My writing has been described as scathing, brutal and cutting in the past. I’m nothing like the horrid woman, Hillary Mantel, in Britain who sought publicity by saying horrible things about Kate Middleton and now sees her e-book sales soaring. When I cut someone to the bone it isn’t for my own personal gain, to sell books or garner awards– it is to enlighten the populace. [NB: To Alan Ginsburg, the drinks are on me, once again at Vulca when I see you.] So now sitting here in my office in hell’s capitol Dis I have the distinct pleasure of doing my slamdance cosmopolous on one Paul Kersey noted pro white conservative blogger and author. Well maybe not noted outside the circles of middle class white conservative Americans who read books with themes designed to reinforce their deeply held “beliefs” while fully holding fast to the fantasy that the TEA Party is really about lowering taxes and that the GOP is really not a terrified herd of white guys pandering to white bigots in their congressional districts out of fear of being primaried.

That said with clarity I come to Paul Kersey. I believe that this is a pseudonym for a man who writes books with titles such as “The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013”, “Escape from Detroit: The collapse of America’s Black Metropolis” and “Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero.” Okay so clearly Kersey has it in for black people. As odious as bigotry is in all its forms it’s still not a crime against the law in America to express your views on race. Right here at The Dis brimstone Daily Pitchfork we counter these people with proofs that their logic is flawed of that all forms of human violence are a part of the human condition not some inherent need to do racial harm to one’s own people or to others. If you want to blame someone for becoming a violent criminal blame that criminal’s environment, how he was parented and the social conditions under which he lived. Race is only a factor if we want to look at the effects of institutionalized racism and for profit incarceration. But I digress.

Paul Kersey wants the American blog reader to feel like he does; that his every step may be his last because the country that he loved has been taken away from him and sullied by the ever growing tidal wave of black and brown people in America. Kersey isn’t a racist because as I’ve said many times to be a true racist you have to have some sort of power over those you feel are inferior to you because of their racial difference. The CEO of a major company could be a racist, a bloc of the GOP in the Senate could be racist, the mayor and city council in a town could be racist but not a lone blogger who has no power on the Internet. This man Paul Kersey is simply a whining bigot.

Death Wish rape scene by HollywoodAbuse

The very pseudonym and his style of writing made me chuckle when I was doing research for Sarah Bloch’s most recent article. I noted that Paul Kersey was the name of the character that Charles Bronson played in Death Wish and Death Wish II, 3, IV and V. In the original movie Hope Lange played Bronson’s wife who was killed and his daughter raped by “thugs.” The thug that forced himself on Bronson’s fictional daughter [played by Kathleen Nolan] was none other than one of the greatest Jewish actors of all time Jeff Goldblum. [Note the clip of the scene above.–Copy Ed.]

005. Death Wish 2 – Robin Sherwood (rape 1) by jackdriscol88

In that movie from 1974 the rapists consisted of two white guys and a Jew. I’m sure the scene that the pseudonymous Kersey, the alleged writer, hopes his readers recall is the scene from Death Wish II where Bronson’s character’s nanny [Played by Robin Sherwood] is brutally raped by a gang of black men. Wait that’s not right there’s a white guy, poorly dressed, I might add along with the black and Latino fellow in the scene above. Maybe it’s the vigilantism, that the writer Kersey will take no shit from anyone and will strike back with vengeance! Okay that might have been a little over the top but you catch my drift. The bigot Kersey is supposed to be standing up for the white men who aren’t rich with lawyers to shield them from losing their lives if they speak out too much.

hindsight 2145
In Hindsight

I’ve often wondered why men like “Paul Kersey” don’t do what Dr Martin Luther King Jr. did. Why not just organize like minded people who are motivated to your cause to march for the rights you feel have been violated? If conservative white Americans want “their country” back why not stop blaming black on black crime, Latino immigration and gay rights for their ills and get off their asses and march? Oh, that’s right most of these people are middle class and poor folks who need their jobs, cars and homes and very likely work for people who don’t share their beliefs on race, religion or politics in a corporate manner of speaking. Well then to my brothers and sisters who have been lead astray by the cheap potent liquor of bigotry I can give you back some of the same advice your demigod Ronald Reagan gave all those “welfare queens” he spoke about to get you on the conservative fuck truck in the first place: Pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps.

Pax Terra

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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  1. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey 2010, 320,082 whites were victims of black violence, while 62,593 blacks were victims of white violence.

    Blacks committed a 25 times higher rate of interracial violence as whites, including a 200 times higher aggravated assault. Blacks raped 13,000 whites.

    I`m thinking about gene pools and gene pool strategies. I`m thinking about r selective versus k selective strategies and different sub-species of humans. I`m thinking about the nature of the gene pool`s product as necessarily being predetermined, in general, toward specific traits. I`m thinking about good seed versus bad seed.

    R selective strategies input more reproductive energy into numbers reproduced and less into the quality of the product. K selective strategies put more energy into the quality of product and less into the numbers reproduced.

    Facts and statistics say the black gene pool is more r selective than the white gene pool and the white gene pool is more k selective than the black gene pool. Therefore blacks will out reproduce whites in numbers, but whites will reproduce a higher quality product than blacks.

    For those who know their WW2 history, the Nazi`s put out a higher quality tank in fewer numbers, while the American`s put out a lower quality tank in greater numbers. This predisposed very particular, tank, battle field tactics.

    Therefore, the product of the more r selective black gene pool will produce blacks in accord with the strategy of higher numbers, lower quality. Blacks will crave more sex, be built for higher sex success, in order to reproduce the greater numbers needed to compensate for the lower quality. Contrarily, the more k selective white gene pool will produce whites in accord with the strategy of higher quality, lower numbers. Whites therefore will crave less sex, be built for lower sex success, in order to accommodate the higher quality.

    I`m thinking white males will have a larger head and a smaller penis, while black males will have a larger penis and a smaller head. I`m thinking facts gleaned from measurements would show a fairly strong positive correlation between head size and penis size quite similar to foot size and body size.

    I`m thinking white females will have a larger head and a smaller number of eggs, while black females will have a larger number of eggs and a smaller head.

    I`m thinking just as people in general have some desire to marry up, so to in general do people have a desire to mate up, to reproduce a better offspring. I`m thinking that black males with their higher need for sex in order to reproduce greater numbers, the natural desire to mate up, and their smaller head size, lower IQ, combine to predispose black males to rape white women.

    I`m thinking murdering a white woman keeps her from reproducing her white, higher quality seed, and that after the black male gratifies his sexual need through rape of a white woman, that murdering the white woman does not further the black seed, but, conversely, it lessens the furtherance of white seed and is therefore tantamount.

    I`m thinking the lower IQ black male, after having gratified his sexual need and want for the white woman via rape, and knowing ending her seed is tantamount to furthering his own seed, he can therefore, quite easily silence the white woman via murder to presumably, prevent knowledge of his crime from coming out, and the subsequent retaliation by whites and or the law, and thereby calm his instinct for self-preservation, itself having been elicited by his immoral deed.

    I`m thinking black seed in a white world is bad seed. I`m thinking race has very little to do with the color of the skin, and everything to do with r selective and k selective gene pool strategies.

    Lastly, I`m thinking of all the Nicola Furlongs and Eve Carsons the world over, and why they must be sacrificed to black animals for the cause of both low IQ blacks, and the white liberal, ideology agenda. Thank you.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      If this weren’t such a horrible bit of eugenics based drivel it could pass as comedy. I am sure there are many thousands of the uneducated whites in America that will fall for this pseudoscience but in the end it is just that pseudoscience designed to arrive at an end comfortable for those who hold a racial hatred.

      • “If this weren’t such a horrible bit of eugenics based drivel it could pass as comedy.”

        Typical. You describe it as “a horrible bit of eugenics based drivel” but make no effort to sustain that assertion.

        Why not simply call it “science” or “inconvenient truths”, accept it as such and work from there?

        Well, I reckon that that would be the right thing to do – it would be sensible, and thus politically incorrect as well as racist.

        All right then. If and when (and to be clear, I’m not urging anyone to do so) someone holds a gun to your head, at least you can take comfort in that the attacker propably had a bad childhood. Feel free to die (or at last getting threathened, insulted, beaten, robbed and/or raped) with relaxed nerves; perhaps even with a smile on your face.

      • But what about those statistics ? The cause cited in the original post may be pseudo-science but how does one account for the actual numbers ? What’s up with that ?

      • Kevin Says:

        Eugenics is a sound strategy. The science was perverted by the nazis. Properly administered, the human gene pool would be strengthened, and all races would benefit.
        Black American culture is the cause of all the ills of black Americans.

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Eugenics is not a sound strategy at all Kevin and black culture is not the cause of all the ills of black Americans. Thanks for playing.

      • David Says:

        So you are against Planned Parenthood and Abortion? (I don’t need to educate you on who started Planned Parenthood and why? Do I?)

    • Daniel Says:

      Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Everything you said here was uncomfortably true, but true nonetheless! Interracial rape, robbery, assault and murder is very much a black-on-white phenomenon and the truth needs to be told!!! Well done PDK!!!!!!!

  2. 121312

    Both the black and LMSM illusion, that whites have so terribly abused blacks, to the point where blacks cannot function in our culture due to said abuse forcing them so far down that everything is up to them, is so ingrained in the American psyche, most people believe it is the truth.

    So many times non-liberals fear the Gestapoed LMSM, the arm and fist of liberal ideology, so intensely, they will not, even knowing they are correct, stand up to said Gestapoed LMSM. Just let the BS fly high, and they warrant not, an aggressive attack by the GLMSM. However, here non-liberals aren`t simply afraid of the Gestapoed LMSM, they just cannot look at, and see, the truth about black dysfunction, that blacks are dysfunctional because they are incapable of higher culture creation and higher culture maintenance.

    Black, higher culture dysfunction is rooted in the black gene pools nature, more r selective, numbers over nurture, coupled with a shorter neotenous growth pattern, smaller brain production.

    Take the issue of slavery, truth be told, whites did not enslave blacks, blacks enslaved blacks. In fact, American whites liberated blacks, not once but twice from their own inherent proclivity to enslave their own kind. Their own kind being more a people who possess a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, than a black skinned people.

    In fact, because of the physically smaller, lower IQ the black gene pool produces, enslavement of their own kind comes naturally to the Negroid sub-species of human.

    Further, when the physically smaller, lower IQed black cerebrum comes in contact with a higher culture born of a people possessing a physically larger, higher IQed cerebrum, the natural proclivity to enslave their own transforms into a natural proclivity to parasitize those higher culture, capable people.

    Therefore in America, blacks pursue a parasite/host relationship with whites.

    However, for blacks, the parasite in the parasite/host phenomenon, the problem becomes one of surviving as a parasite because the host in a parasite/host relationship has a natural proclivity to cleanse their self from the deleterious effects of a parasite, by purging said parasite. In fact, here in America, the 13% solution of black parasite/white host, has worked for a sesquicentennial; however, we are a culture being transmogrified by other parasitic peoples, both Hispanics and Islamics, and as a host cannot survive with a much higher rate of parasitism than the 13% solution, so sayeth, or evidenced by, our current, 16+ trillion dollar debt.

    Protection is offered to these parasites by white liberals who, by a fully enfranchised democracy can achieve their superiority of power in government over non-liberal whites, the matured, with the aid of the parasites. For white liberals, the immature, selfish stupidity, and not sagacity, reigns their rather small, undeveloped psyche. The expense encountered being the liberals “brother’s keeper” is simply too high.

    Once again I can only muster my fellow non-liberal whites attention to the only viable solution that protects both the white race and white, Founding Father`s culture, secession. Secession from white liberals, blacks, Hispanics and Islamics, those who see parasitizing whites as their best solution, is the only solution, and further appears to have a limited window of opportunity. It is our duty to our posterity to begin action now by conditioning our minds to this reality.

    Further, and most unfortunately, all who imbibe the liberal ideological Kool-Aide, make clear their intention of forging a single gene pool and race from our current mutually exclusive gene pools.

    Most hideously, this will lower the white gene pools, bigger, better cerebrum while simultaneously increasing the other gene pools smaller, lesser cerebrum, which benefits their evolution at the expense of our evolution, no thanks.

    • David Says:

      You are confused what’s happened.
      Genetic culling was done during slavery, and thus this community of blacks was created on these shores. As generation after generation happen, that bread form of American Blacks goes away.

      This WAS create by whites, as a white I have enough brains to realize that’s what has happened. The question is, what’s the responsibility of whites today in this situation?

      Violence in even the black community has been going down for decades. Proof the gene pool is getting repaired to natural randomness. Unfortunately, Liberals have been successful in fighting this repair by allowing Black women to abort their children en-mass

      There is nothing “wrong” with the general black gene pool that was not created by actions in the past by white slave owners. How long will it take this to go away? How long will Racism in whites take to go away?

      It will never go away, but the percentages of them can be lowered to something we can ignore. We aren’t there yet, and how much longer it will take has more to do with the future financial success of our country than anything anyone will do.

  3. “Oh, that’s right most of these people are middle class and poor folks who need their jobs, cars and homes and very likely work for people who don’t share their beliefs on race, religion or politics in a corporate manner of speaking.”

    Excactly! You’ve understood it.

  4. For what it is worth:

    In the great wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers, the 2nd amendment inclusion into the Bill of Rights was to allow the people, the citizenry, to defend itself against a government body gone evil, where the governing body turns tyrannical. For when a governing body forgets their job is to serve the people, and begins to think the people should serve the governing body, as say King George the 3rd of the 18th century, or more recently with America’s liberal democrats, the people’s right to rise up and defend their unalienable rights, necessitates the opportunity of availing weaponry. Therefore, the right to keep and bear arms.

    American blacks by white standards are mildly retarded. African blacks by white standards are moderately retarded. The average IQs for whites is 100, for American blacks 85, for African blacks 70. There is, in my opinion, a correlation between gun responsibility and IQ. The IQ that fosters and promotes a lower, more tribal culture of personality is not up to the standard for firearms responsibility, but rather, only that of, at best, a Neolithic Stone Age culture’s weaponry, flint knives, stone headed spears, and bows and arrows.

    To compound and complicate these matters, blacks are members of the liberal/democrat alliance, which among other realities, promotes and protects immaturity amongst its constituents. For a lower IQed, immature, and of course, liberal/democrat black dolt, to be allowed a fire arm is both a travesty of our humanity, and of our higher, civilized culture.

    America’s liberal/democrats, want a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, just as do white liberals everywhere on planet Earth. America is being transmogrified into a microcosm of that intended manifestation. This achievement necessarily demands and/or intends for a single gene pool, where all gene pools are “milkshake blended” into one.

    White liberals are the cancer of the white race and gene pool. Blacks are the parasites of white culture and the white gene pool. They, along with the other members of the liberal/democrat alliance, intend to destroy our white, hard earned gene pool and higher civilized culture.

    Only secession by non-liberal whites, for non-liberal whites only, into an isolated enclave can prevent the American liberal/democrat alliance, and or white liberals globally, from totally annihilating the white race.

    The liberal democrat party is ostensively promoting gun safety by banning assault type weapons, but in reality is both beginning the dismantling of our Constitution and therefore Republic, and also disarming the citizenry from its Constitutionally given right to protect its unalienable rights from a tyrannical government attempting to conquer said citizenry.

    America’s yesteryear greatness came from our Founding Fathers, the capitalist and non-liberal white people, no one else. Further, all others simply want to ruin and parasitize.

    We the people…; secession, it is our destiny beckoning us on, Thank you.

    • We, Ourselves disagree with the original intent of the 2d amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment reads, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” That being understood in the context of the times reads clearly that the primary concern was not tyranny from within the newly formed nation state but tyranny from outside most notably from Great Britain the chief superpower in the world at the time. If it is the inalienable right of citizens to rise up against a tyrannical government then We take it that you would have supported the overthrow of racist state governments throughout the United States from Reconstruction until the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts? At no time in American history have a group been more oppressed that Native Americans and blacks since the arrival of whites to American shores.

      The notion that people are inferior intellectually based upon race is a argument only of those who have failed as Human Beings. The goal of life on Terra is not to succeed racially but to succeed as a species in concert with one another for the purpose of peace, with aspirations to the stars. To that end, Liberalism is the only means by which diversity can achieve its full power to elevate Mankind beyond tribalism and into a future of prosperity. In this you will likely certainly disagree with the Collective inasmuch as this path does not suit your chosen bigotry. The thought that there was any organic movement to destroy the white race [For what purpose We inquire?] is at best a fallacy and at worse a poison in the Water of Life.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Eugenics? Funny! You keep right on believing in that sort of nonsense and see where it gets you.

  5. […] Hell's opinion of the actions of the Living « PAUL KERSEY, OR WHY THE RIGHT WING BIGOTS WILL NEVER WIN […]

  6. sarahbloch Says:

    @ Harvey Hanna It’s Hellac and translates as “May you never suffer.”

  7. James Says:

    The important thing to remember about racial IQ differences is that they are based on overlapping bell curves. An “average” randomly-selected group of north-east Asian persons will score higher on an IQ tests than a similar group of Caucasians, while the Caucasians will score higher than a similar group of Negros.

    (BTW, If you don’t like the word “Negro,” complain to the scientists, not me. “African-American” is as silly as “Asian-American” because most North Africans are Caucasian as are West Asians.)

    So, while I’m Caucasian and have tested at higher than average IQ, I’m sure there are Negro physicists and mathematicians who test much higher than me.

    The problem is not so much the average intelligence level, but the fact that liberal policies have doomed the black family and destroyed the urban education system in the U.S. At least 70% of black children are born outside of marriage now, and have no father in the home. This is a direct unintended consequence of our welfare system, which allows an unwed mother to receive payments equivalent or greater than what she would make working. Before welfare became an entitlement in the 1960s, the rate of black marriage was comparable to rate in the nation as a whole – some articles say it was even greater.

    Liberal, democrat policies and teacher unionism have essentially destroyed the academic performance of black students in urban schools. The public schools in Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and many other high-percentage population black schools have some of the highest per-pupil taxpayer levels of funding (over $10,000/yr/pupil), but also the highest drop-out rates and lowest academic performance in the nation. Obama canceled the school voucher program in Washington D.C., which had been a great success for many black families. Democrats oppose school voucher programs everywhere because it reduces the power of the teachers union – one of their largest supporter/contributor groups.

    However, there is a larger problem in the so-called “black community.” This is a bizarre acceptance of the criminal “gansta” culture, which promotes not only criminality, but a terrible aggressive, angry, abusive, and uneducated life-style. Based on personal experience growing up in a high black population state, I would estimate that about three quarters of blacks in the U.S. accept or approve of this culture. The Justice Department statistics don’t lie. While young black males age 16-35 make up about 3% of the population, they commit approximately 50% of all violent crimes.

    Also, all you have to do is look at the high black population cities and states and look at what has happened. Detroit is obviously the best example of black Democrat policies and what they produce. The state of Illinois used to be a vibrant, economically stable state. Today it is mired in debt. Chicago is falling apart and in debt. Black criminals are not only destroying Chicago, but once wonderful down-state Illinois towns to which they migrated under Chicago’s “Plan for Transformation.” Many of the liberal whites in these towns now experience the violence first hand, shocked! shocked! that they would be attacked and beaten by the oppressed black who they championed.

    In looking at, the “Paul Kersey” website, I found that his posts are largely factual. There is not a lot of discussion of the low-IQ stuff and racial differences. It seems more based on the black CULTURE in the U.S. The point that liberals don’t understand is that there is a terrible sickness in this black culture in the U.S. now that promotes criminal violence against people of all other races. (In one town where I lived, black thugs often targeted east Asian students, because they thought that they were the least likely to offer resistance. In another, they went after Mexican farm workers for the same reason.)

    I try to treat all people that come across as individuals. However, throughout my life I have found that about 80% of the black people that I have worked with, gone to school with, or just come across in daily living are aggressively racist, obnoxious, dishonest, or outright criminals. And that is very sad for the other 20% who have been trying to live good lives like most of the rest of us. The average non-black person now MUST profile black people on the street if they want to survive.

    Since Obama became president there have been THOUSANDS of racist attacks by young male and female blacks on people of other races. There are cases where they have set elderly people ON FIRE to murder them. In Chicago, black criminal mobs routinely terrorize tourists and beach-goers and invade. (See the Second City Cop blog for details – run by police officers.) “The knock-out game” is common in large cities, where a thug will pick out an innocent person and sucker punch them – often resulting in serious head injuries when they it the cement. These incidents have almost never made the national news. There are dozens of websites documenting these cases with links to local news stories. “Black on other race” violence is out of control.

    I understand where liberals are coming from because I was one growing up. But you need to live in the world as it is, not in a silly hoped-for Marxist utopia that will never be. The country is mired in debt, businesses and whole industries are failing or moving overseas, families are falling apart. Liberal policies are nice in theory but they have not worked, except for brief periods in tiny ethnically-homogeneous countries. (For evidence, see what is happening in Northern Europe today.) In particular to the subject, liberal social welfare programs (without the requirement of work) and racial preferences have been a disaster for blacks in the U.S. and are a perfect illustration of the Law of Unintended Consequences – a law that liberals refuse to understand.

    I hope that you are never attacked by a group of black thugs and beaten, raped, and robbed. That has happened to thousands of people over the Obama years. Just this week, three murders of whites by blacks have finally made the national news, including the beating death of an 88-year-old veteran. He was clubbed to death with heavy flashlights in a parking lot. If you ever are attacked by the common black criminal mob (and survive) , you will finally understand. If you live in an urban area were there are black criminals and want you want to survive, get a gun and a concealed-carry license and learn how to use it. If that is too much for the liberal mind to accept, carry a large cannister of pepper spray and take a REAL self defense course like Krav-Maga, not some martial arts nonsense where you bow and kneel.

    One more thing. Open your eyes to the reality of politics. Obama has been a disaster for blacks in the US. The black unemployment rate is not higher that it has ever been and urban black areas are crumbling. Most lIberals are living in a “Matrix-type” political universe, where they can’t see the forest for the trees surrounding them. (I was that way.) Start reading about our real constitutional history and learning out of your liberal comfort zone and give up your stereotypes of the “right -wing.” Real conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are libertarians – ANTI-totalitarians – and the opposite of “right-wing.” Rand Paul and Ted Cruz stood for hours in the Senate fighting to get Obama and Holder to concede that they could not kill you on American soil without a trial.

    • Daniel Says:

      What a magnificent post!!!!

      • qweqwe2wqwweq Says:

        The same can’t be said of PDK’s posts. What a crazed autistic nutcase. I mean, I’m a hereditarian and all, but the stuff that guy spews is just embarrassing. I really loved how he claimed there was a strong inverse correlation between penis and head size, neverminding the fact Rushton’s data on penis size is shoddy and what data exists shows minimal differences in size between blacks and whites. Rushton’s stuff carried predictive validity, but there’s plenty of shoddy data and theorizing, and it’s helped give birth to retards like PDK.

  8. Frank Says:

    Schwartz you are the typical libtard to be found in the MSM. I have to tell you though the tides are changing. Many people of all races are very much growing tired of negros and their violence and rioting
    PK has turned many people into racial realists.

    • We, Ourselves, opine that Kersey has done nothing more than commiserate with and offer comfort to people who were already bigots.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Frank, I’m tired of anyone rioting, anywhere. The truth is bigotry won’t solve a problem created by bigotry in the first place. Opportunities exist for some, but not for all. Corporations sit on trillions of dollars while the black unemployment rate rises. Now I would be a liar if I said some people just don’t want to work but when you consider that some of these poor people have come to a point of frustration with their somewhat self created lot I have to start asking questions. The first one I have asked in the past is why don’t the white poor riot? Well for one good reason is they are rarely profiled and oppressed by law enforcement that sees their race as a crime. Next I would offer that white poor people are a bit more comfortable in their poverty that the black poor. And finally the white poor has more outlets to assure that their children don’t grow up to be like their parents via education and job opportunities. Answering some of the questions, not simply confronting the situation with result negative bigotry, could solve a problem that had held America back for centuries.

    • Kevin Says:

      Damn tootin’!!

  9. Stan d Mute Says:

    I am impressed that you didn’t censor “Paul Kersey’s” comments. That is atypical for leftists. I’ll also say that “Kersey” is one of the absolute worst writers in the blogosphere. When he started, his writing was literally painful to endure. He cannot spell, cannot operate spellcheck, uses words he only vaguely knows the meaning of, and his grammar is horrible. He also repeats himself. Today, it looks like he has some editing help. I saw a piece at VDare that had obviously been reworked extensively by Brimelow or someone else more talented.

    Still, you don’t have to be a good writer to be correct. Facts matter. And the facts are: subsaharan africans have smaller brains than whites or Asians. Subsaharans (SSA) have much lower IQs and a differently shaped bell curve. SSAs never developed a written language or system of mathematics. SSAs have invented not a single component of 21st Century life. SSAs, in every nation including those with virtually zero whites or Asians, have violent crime rates vastly higher than those of other races. SSAs in America commit 51% of all murders. SSAs rape tens of thousands of white women for every one SSA woman raped by a white male. SSAs assault and rob whites between 8 and 30 times more often than the reverse. SSAs have a shorter gestation than whites who have a shorter gestation than Asians. Rates of maturation both physical and mental follow the same course. Brain structure, not just size, is different enough among the three groups as to be recognizable on inspection. Likewise, skeletons are also easily identifiable. SSAs are separated from whites and Asians by between 70,000-100,000 years of different evolutionary selection pressures. SSAs are the only population with zero genetic contribution from Neanderthal and/or Denisovan Homo sapiens. West African SSAs are particularly adapted for short distance running, East African SSAs are adapted to long distance running, and whites are adapted to upper body strength – this is so apparent that the Olympic Gold Medalists in track & field events haven’t deviated from the model in decades.

    Races exist. Thinking of them as “sub-species” is helpful for clarity. These races are very different in physical and mental abilities. These differences manifest themselves in social and cultural behaviors. Personality is every bit as heritable as intelligence, height, hair and eye color. Facts are not “racist” or “bigoted.”

    Group traits do not define individuals. Any given individual may be completely like his group or unlike it. Group traits are, however, very valuable when looking at GROUPS. You cannot look at any individual SSA and know he is or isn’t a rapist. But you CAN look at ten million SSAs and predict with great accuracy the number of rapists in the group. This is the predictive power of statistical analysis and the foundation of science.

    All groups and all individuals have inherent value as human beings. Whites have the same right to life and self-determination that Asians or SSAs have. No group or individual has any right to any behavior that infringes the rights of any other group or individual.

    Kersey is correct in pointing out that inter-racial crime is almost entirely SSA against whites and Asians. Every single hour of every single day, SSAs are assaulting, robbing, raping, and murdering whites and Asians. SSAs are also vastly over-represented on welfare roles and in production of fatherless children. None of this is acceptable in a high functioning Western society. Whites and Asians absolutely have a right to object to being victimized by SSA crime and welfare dependency, just as SSAs would be right to object if the roles were reversed.

    For a century or more, leftists have claimed to have the answers to SSA crime and social pathology. Yet today it is worse than ever with 70% of SSA children having no father in the home, cities like Baltimore setting records for number of murders committed, and 94% of Detroit schoolchildren lacking proficiency in reading and math despite the highest per student spending on education in the State. None of this is disputed, but if a putative white like “Kersey” objects (even if crudely), he is shouted down as “racist” or “bigot” as if whites are not permitted the fundamental human rights of other groups. Inexplicably, even the Asian victims of SSA crime and violence are denied a voice in objecting to victimization.

    I don’t have definite answers to the facts we all know. But it’s clear things are not getting better and that if nothing is done tens of thousands of innocent white and Asian women will be raped, thousands of white and Asian men will be murdered, and future generations of the productive will be enslaved to pay for policy failures today. Since nobody can point to a single example of “diversity” or “multiculturalism” producing social cohesion or benefit, perhaps it is time to restore what nature created? Before whites and East Asians entered SSA, there was zero SSA victimization of whites or Asians (just as there was no imposition of then universal social pathology like slavery on the SSAs). Whether we “like” this idea or not, the fact is that it would save tens of thousands of innocent white and Asian women from the horror of rape, save thousands of white and Asian males from being murdered, save countless innocent children from having parents brutalized or murdered, and all while allowing each group the freedom to pursue their dreams and aspirations to the limits of their ability without interference from an alien group.

    Or do you have no problem with tens of thousands of innocent women being raped each year? Do you support the brutal murder of thousands of innocent men? Do you applaud enslaving children yet unborn to pay for the comforts of those who refuse to work today?

    • We, Ourselves of The Collective find your journey into eugenics laughable.

    • Tracy Says:

      Convenient that after all imperialist goals are met, after European conquest and subsequent usurping of the land and resources-including slave labor which was exported all over the Americas-
      We should suggest re segregation. I’d ask who has benefited, and would benefit more, but who can answer honestly among us?

      • Robin Naismith Green Says:

        Tracy few if any among the Living can answer honestly.

  10. Jan Bartunek Says:

    I came to this country at the age of 11.
    Having grown up in a country with a very small black population I came here with no racism in my heart.
    I actually felt bad for the blacks, because of the history of slavery.
    I’d say I became racist in less then 2 weeks of living in a mostly non white Brooklyn neighborhood.
    Over the years I have looked at the black problem from every angle trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.
    I am almost 40 now and my dislike for this race as a whole has only grown.
    This is not do to hearsay, only my experiences.
    Many say there’s something wrong with people that are racist.
    I beg to differ. I’ll go as far as to say that if you are not racist in 2016 there is something wrong with you.
    I am not nearly as eloquent as others on here, just hope to get my point across. Wake up people… Those crime statistics don’t lie.
    ps. Screw animosity. I go and read some of these posts/replies and many are signed off anonymous. Stop being scared to say what’s really on your mind.
    Sincererly, Jan L. Bartunek

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Sorry to hear this Jan. Hopefully you’ll live long enough for time travel to be invented and you can go live out your dream as a proud German citizen circa 1945.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Would you dislike people who harass, murder, rape, steal, and assault you? And if those people were disproportionately of a certain type, would you not feel foolish if you did put up a psychological defense, as well as a physical one? Or would you be one of those definitions of insane: doing the same thing over and over, getting the same result, and doing it over and over, expecting a different result?
        You really don’t listen, you don’t look, and you don’t think. You just recite.

  11. Larruy Says:

    Blacks fuck up everything they touch. Look at the massive decline of every city in the US where they have taken over the local government. Look at South Africa or any nation in Africa after the Brits pulled out.

  12. MonkeySeeMonkeyDo Says:

    Whites create the greatest civilizations.Blacks are despots and illiterate morons.They have no idea how to govern.They think every other civilized peoples owes them a living because evolution left them behind.Evolution left them behind for a reason.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      And oh how easy it was for them, these white people all powerful and all capable, creating all of these great civilizations all by themselves! The Mayans had a civilization, so did the Aztecs. The Empire of Ghana was one of the most advanced civilizations in the world during the European Dark Ages. Dare I even state the Native American civilizations that lived in harmony with nature until the arrival of Europeans in the 16th Century? I cannot absolve you of your failures if you are poor and regretful and I cannot absolve you for you bigotry and stupidity if you are a man of wealth.

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