That post tile is something I never thought I would ever write, but there it is. Karl Rove is more than desperate to save the GOP from the TEA Party conservatives that are threatening to turn the Congress into a Progressive holding for the next forty years. Rove has gone beyond the exasperation of running against President Obama in 2012 and his coalition of blacks, young white Progressives, the GLBTQ bloc, Latinos, women and the 47% not included in any of those demographics, to a beneficial honesty about what the establishment GOP needs to do to attract voters from those groups.

teaparty demographics

Rove realizes that the Aikens, the Mourdochs and the O’Donnells of the conservative political spectrum are strychine. The political grandmaster on the Right also knows that the Allen Wests and Nia Longs of the world are an insult to millions of middle class minorities who in their own daily lives and beliefs are more conservative than the President her served is or ever will be. Now I don’t get to say this very often but having a Progressive majority in both houses of the US Congress for the short term, say from 2014 until 2024 would be monumentally more pleasant for those who want real progress from their government. Having that reign run until 2054 is downright dangerous. If there’s one thing I know about American politics it’s that the pendulum is sharp and never cuts in only one direction.


Six years, ago on this date, Karl Rove was the darling of the Republican Party and Progressives cheered when he resigned from his duties at the White House later in 2007. At that point in history he might have run a close second to being the most despised right wing political voice in America behind Rush Limbaugh. Today, he is hated in a new quarter and that quarter is in his own political house. The TEA Party Patriots have even gone to that lowest point in political discourse calling Rove a Nazi.


So the battle lines now have been drawn in the brewing civil war between the Establishment and the TEA Party for the right to the ownership of a ship that is on fire and has several holes in its hull at the waterline with broken masts in a raging perfect storm thousands of miles from land. Literally, the Hand of Fate would have to descend on that scene to save the ship from utter destruction. Karl Rove, I believe is that hand.


Sarah Palin at the height of her post election campaign fame was the Walmart® of politcians. Palin never wanted to be President; she wanted to turn a profit. Fortunately for her, she lives in the greatest corporatocracy and marketing driven nation in the history of Terra. In the nine months after resigning from the governorship in Alaska Palin pocketed a staggering 12 million dollars. Nine million of that came from her nine episode stint on The Learning Channel starring in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. This juggernaut of profit fueled by the misguided ideas of people who cannot think for themselves is what Karl Rove is up against.


Now, of course, Rove has a mighty arsenal, both politically and intellectually, at his disposal as well, but barbs about the massive failures that American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, Rove’s PACs suffered in the 2012 elections coming from Palin is a broadside that deepens the rift between the Establishment which is trying to rebrand the GOP and the TEA Party which is trying to destroy it as a parasite from the inside out. Parasites often don’t realize that by killing the host they kill themselves as well.

Many would call Karl Rove 3.0 a refreshing hope for the GOP. That take generally comes from well heeled Establishment Republicans. Those in the TEA Party allied with Palin just want Rove to go off into the sunset of retirement to be remembered as someone who manufactured the transition for Bush II’s soft conservatism of decidership to the new age of right wing social issue pushes to “take back their country!”


Rove in his speech to the California Republican Party just over two weeks ago preached diversity and a massive ground game to get to the people whose votes Republican candidates will need in the future, i.e., Latinos, blacks and white women between 18 and 35. Now the Conservative Victory Project, Rove’s latest foray aims to do this and more. The goal of the CVP is, in Rove’s own words, “to weed out the Akins and O’Donnells” in future primaries. Most would think this is a good idea for a party out of touch with so many voter groups. Not the TEA Party, oh no. They want to double down on things like legitimate rape and seem even more to the right on social issues than anyone the Establishment would dare to counter with.

In the end the GOP likely will become a regional party made up of moderates that resonate with some Latinos and white women in the northeast and the midwest. The TEA Party will hold power in some state legislatures in the South and will win a few seats in Congress as they did in 2012. Overall, however, neither will be able to field a viable candidate for the presidency in the near term. With all the buzz about Jeb Bush he doesn’t poll very well, two years out from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s announcement she’s running, against the former first lady. And then there’s the curious case of Texas which will be the final tipping point for the GOP. If they lose a major race in this state, say for governor, to the Democrats that will signal and end to the GOP as we know it today. Nineteen months from now this race will take place and if the Latino vote and the women’s vote go the way I think it will this race could finish the establishment on the right for the foreseeable future. No, Texas, no White House for the GOP in a generation.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Diane Valencen, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.], ArF J., M.F.
Editorial Page Editor
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
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