, but alas, you are not worth the gas money.”

Michael Lee
“for all those that have an opinion and private thought keep it,private.I respect this man for having the balls to hunt down the illegal entrants to my country,If we entered Mexico the same way they do we would be arrested for a felony and imprisoned.Why should they get any different treatment.I wait to find out the truth first.Be well,Be safe.herbologist”

Sara van Gordon [in reply]
“the truth is your neo-nazi buddy gunned down his girlfriend’s family including a toddler, good job defending him”

Hispana Views [in reply]
“Balls? Why wasn’t he hunting down gang member’s? drug dealers? criminals? Instead he wanted to push his weight more so on abusing women crossing the border. That is a fact! He was a coward, lived a coward and died a coward. If he was so proud of his work, and country? He wouldn’t have killed himself! Let everyone know, no one is more valuable or important than the next person..ashes to ashes, dust to dust..More are being born as we speak.”

Michael Lee [in reply]
“You speak as if you know the truth,there is a old saying I live by:I believe nothing I hear and only half of what I see.Here is One better:Judge not yet let the be judged.We only know what the lying media tells us.”

David Garcia
“Death after dishonor.”

Tallulah Vanana
“Looks like all that hatred & ignorance finally bit this boy in his ass. Live by hate, die by hate. ”

Kathy Bambi Khouri
“You were a GREAT MAN! Nobody knew that you went to plastine and worked with plastinian children in a camp after the jews kicked them out of their home! GOD BLESS YOU J.T.”

Domenica Adele Giovanni [ in reply]
“This “great man” you speak of killed my friend and her family in front of her sister, before turning the gun on himself. I would hardly call him a man.”

Anna Lee Bostwick
“I was so sorry to hear about this on the news this morning! I have to tell my husband who was a good friend of JT. All the haters on the site….I can tell you @$$holes that, while there has been no “study” on the subject, there is probably a far lower percentage per capita in the Racialist movement of incidents of domestic violence then there is in the “regular” population. Admin, please update as quickly as possible (I know it’s not that easy). I am interested in the assassination theory. It makes perfectly good sense knowing that JT was protecting our borders from the dirt coming in from Mexico.”

Autumn Thomas-Saffron [in reply]
“lol @ The cartel hating some p.o.s. who was too afraid of them to actually go after them… that may be the funniest shit I’ve seen today thus far. Oh and then the typical uniformed white trash white whine ” but we aren’t safe when go visit their country for our leisurely pleasure” well Anna, you idiot, if you don’t want “them” here, what the hell makes you think they want you and your godforsaken kind [white trash such as yourself] over there? If they’re dirt people from Mexico to you, you must be a trifled piece of white shit to them….”

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cia Cava daelth Nixhot, J.F.
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
147 Ravenshade 2 AS

Nathan Cowart
“You stupid fucking people. That man kills a child and you still treat him like a hero. I knew that little girl her mother and father and they didnt derserve that. YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT NAZI’S SHOULD ALL BE SKINNED ALIVE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU MOTHER FUCKERS SHOULD DIE FOR EVEN DEFENDING THAT PIECE OF SHIT “


  1. No white supremacist of any ability is gonna stand on street corner with unfurled pics of hitler.
    In americas perpetual hysterical racial climate white racists of talent slip on cheap suits with american flags on the lapel and regurgitate all that bullshit about jeebis, family values and patriotism.

    Jt ready was unable to do even that. He was a complete loser in the total sense. All them neonazis are. You got a Black prez in the white house even the hilliest of billies can milk that for thousands $, speaking engagements and in JT’s probable case free trips to the buffet.

    He didn’t even mange to take one illegal or Black person out. He did manage to murder an infant though.


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