I have taken some time to digest the blog post of noted documentarian Michael Moore of 24 December 2012, “Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns.” Moore makes a clear case of why there is so much gun violence in the United States and why a culture of gun worship makes it difficult to remove this cancer from American society. As Editor-in-Chief of this newspaper I support what Moore has written and feel compelled to off even more advice and explanation of why this situation, the collection of more guns than people in the United States, has gotten so far out of claw.


Moore cites Fear/Racism, Poverty and Selfishness as the reasons for so many guns being in the hands of Americans and he is spot on in this assessment. There is no doubt that “fear of others” also described by many social scientist here is Dis as “tribalism” is the root cause of the bulk of the problems in the culture and society of the United States of America. It has been said for more than two centuries as reckoned from Terra that multiculturalism would solve many of the quotidian societal problems in the nation and diversity would drive the need to keep the brown and black in poverty to the benefit of the white. Once again the root cause of the Newtown shooting massacre in its most raw and basic terms was the fear of losing material possessions or being harmed physically by a roving band of well armed “others.” Nancy Lanza was seeking to protect herself from rape/robbery/murder/home invasion because she saw an economic collapse coming in her feverish mind. Therefore she collected the materials she needed to defend herself from the “threat” she saw as imminent from a brown enemy she saw repeatedly in the media as a direct threat to her comfort and safety. Here’ I have to take the MSM to task in local communities form their constant drumbeat on television focusing on the criminal element among the United States’ 45 plus million black citizens.


While I would be remiss to ignore black crime, especially black gun violence, there must be a reflection upon why crime occurs and in what demographic it concentrates. As a demon journalist, I understand that many would posit that Nancy Lanza’s fear and her son Adam Lanza’s actions had nothing to do with their upper middle class lifestyle. To come to such a conclusion is the very definition of a Black Swan. Economic class is not always a leading indicator for gun violence but poverty does carry a far greater weight among minorities than it does among whites. One has to simply review the statistics for any calendar year in the modern era to see that black gun crime is generally restricted to those living just above or below the poverty line. The same statistics overlap for white gun crime making it clear that both the fact that the nation’s streets are awash in firearms and that too many have been left to poverty for the benefit of a false veneer of middle class white comfort, or, if I may go further, moral superiority. And here is the greatest of crimes because as Moore states, “If you don’t believe that, ask yourself this: If your neighbor has a job and is making $50,000/year, what are the chances he’s going to break into your home, shoot you and take your TV? Nil.” More work for those who are willing would make America a safer place simply by making consumers out of those who would fall into a criminal lifestyle. Many white conservatives would surely disagree with me on that point because now I would be guilt of the crime of socialism which to them means, “taking our stuff.”


And what exactly makes people worship stuff so much? I like many Human Beings here in Hell live a quite comfortable life knowing that my children are safe and secure, that I have a job which pays me well as does my mate and I live in a home that most living Americans would consider posh. However, here in Hell’s capital Dis, I do not require an arsenal of firearms and ammunition to keep my possessions safe. To be honest on many nights I forget to lock the front door. I have no fear of the Justice Force coming to my front door to have an inquiry about a weapon that I have owned, nor do I fear a relative that has lost their mind but not gotten the treatment he or she needs ending up on the news having blown away scores of innocent people. In the end despite the volume of references to myself in those statements recently written it is not about me anymore than it is about any of the selfish millions of Americans who think a gun is the answer to their potential fears or bigotries. Americans are exceptional in many ways just not in many of the ones in which they should be proud. I see the white conservatives [and the black conservatives who serve a lesser purpose than a remora serves a shark] in America decrying the desire of the Liberals in Congress wishing to limit the size of ammunition clips or remove assault weapons altogether while being among the first to invoke the religion of their second most worshiped deity to express consolation for the victims of yet another shooting massacre. It is high time that this violence come to and end and to do that a multigenerational effort to end the fear associated with bigotry in all its forms from all its sources, to end poverty and all its attendant causes and foremost to end the delusion that in a nation where a man can murder 26 innocent people in an elementary school that somehow it is their right to possess the very same weapons he used to commit this atrocity.

When a white conservative tells you that the Newtown shootings don’t compare to the level of black gun violence in the inner cities agree with this reply: “Then I feel as you do that all the guns need to be taken away and anyone caught with one should be subject to a long period of incarceration?”

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., CS, O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
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  1. Reverend Bacon Says:

    It’s good you agree with Moore. Even he probably regrets saying it: 90% of the guns are in the hands of white suburbanites who, he implies, are racist.

    I don’t know where Moore gets his statistics, but say that he’s correct: 90% of the legal guns are in the hands of white people, who represent about 60% of the population. Assume that the other 10% are distributed equally among asians, hispanics, blacks, and others according to their population. Thus, the 13% that is black have 13/40 of the 10%, or about 3% of the guns.

    So blacks have 3% of the guns, and whites have 90%. That means whites have 30 times as many guns, in total, that blacks do; and comparing this with other statistics:

    – Blacks overall commit about 2 times the number of murders as whites; thus, a gun in the hands of a black person is 60 times more dangerous than a gun in the hands of a white person. (This ignores the illegal guns, but that’s part of the point of this analysis.)

    – Blacks commit over half of all murders. So, take away just the guns of the blacks, and you’ve lowered the murder rate by over half.

    -per the WaPo data, blacks commit murder 10 times more often than whites on a per-capita basis. per Moore and the above analysis, whites on a per-capita basis are(90%/60%)/(3%/13%)= 6 times more likely to be armed. This corroborates the WSJ data that an armed black commits 60 times as many murders as an armed white.

    It’s fairly silly to think that there is any leverage to be gained by taking away the guns of those “racist white suburbanites.” Focus on the 3% that are responsible for over half of all murders, and that’s worth considering. Focusing on the 90% that account for something like 30% of gun murders, most of which are likely to become knife murders or poison murders or vehicular murders, is insane.

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