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Throughout human history there have been ebbs and flows in an illusory condition known as prosperity. As a historian I take note of the misery that befell Europe in the 11th and 12th Centuries due to the fear of disease. I also take note of the Great Slump of the 1920s and 30s a great global Depression on Terra that cost millions of lives and affected the livelihoods of billions. To have an understanding of how people respond to the difficulties of prosperity’s removal one has to go back to the fundamental elements of human organization—the tribe.

My species, Homo sapiens sapiens is remarkable in that it not only determined, like many animals, that organizing into hierarchical groups provided for a great likelihood of survival, but that these groups could be organized to create comfort and prosperity for a tribe at the expense of others. No other species on Terra does this with the brutal effectiveness that is brought to bear by Homo sapiens sapiens because of the nature of tribal organization and the prize being offered for being at the top of the tribal pyramid. At the top of the tribal pyramid of course is wealth, better mating choices and healthier food. Those material things are all covered under the rubric of “Comfort.” This is the blanket upon which the true golden prize rests—Power.

Power allows for a tribe, which can be identified in many ways by actions or attributes, to control, or for lack of a better phrase, sociologically subjugate, another not merely out of militant anger but for profit and comfort. This economic profit and psychological comfort has a value to all members of the tribe that is in power, no matter their station in life, and is distributed in as unequal a manner as possible—randomly. It may appear that some of the least educated and least worthy individuals lay claim to this power and, using the United States from the post-Reconstruction era to the election of Barack Obama as an example, have used it to take lives, restrict freedoms and to entrench the elites of their tribe in their places at the trough from which this Power flows. The operative word in that statement is “claim.”

I have been asked to apply my ideas to the current socio-political situation in the United States. Never in history was their ever a more fertile soil in which to plant, grow and harvest the innumerable reactions that tribes used to prosperity and Power resulting from that prosperity being reduced to common comfort and the Power being taken away altogether. The TEA Party is a reaction to the tumult caused in the economy by the thievery of elite bankers [ another tribal discussion for another time] and the tribal war seared fear that remains in the minds of millions of adults over the age of 65 of people who are not members of the tribe known simply as “white.”

A common and juvenile mistake is often made by laymen and journalists alike in trying to consider the people who share a general commonality of melanin deficiency as a “race” or worse as a cultural monolith. People who are considered “white” are as culturally, economically, religiously and politically as diverse as Negroes, Latinos or Asian people. The fallacy of race in this case tends to stop the discussions of what the words mean and how they are used to further burden other tribes. “White” is a tribe when it relates to being anything other than “Black.” The word descriptor itself is used to offer choices to the minds of the observer: good over evil, work over laziness, romance over rape, honor over dishonor, purity over filth; I could go on in this way for quite some time. The end result is that the same as has been said and can be attributed to social scientists throughout the last century, the need to be called opposite humanity’s worst traits is a perceived Power multiplier down the social scale for the people who consider themselves to be, and are accepted as, “white.”

What is taking place in America today involves a tribe within the tribe of those “whites.” These people I call “resistors” are those who are literally insulators against progress and change. They are by no means a minority within the tribe of people that have self anointed as “white.” You know these people as uber-religious, easily frightened and illiterate in the matters of other cultures or other tribes and how their cultural narrative is harmonically similar to their own. Top these “resistors” their failings are seen as tradtions and their successes are often credited to a mystery God that has poured out his affection to them. Resistors do not and will not change their values because they are “chosen.” “Resistors” will not bargain with other tribes choosing to tolerate them instead within a multicultural milieu like the United States. They are not racists generally because they have little power directly other than that of a business they own themselves or of a town in which they may hold some law enforcement position. However, their actions on behalf of their tribe, socially, makes most of them bigots. For the most part these “Resistors” are harmless but there are those among them that are violent, vocal and vicious.

I had the pleasure recently of dining with the Editor-in-Chief of this paper and his lovely wife. This article that I was writing became a topic of discussion and some of the theories that I have as to why you see such a vocal outpouring of resistance from the “Resistors” manifest itself once again as it did during the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s. In the times of the Neanderthal Man, when the able men would go out to hunt in lean times, the women in the tribe that were bound by the most power hunters, the elites, would tell tales of horrible tribes of “others” that would slaughter their men and then come back to take over the tribe if harm ever came to the top hunters. The people who were frightened by those stories of subjugation, hunger, brutal slavery, rape and child murder in those times at fireside are little different from the people who know nothing of what is being debated in the American Congress today except that some tribal elite, on Fox News, instilled some manner of fear in their hearts. “The other is coming to take your children, to steal your possessions to overthrow the status quo—Resist!” This is what they hear the facts no longer matter only their comfort and their perception that by their nature they are endowed by God to possess Power.

Kenton Hill, Order of the Quartz Heart [Eng.], ArF. Soc.,
Santayana Chair of Torture History
at the Universijte Di Dis
Chief Historian,
Office of the Torturer General
196 High Lux Negro 2 AS


  1. Anita Says:

    Wow. Great to see you guys are still working away in Hell!! Thought Iost you. “I’ll be back.”

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Nope just moved to WordPress a few years ago. Good to see you again!

      [q c p n!]

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