Every morning I awake and trudge to the office at my flat here in the 71st arondissment of Dis and turn on my computer. My hour or so of research before I head Uptown to the main office begins with conservative blogs. Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, RedState, Fox Nation and the Blaze. occasionally, I visit Atlas Shrugged and Malkin if I’m feeling particularly frisky.

This morning was no different than any other in an election year; I am looking for trends in the speech of the opposition. If you hadn’t noticed I’m a social and economic Progressive. Gotcha politics is easy for people who don’t think; making connections in how the opposition speaks to the issues is like panning for gold. This morning I found a really big shiny nugget in my pan.

The US economy is not really winning any gold medals right now. I’m a firm believer in the policies of Barack Obama will bring the economy out of its sluggishness sometime in Q2 2014 as our in house economic expert Carl Pryor has been saying for nearly three years. Actually, Pryor has pushed his full recovery date [Pryor measures this with the rate of unemployment being below 6%] back from Q3 2015 a few months ago when Romney became the de facto GOP nominee noting, “There’s no way this man will win and this being the case the Affordable care Act is in no jeopardy.” This makes me wonder though. If I were running as the challenger to a man that’s presiding over a nation that is since 1946 been used to having a wasteful abundance but finds itself in a employment challenge recovery I would be hammering the incumbent on his failure to create jobs.

There’s a problem with this though. Mitt Romney is the candidate. A man, who to quote one of the least intelligent men on the Internet, Mark Edward Noonan, has never been in the business of “make, mine and grow.” Now this distributist belief of Mark Edward Noonan isn’t a tongue in cheek homage to penis enlargement ads it’s really a tenet of his brand of Roman Catholicism. Romney is a very wealthy man and despite this there are going to be millions of people in that 47% about which the candidate cares nothing that are going to give him their vote because they would do anything to deny President Barack Obama a second term. The real problem here is that Romney doesn’t have a voice that can clearly state what he would do to give Americans the jobs they crave and need.

The nugget I panned this morning is that across the conservative blogosphere on the front pages there are only two mentions of the US economy. Out of a biblical torrent of words and images only two, The Blaze and RedState mention the word. Conversely, here at the Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork there are four mentions. Why is this? Well fellow traveler I will tell you! Romney’s wealth is a burden on his campaign. I know the man is a generous giver to charity but the word economy makes people think about taxes and tax rates. America is no longer a nation with an expanding middle class. While this isn’t Mitt Romney’s fault it is the fault of people who worked in the shadows of capitalism to make money out of the investment game. Lower middle class Americans have voted in their minds already. They like ObamaCare as it has been dubbed even if they won’t tell a pollster on their tracFone that they do.

Even now, the lovely and talented Mika Brzezinski and the erudite Joe Scarborough are shaking their heads at Romney trying to lead a “Romney Ryan!” cheer at a campaign stop. No one was cheering back. That’s because it is known that Romney doesn’t see America as being populated with people; he’s a human resources guy not a human beings guy. He hasn’t had the humanizing experience of having to come up from poverty and live outside of the US as anything other than an America citizen of privilege. Barack Obama, like him or not has been blessed with the ability because of his upbringing to meet people and talk to them as a living breathing Human being with a Soul. Mitt Romney isn’t connecting because when he meets a person he’s assessing their value to him.

In Hindsight

That is my take on why conservative bloggers are staying away from the economy; Romney’s wealth makes him an easy target for things like taxes so they dare not go there. Romney’s Internet surrogates would rather do the 1950s all over again conflating the anti-West uprisings in the Middle East with some foreign policy failure on Obama’s part. The news flash for Breitbart et al is that the people who would point and scream at this are already in the Romney fold. There are still roughly 7% of voters who haven’t made up their mind and many of them are in places like Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia; states that Romney currently trails in and must win to achieve the Oval Office. If Romney doesn’t change his tack and stop pandering to the white male bigots who hate Obama not based on policy but based on his race he will not only cost himself the White House but possibly cost his party the Senate and put the House back in play. If Romney does tack to the center, he will become the 21st century incarnation of a Republican Walter Mondale. The GOP will fracture by 2014 into an establishment party and those who will blame the establishment for not running conservative enough candidates. In this case a three party system will become a one party state in two election cycles. Democrats will own the House in perpetuity after the recovery of 2014 because TEA Party politics will demand a harder shift to the Right and that is a recipe for disaster for the unicorn of American politics–the Republican moderate.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
34 Low Lux Negro 2 AS


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