I read a Blogs 4 Victory post entitled, “The False Narrative” last night and went to bed with the words of a commenter turned poster Cluster ringing in my ears. That ringing turned to laughter as I thought of how I would reply to his positions on abortion, racism and the War on Women. Here’s the gist of his argument:

Abortion –The party with the extreme position on abortion is the democrats. They currently support federal funding, partial birth, and live birth abortion, and essentially the right to kill the unborn without question at anytime. This position is far out of the mainstream, and voters need to know this. Conservatives support life with the rape/incest exception, which is optional, and that position is actually the real pro choice position.

– Racism – Honestly the political party that harbors racists, are the democrats. Most of them simply believe that people of a darker skin color are victims of this society solely because of their pigmentation, and that without government help, they are incapable of living a productive life. This mindset is deplorable and offensive. They also believe apparently that they need to be the protectors of our first black President, because obviously he is unable to withstand criticism of most any kind, due once again to the color of his skin.

– War on Women – Once again, the political party that is waging war against women is the democrats. How offensive is it for most women to know that Obama and Sandra Fluke believe that women are incapable of providing for their own contraception needs? How hypocritical is it for liberal feminists to say “keep your hands off my body” but then expect us to pay for their abortion and healthcare needs? How denigrating is it to believe that a pregnancy is an obstacle in a woman’s life? The fact is, women are incredibly strong and more than capable of determining, and paying for, their way through life without anyones help.

Here is my response:

Abortion—The facts on this are simple. The Democratic Party supports a woman’s right to choose when she has a child. Thereby, a woman to the Left has a right to choose to have an abortion that takes place within the time allotted by federal law. I repeat federal law dictates the time span of fetal development where an abortion is legal. In some cases, where the life of the mother is in jeopardy, an abortion is medically necessary beyond this federal limit. I woman cannot, in any jurisdiction in the United States of America have an abortion procedure beyond 21 weeks simply by saying she wants and abortion. I do not know anyone who supports partial birth abortion on demand. I also understand the law that says any viable fetus born alive even in an abortion clinic must be kept alive or the physician and anyone attending can be charged with murder. What you have written is hyperbole for the conservative base and nothing more.

Racism—It is easy to throw this term around but I find this very dangerous. I think America has progressed concerning race more in the period from 1950 to 2000 than it has at any other time in its history. Since 2000 however, there has been a turn from the institutionalized racism of the last century to a reactionary bigotry over the last 12 years. One has to understand the difference between bigotry and racism to even engage in this conversation. Racism needs power to fuel it. The power comes from politics. If those in charge all come from the same racial demographic then it is far more easy to keep another racial demographic at bay with laws that segregate them. The post Civil War Democratic Party in the South, made up of the most ardent conservatives of the time, saw the opportunities they had once the Reconstruction ended to initiate laws that would secure them power for what they thought would be forever. Those conservative Democrats could not have seen the Federal Government ever exercising its power below the Mason-Dixon line again and for over one hundred years they were right. So instead of having the vision for the future that Grant held blacks were put into a lower caste by the ruling white elite in the South and life for them remained that way until 1946 when the first stirrings for a second emancipation began. By the time the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed and signed by President Lyndon Johnson the white powerbrokers in the South realized they needed a new strategy, one less embarrassing than the overt bigotry supported by racist thinking that has been broadcast to the world by CBS News night after night. It took four years for a savior to come to the conservatives in the South who while Democrats were more than willing to shed that label to keep the suffering status quo in regard to the Negro. President Nixon utilized the animus between working class white and working class blacks in the South to march to victory in 1968. Reagan in his very first campaign speech did the same in Neshoba County, Mississippi and reinforced the new ethic of conservative views on race with his alliance with the Moral Majority in 1980. Race was cast aside in the late 1980s by President George H. W. Bush in the name of continuing economic prosperity. Demographers, however, knew that in a generation a great decline was going to take place among the white electorate. Younger white voters were becoming more and more liberal. Black voters had allied squarely with the new Liberal post-Kennedy Democratic Party led by Northern Liberals and Midwestern moderates. The GOP once a party of Ed Burke of Massachusetts and Barry Goldwater was now the party of Strom Thurmond and David Duke. The overt race baiting politics of the 1930s and 1940s no longer had a place among the Conservatives as it was no longer socially acceptable. The bigotry had to come from a dedicated and older bloc of conservative voters who see blacks and Latinos as a drain on their wealth [keep our taxes low], see minorities as a violent threat to their personal security [flash mobs] and demand that any leader of the country be able to prove he is American even if it is clear he was born in the US [birtherism]. Conservatives don’t need Racism because as their demographics shrink over the next 20 years, with the dying off of the Baby Boomers having begun in earnest, the power base that would have driven it too will have died off. Young Conservatives will take a new more inclusive tack. They will put the moralizing and religious traditionalism behind them and work to make their party a more populist and albeit nationalist simulacrum of the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. The next fifty years will be very interesting politically for America. On December 31, 2064 the last Baby Boomer will be 100 years old. The country that you know now will be long gone. I imagine it will still be prosperous but that prosperity will be dominated by Liberal married couples made up of majority that is composed of those that conservatives most fear the most. Educated white women will marry outside their race more as more and more blacks and Latinos earn higher education degrees in a truly level playing field. Gay and Lesbian couples will become full citizens as their marriages will be recognized as marriage in every state in the Union. Abortion will become rarer as government provided contraception is made cheap and widely available as Obamacare proves to be as effective for the young worker as Social Security is for the elderly. Churches will once again be filled with people of Faith rather than peasants of Fear. I feel that America in 2064 might be in the shining diamond midst of a new global golden age and she cannot be that with retrograde racial thinking but only by the continuing efforts of Progressives to keep up the pressure on the wobbling old man of Conservatism.

The War on Women—Post Clinton America finds itself in that phase the demographers of the 1980s warned conservatives about. Not to beat the issue to death but the pro-life position on abortion, as a political issue, while cloaked in the sweet intentions of preserving life is really nothing more than the most desperate reaction to a societal failure by white conservatives. The birth rates of Latinas and black women outpace that of white women nearly 8 to 1. Double that number for college educated white women over the age of 30 while the same demographic of black and Latinas is still a 4 to 1 advantage. It is politically perfectly understandable why a group of people who wants to stay in power, to have the America that they want would turn to issues of abortion and contraception when they are being beaten in the breeding race by such a wide margin. Also, marrying race with gender, this gives the Right another canard they can use—that women are to blame for the loss of white conservative political power through their desire to hold positions of power in a world they see as a man’s domain. American women don’t like this and they don’t like Mitt Romney no matter how many times Ann Romney begs for America to get to know her husband.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
12 Low Lux Negro 2 AS

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