Mark Noonan, who has returned to Blogs4Victory recently, I am convinced after these many years of reading his posts, knows absolutely nothing of economics. It is my assumption that his wife must balance the books otherwise they would be deep in poverty giving away most of their money as his archaic religion demands. But all sarcasm aside, there’s very little one can reply to a person like Mr Noonan, who of course has no economic recovery plan of his own, who places these sorts of conditions on liberal commentary:

“If you haven’t got a rock-solid answer and a means of demonstrating how that rock-solid answer will turn this around, then a vote for Obama is a mere vote of hatred…a vote you will give him not because you really think him wise or strong but simply because you hate Republicans so much that you’d rather suffer Obama than have a Republican in office.”

I do have a rock solid answer and it is more economic stimulus to working people and the unemployed. My goal would be to heat up the pot to a rolling simmer by injecting $3 trillion in stimulus to every working person in the country. [This works out to just over $20,000 to each person in the US working or on unemployment over the age of 16 in the nation.] That money would pay down debt, be invested into small business to buy vehicles and equipment, and the remains would clear many of the shelves in American stores. That would place pressure on those sitting on the sidelines who have the power to hire and start new projects. This solution would create about a 4% rate of inflation but TED-OG estimates it would also create, by conservative estimates, 6.25 million jobs over the next four years.

Mark Noonan would not like this plan and many of the pseudoeconomists at B4V would not like it either because it is quite similar to what Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has suggested. Clearly, the conservative path of shovelling money to the top 1% has failed, as President Obama pointed out this morning. The time to give away America’s economic future is at an end. The only means by which to fix the current problems and to create an America where young people will have a chance to retire at a level at least equal to their parents is to relect the President and bring in Liberal members to the House to give the Democrats a majority. Otherwise America with a GOP House and Mitt Romney in the White House will have 4 years of unemploymment averaging 10.5% along with the spectre of inflation toward the last quarter of 2015.

Carlton Pryor, D.S.V.E., O.Q.H.[Econ.].
Lead Economist
62 Shatter 2 AS


  1. OhioOrrin (o3) Says:

    i quit posting at B4V nearly 2 yrs ago after noonan actions made clear his willingness to tolerate overt racism & sexism, including links to white supremacy sites, all punctuated by common vulgarity.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Orrin, Noonan now is intolerant of anything that disagrees with his worldview including proof that Neocon1 the chief white supremacist tried to arrange a hookup with a woman to urinate on him in 1998 after recently moving from Buffalo to Largo, Florida. For details Google the email address Otherwise every time you come with facts they return insults which are never deleted. But of course, these guys love them some US Constitution and wish we could all go back to following it to the letter.

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