Last night I watched the season finale of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” on HBO after watching the early episodes over the course of a lazy Sunday here in Dis. I was a big fan of “The West Wing” and I enjoy Sorkin’s style but this vehicle is a feast for anyone who has ever worked in journalism. Alas, like most works of fiction that deal with matters political in the United States the show has suffered quite a bit from the slings and arrows of bloggers on the Right.

After only two episodes, an intern named Kelly McGarey at L Brent Bozell’s conservative was outraged that Will McAvoy [played by Jeff Daniels] and MacKenzie McHale [played by Emily Mortimer] had to bring on less than intelligent conservatives to talk about Arizona’s [SB 1070] immigration law. What the writer at Newsbusters leaves out is the pageant girl and the bigot and the gun nut were brought on because one of their production staff was being punished by a fictional member of Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s staff for recalling his awkward make up sex in a college dorm with his girlfriend while she Maggie Jordan [played by Alison Pill] hid under his bed.

And this is the biggest part of the conservative problem; they cannot understand the concept of context even when it can help clarify an issue. I can’t believe we’re still talking about Todd Akin’s horribly ignorant comments. These people on the Right are supposed to be moral baby saving servants of Christianity. As those who watched the season finale last night, which I am sure is only hours from being panned by everyone from Michelle Malkin to Rush Limbaugh to Erick Erickson, conservatism was being shown to be in stark opposition to what the Savior of the Christian religion taught and Daniels’ character goes down the list, chapter and verse, of all the things that great historical figure would have supported but the TEA Party and the Koch brothers are against.

Two commenters made it clear just how polarized America has become. A centrist commenter [with the apt screen name “ridiculousness!”] who is likely a Republican posted this clearheaded bit of Reason:

Conservatives are (for the most part) dumb. A “Conservative” is defined by Webster as someone “tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions”. Anyone who thinks that our Nation’s current state should be ‘maintained’ is clearly living in a bubble. Anyone who thinks that traditions of the olden days should be ‘maintained’ is just as deluded. What hasn’t worked will not work just because we continue to try to force it. America is great because through Democracy, and through the process of law, we can make great strides to advance together in ways that will be beneficial to every citizen & our Nation as a whole.Conservatives are dumb because their political views are too often governed by faith. Politics are by nature scientific, while faith is by fundamental definition a mystical enigma & purely undefinable. Americans practice so many branches of religion and so many denominations of belief. This is why the founding fathers wished for a separation of church & state, because there are too many belief systems for us to make laws based on our religions. We could never include them all. Of course, most Conservatives are also Christian and feel that any other religious path to spiritual fulfillment is completely wrong. After all, if Christianity wasn’t the one true way it would certainly defeat most people’s selfish heaven-driven purpose of practicing that faith entirely. And so, in order for Christians to be right, everyone else must be wrong. And in order for Christians to be involved politically, they feel that old worn-out mindsets should be continued and preserved in order to comply with the Bible. We’ll ignore the Bible’s license to own slaves and take concubines, but I still must ask, “Is the Bible really the best outline by which to model laws for our modern nation?” Clearly the answer is no. Even “Conservatives” generally vote in favor of certain regulations which are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ (see Healthcare for the Poor).No, “Liberals” don’t have all the answers. But any attempt to make progress should be revered with respect, and we should all put our heads together to cooperate and compromise to see that our Nation continues to be one of the greatest in the world. This “us & them” mentality will be the death of us. Unless we can love one another and share in our brother’s cause as wholeheartedly as we press for our own concerns, then we have done the teachings of Jesus and the intentions of our Forefathers a great rebuke.

And then there’s this from a conservative poster [screen name “Baptist328”]:

What do you expect? The country is influenced by Hollywood, elitists, utopian society propagandists,etc,. etc! We are in a cultural war in this great land and if conservatives don’t come out of hiding and stand up to this Marxist ,Leninist, communist dialogue, we will continue to decline! Right now, our voices are being drowned out of the conversation for the most part, thank God for alternative news media! Thank God for patriots like Mark Levin,”Ameritopia, Sean Hannity. Fox News ,Rush Limbaugh, EIB network, Brent Bozzell, Media Research Center, and many more patriots who are on the front lines daily fighting the good fight for Freedom to be front and center in November to defeat the most divisive, scary, secretive, subversive, leftist, want to be king, president ever in the history of the United States! The mainstream Media has no choice but to try to make conservative thought look stupid, racist, homophobic, anti- immigrant,etc., etc! Balkinizing America is their aim,after all! You see, once we start killin one another, the utopian Marxists will move in to show us a better way, as Slaves needing to be cared for by an all powerful State! “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.” America fall on your face and repent before God that He will deliver us from this EVIL! If we don’t fight, we won’t have our most precious gifts that have been” endowed by our Creator”, Liberty and Freedom! The passion that was Patrick Henry’s needs to be ours when he said “Give me liberty or give me death.” Our problem is that we seem to want Tyranny sitting at our kitchen table before we see its deadly sting! Well Tyranny is knocking at our front door! DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR! Bolt the door with the strongest latch possible, God first, then the Constitution ! Know who we elect, vet them, look up their records, we need new blood in washington, we need to rid ourselves of the status quo! There are many who will stand up for Liberty, we need only to work hard to seek them out and vote them in office! Wake up my fellow americans, do it now! Our priority is to Defeat Barack Obama and his ilk, they have set us on a course to despotism! God continue to bless America!

And this is where America is today. When a moderate gets shouted down like this when he’s got the solution to all the problems. It is a simple pair of words– compromise and cooperation.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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