The more I think about it the easier I am convinced that I am a part of the 1% that seems to be the target of much of the ire in American politics today. I was born and raised in the tony Boston suburb of Weston, Massachusetts two two parents who were born into two different worlds. My father was born into wealth in Weston in 1930 his father taking the same route and Joseph P Kennedy to secure his family’s future through the Great Depression– my granddad was a bootlegger. My mother, born in 1940, came from less wealth than my father but her family was secure at least in a daily meal as they owned an operated a fishing enterprise in Scituate, Massachusetts that survives to this day as a daily tuna and cod charter and lobstering service.

Both my parents did what they loved and used their wealth to pursue higher degrees with the same passion that many people in America take the destructive course of drugs and violence. Minorities didn’t figure into the lives of my parents during their youth; to both of them in the 40s and 50s for all accounts the world was a white canvas that offered an infinite possibility without hindrance as long as they followed the simplest of rules. But something happened to them that often does not happen to the truly wealthy in America as my father entered Harvard University in 1949 and my mother matriculated at Brown in 1958.

By 1963 the year my parents met, the world they were born into had changed significantly. They both lived in a world of privilege and money as my father had gone on to graduate summa cum laude from Harvard Law and my mother was in her first year at Harvard Medical School. There has been a joke in my family that my birth was not an accident but it was caused by one. My father had been recruiting on campus for his law firm on 22 November 1963 and upon hearing the news that President Kennedy had been shot raced out of a parking lot and struck an attractive black haired, green eyed, woman riding a bike through the slush. That woman was my mother and she wasn’t hurt and as much as I hate cliches it was love at first sight.

There was a common thread in both of their lives as my mother pursued a career in neurosurgery and my father became a partner in one of the most prominent corporate law firms in Boston and that was the black struggle for civil rights. Both of my parents were familiar with the work of William Sloane Coffin and were equally as mesmerized by the sermons of Dr Martin Luther King Jr as they were disgusted by the murder of Medgar Evers.

To end a long story and get to the meat of this post I was raised with a singular value– that all men are created equal and that everyone deserves respect as a Human Being. Period. There is no master race. There is no eugenical basis in science that whites are smarter than blacks, less violent than blacks or more trustworthy than blacks. And this ethic was given to me in heaping doses on the silver spoon I was born with in my mouth. This is why I do the work I do to oppose sites like The Big Lie On Parade which seeks to give white conservatives comfort in their petty prejudices and to be a balm to their bigotry.

Just yesterday the operator of The Big Lie On Parade, a person who goes by the moniker Cicero made a post about the rape and murder of a Swedish young woman named Elin Krantz. This crime took place in Gothenburg, Sweden in the fall of 2010 and seems to have just crossed Cicero’s radar. Here’s what Cicero wrote:

This is an older story that completely slipped under my radar. Granted, my blog was not up at the time of this crime. But I don’t even recall ever hearing about it! But it is an important story and a cautionary tale. Thus I am posting it today. A little over a year ago a music video called “Mix it Up” (which I did hear about and watch.) was shot in Sweden. The whole premise of the video was that whites should sleep with non – whites. It was pure Miscegenation propaganda. The video itself is a topic worthy of an entire post. One of the “Stars”of the video was a pretty little blond Swedish girl named Elin Krantz. At one point in the video, Krantz can be seen writhing on top of a black male in mock sex while singing what I believe to be the Swedish National Anthem. You can see it in the video beginning around the 1:02 mark.

In a twist of sickening fate Elin Krantz was brutally raped, murdered and her body discarded like garbage by a black male who was riding the same train as her. I have seen the crime scene photos and they are sickening. I take zero pleasure in the fact that this poor girl departed this earth in one of the most horrible ways imaginable. But the irony here is not lost on me. If anything, Elin Krantz should be the poster child for the evil human sacrifice cult that is liberalism. A cult that is especially successful at brainwashing and sacrificing young white women to its God of Non – Discrimination.

Here’s the “Mix It Up video from the Swedish TV show Grotesco which I need to point out is a parody/comedy program:

According to Cicero, the woman murdered in September of 2010 is the same woman that can be seen at the 1:02 mark doing the <a href="reverse cowgirl with a black lover while singing. The problem with that is this is a lie that has it’s origins in a forum at the Baltimore Sun. The woman in the video is Michaela Eklund and she is very much alive. Elin Krantz was a member of a Facebook community embracing diversity but of course to fuel the fire of bigotry it was necessary to follow a lie that even the white supremacists at Stormfront have denounced.

Cicero’s ideological intentions are clear. He dislikes a nation where so many blacks get to roam around free and in his miond planning to do harm to white whom he sees an innocent, superior and the rightful heirs of all the riches of the United States. I caution Cicero that this is a dangerous path to travel that leads in the end to the horrible realization that not only are you wrong but that such prevarication becomes a great millstone around the neck of your soul.

The differences between Cicero and I are too numerous to list here, ideologically, spiritually and economically, we are polar opposites. Cicero complains that the MSM is ignoring black violence yet he can link to the stories from MSM sources in his posts. There is a point at which cognitive dissonance fails and I sit at the center of that point and this is why I encourage far right bigots to come here and have their comfort zone shrunken to the size of a singularity. And now on to the stories that you’ll never see on The Big Lie On Parade . . .

Tyler Hadley, 18, of Port St Lucie, Florida is awaiting trial after being found guilty of murdering his parents with a 22 inch claw hammer a year ago and then inviting friends to a party at his parents’ home via Facebook. During the party he showed the bodies of his bludgeoned parents to his best friend who immediately called the police.

David Lee Sinnett, 32, of Bartow, Florida has been charged with beating a 2 year old toddler who has a speech impediment with a coat hangar for not being able to pronounce the name of Sinnett’s sister. The child suffered a shattered eye socket from the beating. Family members state that Sinnett, who has a lengthy 15 year criminal history, is mentally ill.

Nathan Van Wilkins of Tuscaloosa, Alabama has been identified as the man who opened fire at The Copper Top bar on early Tuesday morning wounding 17 people. Local news reports detail that Wilkins is suspected in three fires set on the property of his former employer, Capstone Oilfield Services as well as a shooting on Monday night at a private residence in Northport where an unnamed 30 year old male was wounded. Nathan Van Wilkins life seems to have spiralled out of control after his wife of 16 years filed for divorce after being beaten and sexually assaulted by him.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
70 Shatter 2 AS


  1. Majordomo Pain Says:

    That is a Coal Sack worthy post.

  2. […] TV tuned to FoxNews. Time and time again Hoft is posting black violence videos as if there is no white violence. And as if that’s not enough he conitinues to push the meme that Stanley Dunham, the […]

  3. Yes, but that nigger did unspeakable things to Elin Krantz. Have you seen the crime scene photos? They’ll haunt your days and nights if you find the series of detailed pics on the web. That is unless your the type of twisted animal who excuses away dark-race rape and murder (these type of people usually excuse it against whites).

    The point is that that type of crime is unheard of in homogenous Swedish society. The point is that that type of crime occurs whith much greater regularity when blacks and browns are intermixed in swedish society.

    Swedish society was so peaceful that it’s maxiumum sentence for ALL crimes was 12 years. The beast who killed Elin Krantz managed to get sentenced to 16 years, which is as far as the judge could push the law considering the vicious nature of the murder, but it is still a pittance of a sentence given the vicious nature of the murder. That animal will be thrust back into society in 16 years, which is a crime against humanity and women.

    Swedish society is not set up to deal with balcks and browns. It’s going to have to change its lawas and its penal system, which, in addition to the nasty evil murder(s) and rapes themesleves, is a vicious crime against Swedish society. Anyone who defends balck and brown presence, in light of the higher murder, rape, and general crime rate, is an accomplice to those rapes and murders and needs to be strung up along with the murderers themselves. It didn’t exist before, and so the blood is on liberal (your) hands. Whether you like it or not, and no matter how much you scream and cry about it, as everyone fully expects murder and rape excusing liberals to do, you will be held FULLY accountable.

    • Robin Naismith Green Says:

      Tom murder is an evil thing. All violent crimes stem from the evil in the hearts and minds of people stricken with anger and hate not from the color of their skin or their culture. I believe Mattias Flink shot 6 women in 1994 in Sweden. Was he a murderer because he lost his mind, because he was evil or because he was a white Christian? Trick question because you can pick two and still be correct.

      • Ismail Says:

        Race is a lot more than skin color. Please don’t be so closed minded. You really should research the subject thoroughly before calling others bigots.

  4. Oh, black people in my city are 45% of the population. It’s a database verifiable statistical fact they they committ 80% of the murders every single year. Latinos committ the majority of the rest. White and Asian murders are very few. In a city with 400 murders per year, that’s a lot of murderous blacks. Whites are murdered and raped by the dozens in my city every year. The instances that I can think of just this year make my stomach turn with horror and anger. There are no white on black rape or murders. Are there white murderers? Sure. But blacks out-murder whites by a factor of at least ten, and the interracial murder/rape statistics have blacks committing the vast majority of those crimes. This is all fact. Black people murder at higher rates. Period. No more excuses. Shove your spin up your ass.

    • Robin Naismith Green Says:

      Evil people come in all colors of the spectrum. Violence isn’t racial it’s a human failing.

  5. Ismail Says:

    Have you ever sought out and looked at crime statistics by race? It might help to dissolve your own cognitive dissonance. You’d have to be willingly blind to think that race and violent crime aren’t interlinked.

  6. martin_uk Says:

    The pathetic number of comments on this blog, and that fact that those that there are are mostly negatively disposed towards the sympathies expressed in the blog, show that hardly anyone wants to read this blog because it is fighting a hopeless rearguard action against the forces of truth and openness. Fact: Whites are nowehere near as criminal and violent as blacks, and blacks are incapable of building a prosperous society like whites are. Every piece of evidence, FBI, history, what’s happening right now in Haiti, Detroit, etc confirms it. Sooner or later whites will have to deal with it.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Martin you can believe what you like, but here’s the way I see this debate. We here have an open comment system. Cicero, at the Big Lie had a closed system where you had to join the blog to even make a comment and that only after being approved by the blog owner. If you go back and look at the cached commentary of Cicero’s blog you’ll find that there were virtually no comments left there at all. I can only guess why people don’t wish to post comments in favor of white bigotry and white racism. Maybe they realize that these are no longer acceptable belief sets in a modern and diverse society or maybe they know that if they are outed for being a bigot they’ll lose the trust and support of their coworkers or maybe even their job. You see martin being a bigot like you and Cicero is the bailiwick of only two types of white people– the very rich who have too much power to care care about what common men think of their social opinions and the very poor who have nothing to lose. The same can apply to crime stats. I was just reading the sad story of Mindy McCready who like so many white Americans simply failed to be able to enjoy her wealth and success on its very face and literally destroyed herself in the end. I can at least point to the institutional nature of second class citizenship among black Americans for their continued failure to rise to your standard of civility but my good fellow what the fuck is this rich white woman’s excuse for the greatest of all failures? I have a hunch you will cite mental illness but then aren’t you saying that your tribe is mentally weak? If you are willing to admit that and that you’re tribe is crawling with a dangerous crazy tenth like Nancy and Adam Lanza how can you not come to the conclusion that being violent is a human failing and not a tribal or racial one. As far as Haiti and Detroit go I guess you have never read any of the history of either of these places and I fully suggest you do so before I am forced to make a fool of you once again.

      Pax Terra!

  7. Sam J. Says:

    “…post comments in favor of white bigotry and white racism…”

    It’s not white bigotry and white racism to point out facts. Blacks in all of their long history have been more violent and less capable on average than Whites. They’re like this no matter where they go on the planet so it’s not just the evil White man in the US. They do the same in China and everywhere else they go. It’s just the way it is. They have on average lower intelligence and impulse control. Very much like a person when they get liquored up. Blacks are just like liquored up White people even when they haven’t been drinking.

    I’m sure you’re a nice enough fellow but you’re very naive. Part of this is you don’t have any long term experience with a large amount of Blacks as an everyday occurrence. For you safeties sake if you ever see a large mass of Blacks coming your way or you’re somehow stuck in one of their neighborhoods. Move away from there as quickly as possible before you are assaulted or killed. If you will just keep in mind what I said about Blacks are just like liquored up White people you will be safe. You wouldn’t want to hand around a bunch of strange liquored up White people either.

    • Sam J,

      We, Ourselves, of The Collective and The Meditators are quite often in rooms and on the streets here with black citizens and there is no problem. We feel your point is not to be in the places where crime can be committed. Our point is that as an individual white person you are far more likely to be harmed by another of your own race than any other. We, Ourselves do not hold that any one race or another is more violent as such crimes are opportunistic in nature as you can note from above anyone willing as an individual to do evil can and often times will no matter their race, class or gender.

      [q c p n!]

    • odamoseseomoko Says:

      Sam I have been black all my life and that is quite likely longer than you have been alive. I have seen more history from close up than you can imagine. I have risen in my humanity in all of these years and I have come to see the pendulum of bigotry swing back and forth from open fullthroated hatred vocalized with no shame to the quiet bigotry of the later 20th Century. Now once again in fear of losing their status at the top of the American social food chain and being compressed as middle class people white Americans are angry enough to shout out loud here on the Internet their animosities toward black Americans. it is almost a fashion for conservatives now to say things that would have drawn gasps just two decade and possibly less ago. Here where I live I am respected for my position and when I go out on the streets no one avoids me because of the color of my skin. This is not a utopia by any means but here where I live there is no false pride granted one race over another because of the unearned privilege of being born white. Like I tell all of the apprentice sous chefs and dishwahers and sauciers servers and bar staff here, “I don’t care what you are do something positive with today. Do the best you can and treat everyone you meet with respect and above all respect yourself.” The life you are living currently is not the game you expected it to be at your age. Much change has taken place in your life time socially and economically. Most of that has little to do with you. But, I would guess that the modern era has not been kind to you. I could say the same for the many generations of black Americans who are still in poverty, many because of their own failings, in America. To those who would riot rather than change I have no use for them no matter their race because change is the only constant in Human Life. There is much work to do to bring the ignorant tenth of my race out of the cultural cesspool in which they dwell. Many of them would be angry at hearing those words but I don’t care about their feelings I care about their actions. The problem I see is that if every black man in America walking around in a hoodie today with his pants down off his ass suddenly put on an Armani suit entered a community college and went seeking a job white conservative America would lose its collective mind. If black Americans started buying guns and joining the NRA in their millions white conservative America would turn blood red from screaming that a revolution against them was coming. So, my point is that you Sam J want blacks to keep doing what twenty percent and more have been doing since the end of the First World War; seeking quick pleasures and avoiding work in the name of receiving handouts be they from the Church or the Government. This gives you something to point to that makes your life seem grand in comparison. I want all of my people and your people to succeed in the boats of liberty that are buoyed by the tides of prosperity. But before America can get to that day all of us, you, I and millions of others have to put aside our stupidity about race, our anger at past transgressions micro or macro and do the hard work of making self esteem and cultural understanding a quotidian reinforcment. We must give up the old and embrace the new Sam J because like it or not the world is very different now.

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