In a brief but telling statement from Laal Hethri spokesdemon Colonel Shuvra Ouroboros Melmikan the Hellac lead criminal investigation agency has determined Luis Ruiz and Jim Massey both in custody in Oklahoma were responsible for the death and decapitations of Carina Saunders, 19, last year in Bethany, Oklahoma. “This office, after more than a year of information gathering both here in Dis and in Oklahoma, has come to the conclusion that Ruiz and Massey did cause the death of Carina Saunders by means of brutal torture. The Laal Hethri have taken note of all the information offered to this office via many sources which were close to this terrestrial investigation including the scores of entreaties offered by Ms Stacy Privett advocating on behalf of Mr Ruiz. The facts of the case, however, and the eyewitness testimony do bear out that Ms Privett is incorrect in her assessment of Mr Ruiz and that he is certainly the person who caused the death of Carina Saunders.”

Stacy Privett, who was arrested fleeing the Cleveland County Courthouse on 1 April 2010 when a warrant for her arrest was made known to her, has made several comments here at The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork regarding her personal knowledge of Luis Ruiz’s innocence. None of those lines of inquiry lead to any new information that would absolve Ruiz in the eyes of the Laal Hethri investigation team. Melmikan continued, “This office often sees people who see only one side of a person and not their darker self. The Director would beseech anyone with information on this case to step forward to the proper law enforcement agencies and would ask Ms Privett to go on with her life.”

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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  1. I don’t have to defend Luis Ruiz and thats not why I jumped in to this case. I know what I know and I know what I don’t know, I just feel if I know something than everyone else has the right to also. What I print is not a defence but any knowledge I do have to the case and for your info I have more than I even print which says this case is bullshit and would show the detective on the case by the name of Warfield to be shown incompident and not because he can’t do his job but because power trips get us nowhere! Say what you will for I don’t care but your still wrong and I know this!

    • Krzysztof Says:

      I’m not wrong 🙂

      • stcyprvtt Says:

        YOU ARE WRONG & IN YOUR FACE! Let me say that I was surprised to see I actually had put down my real theory on something long ago because I went in trying to defend Luis Ruiz in any means possible but I knew the real facts but too afraid if I spoke them people think it sound like a conspiracy theory since against officers & all. And I am a good girl but who is to know in a story that makes me master drug person obviously, but I ain’t scared n o more but pissed instead since Luis still in jail & I know that all the courts even know about what I do but instead of letting him out saying “our mistake” they just gonna keep postponing court another 5 months like they did last time. So watch what I can do & as these months go by that give me plenty of time to expose more than they ever realized there would be someone who could. You are wrong & you gonna look stupid with your “we have determined they guilty” spill & in the end you can write about how you should speak of things that you have no knowledge of because I actually do!

  2. She wrote this one to me and about me! Mentions the running from the Cleveland County Courthouse! Which I would do anything for my children and I wasn’t gonna miss another visit with them, so I went. And the locking me up was only because…DHS felt I needed to go to this place to be double-diagnosed and they needed to hold me in jail till then because as long as I was out then my husband would reach me and I would go back to him and they didn’t want that to happen till they got me in this place first. That I have a need for security so she knew I would go back with him! What the hell is need for security? Don’t we all need to have that need?
    Then look, I get held in County jail and left there for 7 months. Go DHS! They did that then forgot me. Literally! I was supposed to have about a week left to get in that place the last time we went before the judge to release me and DHS appeared requesting they hold me in there a bit longer because this place almost had an opening and they didn’t want me and my husband getting back together between now and then. All of sudden I hared nothing from no one not even DHS. They changed workers was thier reasoning behind this and I sat in jail for no reason because I have never had a charge of anythingin my life.
    Who realizes thats why I was in jail? Isn’t that illegal?

  3. stcyprvtt Says:

    Stacy Privett is none of your concern because unfortunatelly what research you can do on me tells you nothing. So what I caught my first charge of disobeying a police officer with a 500 dollar bond none the less which is too low for a bondsman to even pick up by the way but thats okay since I was O.R.’d out on that the very next day. I was 31 years old and now I am officially a criminal with a record. The way I see it your blind to who I am really about and if you that interested I be most happy to help you some. I love that story by the way because it to me is the coolest thing I ever could mention because I am not even that daring, I am passive and mellow, and dont have a wild bone in my body but that story makes me feel like I do. I have always been proud of it myself because if you knew the real story its really most funny all the way through! But you know how papers are and they wright what the police tell them so. In that story did you know the ambulance driver was so pissed because it was the law that taser’s be taken out by a medical professional and the officers refused to let him even though he there and stormed over asking me to sign some paper as he cussed that to me angrily and I have read that paper of the events from that day and yes, it is written very poorly and as I stated: DONT LISTEN TO WHAT YOU HEAR IN THE PAPERS ANY MORE THAN YOU WOULD BELIEVE A NEIGHBOR WHO WAS TELLING YOU A STORY ABOUT SOMEONE. {and what if this neighbor was not really part of it itself? As you mentioned in your statement above ‘You often deal with people who only one side of the story and not the darker side’. Want you to remember that because things are only half what you see and none of what hear. – I told you once before I do know what I know and what I dont know even but I DONT HAVE TO DEFEND ‘LUIS RUIZ’. HE IS NOT GUILTY AND I AM NOT WORRIED A DARN BIT AS FAR AS HIS CASE GOES. As it started I was because I could not understand what was going on or who was really lying. I begged ‘Tia Downour’ to tell me because I

    • Krzysztof Says:

      I’m begging you, tell me who’s lying

      • stcyprvtt Says:

        Tia never lied so much because she never went to the police with that. That’s what I meant when I said who is lying. Lets just say I would of been extremely surprised if Tia was even able to say this statement at all because of what details stated & not to mention she didn’t even really know Luis & meeting him one time for a few hours at the motel we shared (which was not the Bel Air motel) but it had came as a surprise to me that was the one said they shared that night because that were Luis had his own room at but I know for a fact not one person knew that except me so why she say that motel? She thought he shared room with us but why she not say the real name of one we all 3 shared that night but really just me & her because Luis left at midnight and didn’t actually stay with us. She didn’t even know Luis. And what do know but the truth has already came out. Bethany told her this story about Luis & then used her to pertray like she witnessed something. Already settled in court once it gets here because no matter what anyone tries I got backup conversations between us printed out given to Lawyers. Tuck that if cops think they can use people because she was not the only one & they don’t realize what I do know concerning this case & I ain’t a criminal with a record or warrents which makes me too afraid to speak about what I know or seen. That’s why no one else even jumps up to defend themselves which I would of if this crape said & put under my name as what said in a case like this because it ain’t right. They know Luis didn’t do it also & Bethany may not realize it but I have heard what they said & I know what they doing because they always used that as a threat to Luis even though he would laugh in their face. Warfield thinks its funny because he showed who is boss but what do you

  4. stcyprvtt Says:

    .. . those posted Facebook messages were real although a quick cut and paste but I have printed off from the real page of mine and there was one or two more statements between us you did not see. Because that night I met her which same night they stating as of witnessed to this was THE FIRST TIME SHE MET LUIS ALSO. Well literally like maybe 48 hours before this or 48 hours total she knew him. She never knew Luis before this, first off. And me and Luis were split up at this time but I had walked from Northside and needed my stuff left in back of his truck badly. It was midnight when me and Luis net up so i could get my things. He stayed at the Bel Aire, but he worried about me having problems and being locked outside so he said he wanted to make sure i would be okay. So he drove me across the road to motel on other side and took me inside and spoke to Tia stating he already told me it be okay if I slept there with her so he knew I wasn’t on the streets. I slept there entire night across the bottom of the bed. Tia sat up against the wall entire night playing on her cellphone. About 7 or 8 in the morning she began tripping wondering where Luis was at and I told her probally at his motel room across the street. She did not know that because Luis was around her for a few hours, they had sex, she thought they were together but Luis dont make people be whores and no one does around there what so ever. Please, I am around more prostitutes on a daily basis and a year ago I was shocked to realize I would meet one. Took me awhile to catch on myself to the fact its an epidemic amoung white girls these days and as a whole the white race has developed an ‘I dont give a shit’ attitude when it comes to morals period. Its about whats in it for them. They show little respect for others or thier property even as for thier friends, let alone most times thier own. Morals and Values dont neede to be taken because none of these girls have much for themselves same as the other sex really! You speak of human trafficking and if you notice

    • Krzysztof Says:

      the fact, that they are harmless and they need help.

      • stcyprvtt Says:

        I think much of OKC sells their pussy for money these days stupid & just because your computer nerd like my brother only reason you don’t know this because I am no prostitute &I actually get called ‘prood ‘ a lot & it took me so long to catch on because I have not lived on the streets or in OKC either very long still & I just got to where I am not worrying about what else I don’t understand anymore. Luis used to make fun of me because of that & he actually did wonders for me & he was the complete opposite of one he pertrayed to be on that news broadcasting. He does not even have a history of drug records & look his name up on OSCN. He has not a damned thing on him but stupid tickets & the lame ones too. Has no prior charges & does not even have one tattoo anywhere on his body what so ever neither. HE WAS A GOOD BOY. I LOVE GOOD BOYS! Been infactuated with good boys my entire life & that’s what my husband was also. Y’all just don’t know! Much of this is just because he is Mexican they label you as already a criminal drug dealer & I telling you I learnt alot about alot just because I with Luis & I seen this very well. He mentioned once in a sentence from this conversation he talking about which had to do with them fixing up the guetto & the houses that all done up amoung those not but now I get it all well.. . Its what Mexicans every day deal with & surprisingly not as much goes on as you think because Mexicans sell less drugs by far than blacks or whites seperated. Rarely are Mexicans even doing drugs or mixed in with these crowds but that’s Americans for ha who scared of what they don’t understand I guess. Because I hear alot of people talk about killing their chickens so they get the hint &go home.

  5. stcyprvtt Says:

    Although they gave us a few examples of it happening around America they some random person who is a sick person, an individual one some fat lady who did it years back but it has nothing to do with this case! Everybody knows it has to do with this debt owned and pinned on the wrong person. Listen to me when I say you are an idiot just believing this is over making girls prostitute. 4 of these 5 people listed on this have not made a testimony like that stated. I know these people even if briefly and everyone except Michelle Hanshaw which i dont know did NOT actually witness as you think they have. Mindy’s or Michelle Cottier’s facebook page she mentions in her about me’ the Bethany officers harassing her and you think they raided her motel room because of that? They can take thier excuses and all but whats really happening is a power trip and threats that have gotten outta hand. Bethany thinks they are the F.B.I and are not looking for a killer but some theory of all these people being in or somehow affiliated with this huge drug ring which they are not. They were harassing Luis when I knew him back in April. THEY THREATENED HIM BY SAYING THAT THEY WOULD JUST GET HIM FOR MURDER 1 CHARGES. LUIS LOOKED AT THE PIECE OF PAPER THEY THREW UP SHOWING THE ARREST WARRENT ON HIM FOR THAT WHICH WAS NOT SIGNED AT THAT TIME, AND SAID ‘Well, nope. I dont think so and tossed the paper down’. THEY HAVE NEVER THOUGHT LUIS KILLED ANYONE. THEY SEE HIM AS BEING PART OF THIS GANG AS THEY CALL IT AND THEY FEEL THAT IT IS SOME MASTERMINDED THING WITH CARTEL MEMBERS BUT ITS NOT AND YOU THINK LUIS WOULD BE STEALING CLOTHES FROM SEAR’S IF HE WAS ALL THAT? I get white people are scared of Mexicans somehow but that dont make them the KKK. Mindy’s boyfriend went to jail over this and she been trying to get him out. Sorry about what I said about you Mindy because I know its rough when they use you and I read what you said about Bethany not tearing down your life and your still doing your job and loving it!

  6. stcyprvtt Says:

    You people honestly wanna know what I learnt this part year? I was with Luis for a month only but he was something wonderful and I wish you all had that chance to meet him. Seriously! I am from Cleveland county and was married for 8 years. I used to have good work history and had managed many places. Every single job I started out minimum wage and never hired into anything because of experience but never had I not ran that place by the time I had no longer worked there. But when me and my husband married I became a housewife and a mother. I was a wonderful mother and thats why I ran from that courthouse. I did not wanna go without seeing my girls because I was afraid they would feel I just left. My girls were my World and you just dont know! I had not did anything wrong to them and thats not why D.H.S was there. I had been attacked and almost killed and my family said they did not even recognize me at the hospital. Took weeks before I could even open my eyes a pinch and months for the whites to quit being red. Had terrible stranglation marks and he even took a torch to my leg. Got 30 years using rape in the 1st but I didn’t have issues except my family being everything to me and my girls were my life so I ran to stay with them and second time they requested they hold me in there and i was furious because i just wanted my kids and wanted to see them for that week before i went to that place and i threatened to kill the DHS worker in letter. You wanna know something about me I was not ever a criminal and I still am not. Luis was not either and he was great and thats why i got with him. He is Mexican and may of messed with drugs some but I have touched a few at times and that really dont mean anything when it comes to me. When we were together I never met any of that rif-raf they speak about and he never was this big druggie like you people act as if because he dont have a big criminal record and thats a lie. This group of people were his neighborhood and he didn’t really ever hang with them, he tried helping

  7. stcyprvtt Says:

    He was always trying to help those around there and he knew them pretty well but he did not hang really. He constantly would see someone walking and offer them a ride. It got to where everyone was expecting alot and he was constantly stole from. This was his neighborhood and he taught me how to take pride in it. These people were basically entirely all white but I know why they got thier thing set with Luis. It is seriously because he Mexican and therefore considered a Mexican in the group and I dont know a darn thing about Carina Saunders but all these people tell me that its messed up what is happening with Luis and I can bring you a few of the supposed prosecuting witnesses per say, plus many others if it comes to it but not even Tia or Mindy is gonna stand up for nothing because all these people have been or are criminals. I am a good girl really thrown into something I could never of believed but I think the cops are just the same as everyone else and honestly I have seen them do the most shady things and I joined this because it is bullshit and I have nothing to be scared of except the shock i watch go down. AND I HEAR THEY ARE ABLE TO AND HAVE MANY TIMES SENT PEOPLE TO PRISON WHEN THERE IS NO EVIDENCE IN THE CASE AND YOU KNOW WHAT? THEY DONT HAVE A DARN THING AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT THEY MUST BE PULLING AND THATS WHY WE ARE GONNA KEEP EVERYTHING STRAIGHT. They have the evidence and know he did not do it. They said it coming clear in January and if not then you will have everything they have. Luis is Mexican but I feel this is why this so easily came about because not one have questioned much as for a complete change 10 months down the road. LUIS HAS NEVER BEEN ARRESTED YET ON THIS BECAUSE THEY HAVE HAD NOTHING THROUGHOUT THIS INVESTIGATION EVEN REMOTELY SAYING HE DID IT! But they been harassing him since i known him. Love you Luis!

  8. Miss Privett: When you have more proof than the Laal Hethri We, ourselves will entertain taking what you have to the pertinent Living authority.

    [q c p n!]

    • stcyprvtt Says:

      AND TO YOU ‘MAJORDOMO’, What gives you the right to act like you have the authority to say anyone is quilty like you said in this news artical? Ain’t you a hypocrite with your own black pot! What the tuck you got because I can look at this case & with common sense say its stupid, no evidence required. Want to give it a try? Well take first the fact that if you check it out they already had EVERYTHING from the spot this was done at to even the name of who cleaned up the mess they say but of course they also thought then it had to do with human-trafficking & this drug ring but it doesn’t. Its real hard to find the headlines that let everyone know that they were mistaken on that so people still keep going with it. Do your research & then tell me how they are still passing this off as that same story about scaring people & prostitutes. Your a damned fool to be publishing about something & acting you knew. Tuck you & start with that for its all you need to be told right now! And this case been solved & I know that as well. It was straight Jimmy Massey you fool & they just after this theory still because they the ‘tweekers’. I heard it from their own mouths. I with Luis when Bethany was harassing him & therefore know what they said. They think people ‘masterminding’ this & guess what? Luis is the Mexican friend of Jimmy Massey’s that must of masterminded the whole thing & that’s real shit too! And that’s how I knew Luis had been incarcerated in jail those dates because Bethany swears that although he in jail they think he masterminded it somehow I guess. Tell ha stupid that I knew plenty about this case that as soon as I heard that news broadcast I knew something wrong & I had to find out. I wanted others to realize the point of heist on Luis I had but could not share the truth. I was too scared but I am not anymore. I will be damned if I care what you call or think of me because if you pay attention it is the truth of it. You will see.. . Do something on your own kid. News IS the way the government makes you believe what they want. Luis’s little bother ‘Jorge’ didn’t even realize who was interviewing with him & therefore the interveiw was not about some girl cut up & found. You outtake find out what he thought he talking about? That was funny too because I saw what thenews said. Then the fact that the news on mine was just a way to cover every Leicester of their ass as possible because they even mention in it that medical personal removed gazers when they didn’t and I watched the ambulance driver get pissed about it too. Had me sign some paper so he not be credible. And DHS left me in there for 7 months I sat waiting & never sent any place, never got a responce back on my letters to them, nothing & then I released when the only reason I there is 2 times they requested it for a reason they thought & guess what happened? Four (4) months after I was released they were relinquishing my rights because they stated & quote “the kids have been in custody 14 out of 20 months”. That’s exactly what I heard them say that day! Think I lying?

      • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

        Stacy, Fred Schwartz here this case has more to it than meets the eye and involves at the very least some incompetence on our end post mortem. I’ll be doing more research on this over the next few weeks with my contacts in the OSBI. Keep the faith.

    • stcyprvtt Says:

      I do have much more proof than leel whatever you are! I can prove everything so show me what you can? I know the phone number & all details on that phone used in May, when he got it & when it lost even by exact dates. Phone used emmediatally afterwards even. What motel Tia stayed at for real & everyone who there as well. Who used Tia’s name because she didn’t make that statement at all & I even got proof from her on that. As well the fact that in this entire affidavate written by Bethany police only ONE person in it is a real person to say witnessed anything, 2 of the people are fake, and the others had thier names used unwillingly. Can you tell me the one & only person who did actually take part in this? I know her as well & she did it because she a jealous snivveling bitch who does vindictive things to people outta spite & she sure was all over Luis’s cock the first weeks in May of 2012. Her name is Mindy Cottier/Michelle Handshaw as well. She one which mentions Tia’s name & Tia didn’t really take part as suggested. Cody Malone, who the hell is he even because I with Luis always those months & not even sure who the hell that is at all. Cody must be a sick mother fucker because you’d only mention something like that someone who would find it appealing. Thats how it works so maybe they need to look into that guy. This entire thing retarded to start because whats the likelyhood that some guy is still walking about with some murder video just laying about his cell phone 10 months later? Luis I know for fact aint a retard & he would have to be if that true. If they haven’t caught this guy yet then he is not retard & there I doubt is any stupid video to start. But obviously you believe a lot of stupid shit madaam whatever because I got brains & can simply pick this apart as bullshit being a silly samaritan. He supposed to be so into to drugs & he is yet able to hold onto anything, period, that long of time. Don’t think so! You a fool & a liar by publishing like you KNOW THEY GUILTY & then wrote it continually through the internet. Who are you? Do you even know one damn person mentioned in this case? Obviously you think you do! So give us some insight on who you are & what you know stupid.. . Lets hear your side retard.. What you know?

  9. So you get a real briefing so you know something for real about me I was married 8 years but we split about 2 years back.We technically never got divorced and I still married. I have not seen my husband really or known where he lives at and not had to big a reason to force divorce. I lived in Moore basically & in Norman some and before me and my husband got married and had 3 daughters I used to Manage Restaurants. Several places I had managed and not one did I begin that way but I always ended up there on my own at every job. I became a housewife though for quite of the time period of my marriage.
    Luis is much the same as I. You don’t know shit no offence but his family is very well mannered and well dressed and real good people and they as well have an excellent loving family. Luis is not a thug or gang related and dresses respectful and acts respectful. Luis was a school teacher at an Elementary school and he never was a loafer but a hard worker. Did not like to ask anyone for anything.
    I love him more than anything and I DO know what I talking about and your an idiot and your wrong and I not worried because I know Luis is not gonna go to prison and I already know that it will all work out and don’t worry or fight there. Just hate when i hear this crap and I want everyone to know whats real and how I feel.

  10. Luis could not ever kill anyone and for your information they already found out that there is no way Luis was in any way responsible. They found the records about a month ago maybe now where Luis Ruiz was incarcerated in jail during those dates that Carina was killed. I ALREADY KNEW HE WAS IN JAIL BUT IF YOU WANT HERE IS SOME INFO ON THAT AND DO YOUR RESEARCH STUPID. SO Stacy Privett has found Llal Hathri is wrong in her conclusions and Luis INNOCENT and watch.. .

  11. I don’t have to prove nothing! Thats the job of the courts. You have things all wrong. I am purely speaking from my own knowledge and I know what I speak about. Not only is he innocent but I am not worried about this case. I was just enlighting others around of everything going on in it. That which I’ve stated is already known by police before it was ever published. AND LUIS WAS IN JAIL STUPID WHEN THAT GIRL WAS MURDERED AND THEY HAVE FOUND THOSE RECORDS NOW. YOU DO NOT KNOW MUCH YOURSELF. I KNOW MORE THAN YOU AND I WONT TELL YOU A DARN THING MORE FOR NOW ON. AND THE NEWS IS NEVER WHATS REALLY GOING ON, ONLY WHAT THEY HEAR WHICH IS WHATEVER THE GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU TO HEAR. NOW THATS WHAT I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN PROVING TO YOU STUPID!

  12. stcyprvtt Says:

    The reason I know what I do by the way is because I watched what those Bethany police officers and heard what they said while I with Luis. I am very observant, smart, and I KNOW already that those officers are running a power trip game and just like many other police officers do. I’ve watched them do it many of times because they feel as if they can and they can too. I watched them threaten many of people and they are the ones that control the news. For example: Tia wont be a witness because that statement she gave is not accurate. Tia had only met Luis one time and was never any witness to anything of the past at all. Dont get where that came from on the affidatta because that thrown in. As for Mindy: they used her and she too busy with them threatening and harrasing her to worry about it. It was her motel they ran up on and she spent some time trying to get her own man outta jail because Chris who was arrested that day was her man she loves. That raid had none to do with as they said it did and if you look the news broadcast and how it happened compared with even the search warrent, which signed afterwards also, are not quite the same. I’ve even heard an officer tell someone “they were indespensable”. As a criminal with a record or warrents I guess they get away with it. Hear tons of them say they cant do or say nothing because they got a warrent. Let me tell you though thier experience with Luis.. . What really happened and I will tell you now and the only reason I haven’t is because I don’t see people believing it. Because I have learnt alot about your government and I myself being a good girl really from Moore have had a hard time with the realization myself into this other World and what the whole circle of people are about and I now see policemen as being criminals themselves but in a different way! They are gonna try to do with Luis the same they do with many others. Keep postponing and postponing and without no evidence or any case try holding him in jail as long as they possibally can.

  13. stcyprvtt Says:

    Luitenuit Swartz, I never jumped in to defend Luis Ruiz because we had been dating as most may think. I could not stand him & had already chosen not to speak to him again ever! But I had been with him at the time Bethany was harrasing him & it appeared to me to be a powertrip thing with them over Luis. They didn’t ever think Luis had anything to do with case & I learnt much from just them alone. Besides going over evidence stuff which I already know all about thier affidavate on his arrest warrent being fake by the way, I even got all the information myself to prove it. Three of thier witnesses have techinally the same exact name therefore making the other 2 not really exist. And they fraudatally put Tia’s name as an actual witness & she didn’t. She told me the story! But most importantly yall dont know Luis Ruiz & he may of pissed me off but I know him well still. HEIS IN NO WAY INVOLVED. Luis has the sweetest heart & thats for real. He tries to save everybody! If Luis had been there then I guarentee you that girl still been alive. That I do know. I Know That For A Fact Too! Trust me, stacy privett

  14. stcyprvtt Says:

    But thank you & because of this case I ended up getting close to Luis again & I have realized how much I love him again or for the first time maybe, but I know that I do & always will. Thanks alot!

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