The title of this post could have been “We need another B word.” Conservatives tried, and failed miserably I might add, to negate the credibility of the sitting President of the United States of America by stating that his birth certificate was either fake or that Hawaii wasn’t a state when he was born there or that he was born in Kenya. A number of fake Obama birth certificates were floated about in the run up to the 2008 election and after. Once again this lie was a miserable failure at keeping President Obama from becoming elected –twice.

Mideast Libya US

Today there is a new B word floating around out there in the wonderfully delusional world of conservative conspiracy theories–Bengahzi. Despite all the commentary from the right on the Internet to the contrary I am one Progressive blogger who wants to talk about Benghazi. At one point after the attack that cost America the lives of four of its citizens in Libya most notably of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens there was a rumor circulating among conservative bloggers on the Internet that Ambassador Stevens had been raped before or after his death depending on which source you stumbled across. This rumor was circulated to get the maximum political effect out of a tragedy, or as conservatives accuse Progressives, they did not want any crisis to go unexploited for political gain. Keep in mind this happened on the conservative high holy day of 11 September which was a scant seven weeks before the presidential election.

To conservatives this was their Holy Grail; this attack and the death of an American ambassador would surely tip the scales . . . Well, actually, no. Benghazi wasn’t the driving issue of the 2012 home stretch to the plebiscite. The economy and how Mitt Romney viewed 47% of the electorate was the big story coupled with how poorly GOP candidates could articulate their positions on women’s reproductive rights. Six days after the Benghazi attack, the 47% video came to light and swept the story out of the headlines. The debate now wasn’t about an Obama weak on foreign policy but a GOP candidate that panders to rich donors at the expense of half the American population. And still, Ann Romney cried when they lost Florida? You mean she couldn’t see this coming?


Now the conservative far right that has hijacked the GOP is doubling down because there is a dot on the far political horizon. If you squint you can just make out the female form of the dot and see the color of the skirt and the blond hair. That dot on the horizon is Hillary Rodham Clinton, the 45th President of the United States. I’m here to offer some medicine to the conservatives that are going all in on Benghazi to try to tear down Ms Clinton. Nobody cares. It’s really that simple people, this was a tragedy and it should have never happened but this single failure doesn’t disqualify Hillary Clinton as the leader in the 2016 race. This time racial bigotry, all the far right has to get its aging base off their couches and to the polls in many rural areas, will not work. The conservatives feel that “Clinton fatigue” will send their voters out in the same predicted droves that the fear of a second Obama term was supposed to energize their base. Didn’t happen in 2012 and it won’t happen in 2016.

hindsight 2146

In Hindsight
There’s just not enough critical mass to the Benghazi attack to make it resonate for moderates and minorities to move from the Left to the Right. Hillary Clinton ranks very high among former Secretaries of State and will make a formidable opponent for whomever takes her on in 2016 both within the Democratic Party and in the general election. By this point in 2016 none of us here at The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork will be talking about birth certificates, Kenya, a candidates religion or any of the wasteful fluff that has to be refuted when the Right pries open its AM radio and Internet maws to tell a lie. This time will be different yet the same. So go right on ahead conservatives bet on that pair of 8s you have and give me that high faith steely pokerface. I’m holding two aces, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on the campaign trail for Hillary in 2016. This is what your 2016 results are going to look like if the GOP isn’t allowed to rid itself of the far right extremists that demand conservative purity and demand that those they deem unworthy of the title “true conservative” have to be drummed from the GOP. Even though it may be too late to save the GOP from the TEA Party it’s worth a shot because all of their ideas aren’t bad. The so called conservative base, the AM radio right wing talking heads and the KNow Nothing social moralists who want their country back are the cancer that will kill the GOP, not the far Left or socialism or even President Obama. Good night and good luck.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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