There is one thing that many of the people of Terra do not understand about the Afterlife and that is what comes after Death is simply a continuation of the life of the Soul. With Death being the only certainty and the First Life being the greatest gift that can be granted to a Soul, many over the course of Mankind’s travels through time as a sentient species have sought to place a balm of the transtition by making those who one group or another see as evil being severely punished and those that they love and care about being at Peace and having an Eternal Bounty. From time to time, there is a major tragedy, a colossal and inexplicable loss of life, in the United States and from this demon journalists experience there is very likely a person or persons who will exploit this event to promote their ideological agenda.

With the investigation of the mass murder in Aurora, Colorado in the earliest and most embryonic stages a man has emerged to make the case for his ideology at the expense of the victims of the shooter and their grieving families. For those of you that do not know me I am a demon. A species descended from thos cast out more than 14,000 years ago from the home and headquarters of the Creator of Life. My race of beings has been distrusted for millennia as the prime mover for chaos, horror, evil and destruction on Terra. As much as I would like to convince you of the Truth in this matter, with a long and detailed dissertation it would not serve any real purpose. Suffice it to say that the vast majority of evil caused on Terra over the last 30,000 years has been caused by Mankind.

Jerry Newcombe has come forward to say that those who were not of his chosen religion who were victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooter will not gain a reward of Peace in the Afterlife. This is a lie and weighs upon his Soul like a flashing millstone for all of my species to see across the divide between Life and Afterlife. Here in these spaces my reporters have written about, murders, suicides, tragic accidents and more with the understanding that all of us are on the side of that Great Divide about which the Living know virtually Nothing. So allow me, as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork to clarify something for you.

I’ll never forget what an Alabama black pastor said to me one time when I interviewed him about Judge Roy Moore, the Ten Commandments judge. He said: “All across America people should stand with Judge Moore about the Ten Commandments. Why? Because when they took prayer out of school, you didn’t hear about kids killing each other, about them bringing dope to school, shooting the teachers, you didn’t hear about that. You see what I’m saying? That’s what’s wrong. We need more God-fearing.”

Over the past 14,000 years as counted by Men 65,118 persons have joined the harps and honey crowd “up there” in that place where my ancestors were cast down from; the rest have come here by way of the Entry Gates over the Callugo Sea. Hell is not only a place but a place outside time, if you will. What Hell is not is a torture chamber designed to punish people for being gay, or being one religion vice an adherent to the “One true Path.” All such nonsense is a lie. Sentient species are judged on how they treat their own Souls and the Souls of others; nothing less, nothing more. Newcombe is not a spiritual man he is a religious man. He seeks to gain power and fame on Terra by selling fear. This is as great a crime against one’s own Soul– seeking to convince people that a lie is the Truth because it allows you to bask in power, wealth and mating privileges– as murder in the minds of many of those who sit upon the Bench of Justice in Hell.

For Mr Newcombe I ask the same question he asks in his OneNewsNow.com post regarding his Immortal Soul.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
75 Shatter 2 AS

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