I can say that as much as I complain about the need for goal line technology in the real game that most of Terra considers football, my beloved game isn’t in as bad a shape as the National Football League. I took a break from research last night after Hoops Green called me in veritable rictus after watching the end of last night’s Packers Seahawks game. Now I’m a Jets fan so this game being played in Seattle virtually didn’t exist for me but for millions of cheeseheads what happened in the last twenty minutes of the game was tantamount to grand theft or as Todd Akin would call it “legitimate rape.”

A hail mary was thrown a Packer defender caught the ball in the end zone touchback, game over right? No in the end zone one official was correctly calling touchback and stopped the clock the other raised his arms in the air in the universal touchdown signal. Okay. Send the play upstairs and it will be determined to be a touchback and the Packers win 12-7 right? Wrong after review the play on the field stood. And here is the problem NFL Commissioner Rogeer Goodell faces.

Every week the replacement referees have 16 chances to corrupt the brand that is the National Football League by not being able to keep up with the pace of the game. A few weeks back I was applauding Shannon Eastin the first woman to referee an NFL preseason game. Now instead of championing her ascension to the highest ranks of game calling in American football Eastin has been vilified, along with the rest of the replacement refs she is remembered in the all seeing eyes and all remembering mind of the Internet for her errors.

In Hindsight

The bottim line here is that these refs aren’t ready for prime time. Many of them including Eastin are doing an excellent job and have the physical capability to keep up with the fast paced pro game. Unfortunately more than half of them cannot. For every week I see a blown call at the end of a game that costs a franchise a win; the NFL brand is tarnished and pushed ever closer to not being able to recover. Alright we know that’s a bit of an exaggeration because fans came back after the misery of the replacement players in 1987 during the player’s strike. American sports fans are suckers but people who write about the history of sports, like me will never forget that Goddell hasn’t lived up to his promise to “protect the shield” by ending this labor dispute.

Pax Terra!

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