Majordomo Pain wrote a very interesting and informative article on the profit being derived from all the ills currently affecting the United States of America. Since the posting of that article here at The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork I got a comment from a fan of the right wing bigot blog Stuff That Black people Don’t Like:

stop being such a DWL…..

I am assuming that DWL stands for dumb white liberal. Now the white part and the liberal part are accurate but I assure the commenter that I’m not dumb at all. I’m smart enough to recognize that you live on a planet with no way off and that you live in a nation that is in the painful throes of a transition from a race based patriarchal capitalist meritocracy to a diversity based corporatist oligarchy. Now I would prefer to have a diversity based cultural democracy but I have to admit that is not very likely to be witnessed in your lifetimes, no matter your age, for a myriad of complex reasons.

It amazes me that white conservative bigots can come up with literally pounds of data that show that black and Latino Americans are violent and need to be excised from the society in your country but they cannot seem to find any reason to examine the actions of the obstructionists in the GOP who are as terrified by the power at the polls of these bigots in their congressional districts. The Sequester is a direct result of the single minded action of this terrified GOP to, by any means necessary, remove the first person of color from the highest elected office in the United States. This having failed they must now focus on keeping their offices and perks. The GOP has become a regional party and while today they control many of the state legislatures and governor’s offices in America they realize that to win nationally they would have to turn their backs on their white bigoted base. To do this and come to the center to move America into a prosperous new future would be seen by millions of Americans who hate or distrust others simply for the color of their skin would force the creation of a third party and ending even the regional power of the GOP. The cascade of statewide and local defeats of far right candidates due to split allegiances would be catastrophic to the GOP.

People like SBPDL acolyte Jack Krak at American Renaissance are simply angry that a nation firmly in the control of white males no longer recognizable to them. The reason for this is the surge in black and Latino birth rates, immigration and an increase in interracial marriage. The very seem people who feel that an unborn fetus is a person and should have civil rights are the same people who want to see the civil rights of black in the United States violated to give them back the power they had four generations ago. This sort of thinking is not only backward it is patently anti-American. Sure both Krak and the anonymous owner of SBPDL have a first amendment right to hold and express any political or social position they feel just as we do here in Hell. What they cannot and must not do is restrict the civil rights of others simply to take America backward into an age where white American bigots of all social classes could sleep at night knowing they had at least one advantage over everyone who was darker in pigmentation than them.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
183 Low Lux Negro 2 AS



  2. Mr. Rational Says:

    You’ve stated your feelings, but you haven’t made a case. If Kersey is wrong, he’s either starting from false claims of fact or reasoning incorrectly. Which is it? Specifics, please.

  3. Reverend Bacon Says:

    I doubt you will post this, so I will be brief.

    – the “D” in DWL stands for Disingenuous. No one accuses you of being dumb, although for a journalist writing in English you could use a refresher course in English syntax. A spell-checker won’t get the job done. Since I suspect you aren’t a native English speaker, I give you a pass.
    – Those high birth rates you mention are indeed part of the problem. DWL’s have been incentivizing them for 50 years- with a combination of immigration and welfare policies. In case you hadn’t realized, global warming is not due to people failing to buy Priuses, it’s because there are too many people. The GOP fails to get this too, which brings me to my next point:
    – It’s easy to ignore the topic and switch to how stupid the GOP is. You won’t get many arguments from me. But it doesn’t address, let alone refute, an unrelated topic. Many liberals do this, and some conservatives. Not just you. But it’s not useful in actually addressing a topic. You have probably had arguments like this: You: “Can you honestly tell me that you believe the earth is only 5000 years old??” GOP Cretin: “Well, Bill Clinton had sex with Monica. Why aren’t you upset about that?”

    You clearly have your theories about the ills in our society- you may even live in the US and see some of it first hand. And you have your theories about their causes. But what’s missing is analysis. For example, you claim that blacks commit more crime because of racism. If that’s true, there should be less crime in some country that you would classify as non-racist, like Uganda perhaps. I don’t know if that’s true, but if so, there’s your objective answer; and if not, you need a new theory. That’s how all debate should go- with scientific analysis and cold reasoning, not just emoting about some idea of how we’d like the world to be. And that’s true for all sides of a debate.

    Again, no one called you “Dumb.” Disingenuousness in this context refers to a denial of hard facts, a slanting of facts to suit a theory, and in many cases covering up certain facts to prevent people from seeing patterns that don’t fit that theory. Their assumption in branding someone thus is that one has actually done all the math, and then pretends that they get a different answer. I believe that the math is too difficult, and the numbers too obfuscated, for most people to come up with the answer. The Mainstream media can’t or won’t do it for people, and they have their agendas, which makes them very disingenuous. But many in the press honestly believe the drivel they spout, because they also are unable to do the analysis.

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