First Andrew Breitbart just drops dead and now this Dinesh D’Souza epic fail? Now the Right has made a martyr of Breitbart but with D’Souza not so much. The Sadow wrote a great post anchoring Dinesh D’Souza to his own Jovian level of hypocrisy and now it’s time for me to do the same with what many would have liked to think was the victim of this whole “scandal” Denise Odie Joseph II.

I wanted to compare this whole mess like a massive Hollywood breakup but an election didn’t turn and the ideological future of the nation didn’t change because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up. Denise Odie Joseph II was a conservative groupie who blogged on the fringe of the Conservative movement. From reading some of her posts I’ve gathered that she didn’t really care for the Washington Post and she’s voting for Romney because he husband told her to. Maybe her husband should have told her not to fuck other people less than a year into their marriage–that might have at least delayed D’Souza’s biblical crash and burn at the hands of some of his former colleagues.

That last bit is what I’m savoring the most. It wasn’t the Huffington Post or MSNC that brought down D’Souza it was his own scorned pals in the Conservative Christian apologetics movement that took him to task. D’Souza even made the desperate comment that he didn’t know, as a Christian, that he didn’t realize that being engaged before you were divorced was a real no no. Okay, either ‘Souza is just not willing to play by any rules that keeps him from his weet piece of ass or he is simply stupid. The latter makes more sense after watching his film Obama 2016 the former makes more sense if you listen to much of the hateful rhetoric he’s spewed over the last two decades.

Back to the very married and very skinny and likely very flexible [and not only in her morality] Ms Joseph II. The real victim in all of this is Dixie Brubaker, not D’Souza or Joseph, or even conservatism which gets another load of jizz in the eye because they have once again forgotten their leaders are human and have human desires. Even Joseph’s own blog was called, “I, Denise, Lust After . . .” and, of course it has been scrubbed from the outer integument of the Internet. Or maybe it imploded from its own hypocrisy? The Living may never know the answer to that one. Joseph’s opinions were little more than a set up to get closer to her ultimate target Dinesh D’Souza, but they also are so deeply hypocritical in the light of the affair that the only way to them justice is to post a bit of it and let you the reader reflect.

And because the societies their liberal ideas create are so incredibly, diversely stupendously fantastic, Type II Liberals are forced to pay $30,000.00+ a year to get their kids a basic K-12 education while demeaning Republican tax structured communities as racist, exclusionary, and backwards, ignorant to the fact that these communities take for granted resources and services Liberal ones can’t even imagine. Type II masochists, for all their learnin’, have no idea that public school requires tuition–in the form of their tax dollars–paid to that great behemoth of efficiency, The Department of Education. They have no idea that when they are forced to send their kids to private school because of the sorry and dangerous state of public education in their Liberal Meccas, they are not being honored but insulted and robbed in broad daylight. Apparently, highly concentrated populations of juvenile Trayvons in Trayvon-dominant schools aren’t considered acceptable company for Type II Liberal kids, though their plights make excellent dinner party conversation.

Sadly enough, Type II Liberals do precious little to hide their raging masochism and their penchant for setting up situations of suffering is painfully transparent. After spending all that money to ensure that their kids don’t eat lunch next to Trayvons in Trayvon-dominant schools, these very sames proudly and righteously brag about the significant (like 30 total) percentage of richly-and-incurably-wronged-racially-diverse-prize-pig-kids-from-the-ghetto, a.k.a Trayvons, their private school enrolls. (Libs love hyphenated identities.) Of course, these are the banner kids of banner progenitors who have been cheated by society in every conceivable way, shape and de jure and de facto form. When Trayvon comes to the party alone, Type IIs are happy, but when he brings his neighbor-hood of friends in hoodies…

Somehow, when The Annual Fund (oooh, doesn’t that sound fancy) time comes around each year, Type II parents, usually so proud of their 30 imported hyphenated-identitied kids, become downright p-i-s-s-e-d about forking over several thousand more in “gifts” which, by the way, pay the tuition of the 30 imported hyphenated-identitied kids. Type IIs however, are quickly soothed when the school prints their name as donors in some concert program or parent newsletter or cafeteria menu or something. Upon seeing the several different categories of donors listed and endowed with the competitive spirit that fuels their successful and lucrative careers, said Type IIs even silently vow to donate more next year since So and So’s Type II parents cannot possibly be listed as “Generous Donors” while they are only noted for their “support.”

Yes, Type IIs are suckers for punishment.

Finally, there is the third class of Liberals, none other than Type III. While I think Type Is are more likely than not afflicted with some form of mental illness, I do have some respect for those who walk their talk, whatever I may think of their talk. Type IIs are pathetic but in a way, and for whatever sick reason, are generous donors to that bottomless pit charity called the entitlement state. It is for the third class of Liberals that I reserve the most disdain. Maybe it’s because I rub their elbows daily—physically–as they walk home from their bureaucratic jobs and because I listen to them honk their tiny electric car horns at each other like the caring, compassionate, barbarians they really are. The kind caring kind who kindly care about every last species of tree frog on the face of the planet but who could live in the apartment next door and for their entire life, never deign to send as much as a lukewarm glance in your direction. I’m serious folks, if not for the bill collector, you could seriously DIE in your DC apartment and NEVER EVER be found.

Type IIIs, due to limited earning potentials, gravitate to Liberalism out of envy and narcissism. They know they can never afford multiple German imports so they zealously propel their clown cars up and down the road to Whole Foods, all the while secretly grudging the good fortune of their Type II brother. Soon, Type III thinks, his precious President O’s policies will cut brother down to size and force him to drive the expensive enough, but inevitably less-expensive than the 7 Series BMW, state-mandated vehicle. Type III women can find no man to marry them and know that even if they somehow did, their Type III household combined income could barely accommodate one child much less multiple children in Liberal $30,000.00 per annum land. Is it surprising then that those with Type III pathology become the most adamant birth control and abortion advocates?

As an aside, I think it is interesting how Obama pays the aforementioned 30,000+ to send his kids to school while doing his best to tax and policy-to-death other high-earners out of the ability to do the same for their kids. I guess if he ever becomes a victim of his own policies, he can simply write a book or make a speech demonizing the ‘rich’ and poof, he’s got more money than he can spend, with or without taxes. No need to worry about Sasha and Malia ever bringing home a Trayvon from a DC public school. Why in the world doesn’t he send his kids to public school with the richly-wronged people he supposedly adores and respects? Send his kids to school with integral members of his base? And just in case you were wondering, Type III men, troubled products of divorce and other progressive-society maladies, have no interest in buying cows when they can milk a different but equally unpleasant cow for free every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

In short, Type IIIs are young, educated beyond their means, and firmly entrenched in their Northern Virginia condos, clinging to their tax bracket like the rest of us cling to our liberty. Simply put, these Liberals can’t afford hypocrisy and so take up the banner of Liberalism in the pursuit of an achievable status distinction. The ideology itself is a status symbol. Their psychological need for Liberalism is as great as the Welfare Mom’s physical one.

So which type of Liberal do you love to hate? Regardless of your preference, the following story has something for you.

Ms Joseph your liberal neighbors, all three types love you now. The only thing left to find out is if Dinesh D’Souza has binders full of women or just this one in a hotel room that he kept in a a keycard sleeve.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
58 Low Lux Negro 2 AS


  1. You were making some sense to me until YOU besmirched the reputation of an innocent young boy (Yes, 17 y/o IS still a boy. I am wearing clothing older than that.) who was murdered by the TRUE THUG, Zimmerman. Please re-consider your attitude toward the late Trayvon Martin. If not, YOU have no conscience.

  2. A. Visitor Says:

    Sarah, to be fair Denise did not write that whole Liberal Type I/Type 2 thing herself. She just lifted it in its entirety (probably w/out permission because conservatives are so law-abiding) from some dude named Mr. Conservative.

    She is also, best as I can tell, a genuine non-interventionist who does not hate Iran and decries much of the Republican establishment as warmongers, and a Ron Paul supporter (calls him the good doctor) before she drank the Romney Kool-aid.

    Yeah, I never heard of her before this week either. But now. . .I can’t stay away. It’s like a particularly gruesome car wreck.

    Basically, she’s a not very deep twenty-something who is now in WAY WAY over her head with the odious D’Souza. She is his groupie. . .whatever happened to rock stars?

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