I spend more time than I should on the Hellac and Terran Internet, but I’m well compensated for doing so and every now and then you come across a jewel among all the turds. This morning’s glistening emerald from the digital mines is a page run by a gal from the near midwest if you are an East Coaster like I was in my first life. SnarkySnatch is a titillating treat for the eye and brain. The blog is a smartly written voyeuristic leer into the treacherous world of dating for 20 to 30 somethings. There is a tone of hope and humor that draws me to each post and they style of montage is very similar to the award winning artistic flair that Gavlae Reudo Maxric has trotted out these past 6 years here at the Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork.

In Hindsight

So for the hot little vixen from Cleveland, Ohio who writes about sex like Picasso used paint welcome to our little corner of Hell and here’s to your continued fame and of course, hot steamy sex the likes of which leave you laughing like a madwoman for hours and hours after you’ve gone beyond the limits of nirvanna.

Pax Terra!

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