It’s not often that the gang at Blogs4Victory tackle issues of American racial politics but Cluster takes a stab at it an attempted homage to Martin Luther King Jr. Now there is a low and smoldering animus in the commentary zone at B4V in regard to the 45 million black citizens of the United States of America. Simply reading Neocon1’s comments about “inner city” crime makes this patently clear. But I understand what Cluster is trying to do. He’s trying to make the point that black Americans as he sees them have pawned the “dream” that King sought for all Americans for a a laundry list of government programs which shovel money at the ever widening gulf between the rich and the poor. Cluster misses the point entirely to any rational reader who isn’t concerned that his race, religion and political ideology will be replaced by something new and alien in the coming generations. That change, like it or not middle aged white religious gun lovers, is coming like Peter North in a room full of cheerleaders whether you like it or not. As a matter of fact, that change is already here and has been here for more than 100 years. Take note of this comment [likely to be deleted as racist because it doesn’t support the ideology of white old conservative religious gun rights people uber alles] I left for Cluster at B4V:

Cluster I don’t see the Constitution as a misogynist document at all nor do I see it as racist one. The Constitution as it was written is a reflection of the times and as times have changed the true beauty of the document is its flexibility. In the mid 19th century you see slavery abolished and black slaves freed with the power of federal law. In the early 20th century women became fully enfranchised citizens with their inalienable right to vote codified into federal law. These two simple yet necessary changes to American moral policy by way of the law have placed America on the course she is on today. Abolitionists were Progressives; Suffragettes were Progressives also and their desire to promote needed social change has shaped the nation you live in today in ways that I feel are underappreciated. How could there have been a black civil rights movement without Stowe and Douglass? How could there have been a Hillary Clinton candidacy for President in 2016 without the torment of the Iron Jawed Angels in Occoquan prison?

As far as racial politics go in America I reserve my opinion on that topic to my own spaces where truly free people can read and comment as they please.

hindsight 2102
In Hindsight

If you’ve never looked up the Whig party I think now is the time to do so. They didn’t realize they were done until it was far too late and they were replaced by a better entity in the end, the GOP, which had a different ideology. The modern TEA Party are those Whigs but they have become such a force on the Right that they can destroy the GOP from within. What will remain will be a fractured old guard set of Republicans which can be moderates as well and a hard core far Right Party that will be a minority in the House and have no power in the Senate. King’s dream is about personal responsibility and personal achievement on as level a playing field as possible in a capitalist setting. It’s laughable that the commenters on B4V and other conservative digital echo holes are using arcane Red Scare terms like Marxist or Communist which are nothing more than buzzwords for bigots. King’s dream has landed upon the American white conservative Right in ways they could not have ever expected and like the Whigs they don’t realize it’s their turn to drown in the powerful undertow of the ever changing ocean of history.

[UPDATE:::: 9h 41m HST::::

Here’s Cluster’s comments and the removal of my original comment:

Frederick, your commentary at the pitchfork reinforces my point:

Cluster misses the point entirely to any rational reader who isn’t concerned that his race, religion and political ideology will be replaced by something new and alien in the coming generations? That change, like it or not middle aged white religious gun lovers,………..

You inject race once again in a debate that needs to be void of race entirely if we are to ever aspire to MLK’s dream. You also ascribe religious beliefs to me that are simply not true, but that again is part and parcel to how liberals like you continue to divide and do harm to this country. People like you are so far removed from the dream, that it may take generations to heal the divide once again.

Frederick, like the others from the Pitchfork, is not allowed to post here. The common themes in posts from these people are various forms of hatred and bigotry and overt racism. //Moderator

I think it’s important to continue to display the comments from Frederick, because he is a very good example of what is wrong with society and the current liberal discourse that passes as intellectual thought:


The GOP scrambled to run minority candidates but could only find a few and with the defeat of West and Love have only an appointed TEA Party believer in South Carolina who will never win a statewide election – Frederick

Note Frederick’s assertion that it is a “scramble” by the GOP to run minority candidates. Not that those individuals have conservative character, but simply an effort by a party to find someone of a minority skin color to occupy a political seat.

That is shameful to the core.


Frederick, you continue to embarrass yourself by insisting that political ideology is influenced greatly by gender and skin color. An assertion unfortunately shared by too many of your generation who are hyper insensitive and massively misinformed. Political ideology Frederick, is born from character, and an inherent trust in individual integrity regardless of gender or skin color.

I hope someday that you mature to the point that you can understand that.


Here’s my reply to Cluster first comment

Making American politics, especially in the era of America’s first person of color as Chief Executive, “void of race” would be like making the production of automobiles “void of electricity.” Race matters in American politics like it or not. The GOP scrambled to run minority candidates but could only find a few and with the defeat of West and Love have only an appointed TEA Party believer in South Carolina who will never win a statewide election. Cluster I wasn’t ascribing religious beliefs to you I was identifying the religious beliefs of the loudest group within your political ideology group. I’m sure there are atheist conservatives just as there are gay and lesbian conservatives and black conservatives. When polls were being doing after the election it seemed everyone was okay with identifiers like “black” or “Latina” and now all of a sudden many months after it was known that Romney was doomed you want to dial back the race issues in America simply because your party is outrageously over 45 of one set of religions and predominantly male. Shame on you for wanting to smother your own party to death!

Moderator I respectfully disagree. Simply not holding the same religious or political values as you do do not make me any more a bigot than Mark Noonan is simply because he’s Catholic. What you are doing is simply what many Right wing blogs try to do and that is to maintain a veneer of respectability in a world that is moving far too fast for them. I don’t feel you want an echo chamber however if you do not allow civilized debate on social issues even if you are shamed by the bigoted comments of some of your own ideological brethren then de facto you have created one.

With all the political firepower in the GOP conservative bloggers focused on the comments of Allen West that were in opposition of President Obama and many of these were very crackpot Bachmanesque comments. The only reason you’d have a black conservative as an attack dog against a President is if the President is black as well. Some idiot in the RNC or in the TEA Party thought having West out there in fervent opposition would change the minds of middle class black voters.

It was a scramble because a white GOP candidate in Utah would have fared much better than Love’s colossal failure. The buildup of her candidacy was a joke she never had a chance and that was known by the RNCC which offered her very little if any support.


Here’s where you go wrong Cluster, I’m neither “hyper insensitive” or “massively misinformed.” I am sensitive to the needs and cofort of Conservatives. I’m not calling for churches to be closed or for harm to be done to those who have right wing values. I want you to be free to express your beliefs and worship as you please. But one thing you don’t do is take responsibility for the deeply held beliefs of some people like Todd Akin which are held by millions of Conservatives but are politically and socially embarrassing in modern American life.

I hope that someday you have a moment of clarity that allows you to be rational enough to understand that.


This response to Retired Spook:


Apples and oranges in regard to illegitimacy rates. And what does that mean anyway? Are all children born to unwed mothers doomed to failure? I think Bill Clinton would disagree with you there. How can you as a conservative defend the “sanctity of marriage” with all that divorce going on? As far as out of wedlock births go I’m all for it if it makes the gap between minorities and white shrink. To paraphrase Grover Norquist, “I don’t want to destroy the white conservative base I just want to use all means necessary, legally, to shrink it to a size where politically it can be drowned in a bathtub.”


At the end of the day Cluster you and I want exactly the same things for America, we’d just take different paths to get there. I want a robust job creating economy. I don’t want people in bankruptcy because of medical bills but I don;t want quality health care to suffer. I want neighborhoods to be safe and families of all kinds to prosper. I want people to worship as they please unhindered by state or federal law and equally I want people to be free from religion if they choose to be. I want America to have a strong national defense without having to involve itself in every petty conflict in the Middle east. I also would rather have the United States save fossil fuels in the ground now for future gathering rather than burn it up to appease energy spoiled middle aged suburbanites who know they’ll be dead before climate change becomes a far greater threat to Humanity than al Qaeda ever was.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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