This quote from Blogs4Victory writer Mark Noonan in the comments section of a recent post:

That is where you’re doomed – you want “racial minorities”. I want all of those of my fellow Americans who think our public schools suck – a lot of these people happen to black, white, Latino, what have you. I want all those of my fellow Americans who think that marriage is between one man and one woman – a lot of these people happen to be black, white, Latino, what have you. I want all those of my fellow Americans who think that the people on the local level should decide how the government money gets spent, rather than bureaucrats at Town Hall, State Capital or DC – a lot of these people happen to be black, white Latino, what have you.

To our great distress, we signed off large segments of the population – but now we’re going to go everywhere and tell everyone what we believe. Will this get us 50% of the black vote in 2016? No. But even 20% destroys you – that’s right, casper, you can get 8 in 10 African American voters and we’ll crush your party at the polls in a landslide of epic proportions. Latinos – will we get more than 50% in 2016? No. But even 40% destroys you – that’s right, casper, you can get 6 in 10 Latino voters and we’ll crush your party at the polls in a landslide of epic proportions.

We’re going there, casper…we’re going to go in to those blue hell holes your side has created and offer them something different.

As if the scathing autopsy of the failure of the GOP in the last election wasn’t enough you have here Mark Noonan an ardent champion of conservative distributism admitting what the problem is with his party, leaping over the solution to his party’s problems and then realizing that he has the power to destroy the very thing he values the most–conservatism. If I may be allowed to address Mr Noonan and all of the like thinking conservatives in America for one brief moment.


The train has left the station and you’re not on it. What Noonan has written is wishful thinking. He wished in ’08 and he didn’t get his wish. He wished in ’12 and he didn’t get his wish. Why didn’t the GOP move more toward Latinos and blacks, gays and Asians in 2009 after being soundly defeated by Barack Obama? That’s because those demographic groups aren’t welcome in the GOP and those demographic groups don’t generally feel welcome in the GOP no matter their economic class. There’s your problem with just racial minorities Mark Noonan we haven’t even begun to talk about how you need to address single women under the age of 35. That’s another topic for another time.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
201 Low Lux Negro 2 AS


  1. mitchethekid Says:

    Good for you Sarah! And thanks for being a B4V friend. Feel free to defend me any time you want. It will piss off most of the natives there; few as they are.
    I have been a regular poster there since it’s inception as a totem to GWB, but within the past few days I decided to take a different approach. I noticed that Cluster was saying things that seemed to be more reasonable so I did my best to befriend him. I think I have been successful. As you may have noticed, he and I have found some common ground on issues, who we respect as comedians and who we scoff at as representatives of reactionary conservatism. i.e $arah Payme. Frankly, my ultimate goal is to have this Neo person shamed, humiliated and ultimately banned. A few yrs ago I used to taunt him by calling him Rumplestiltskin but i don’t think he knew anything about that Fairy story. Amazona is another denizen whom I’d like to see a psychological profile on. The words she uses to negatively portray posters (such as us) and her obsession with spelling, syntax and etiology is quite revealing; IMO.
    Anyway, just thought I’d say hello and to thank you. BTW, I enjoy the nakedness here. I have always been a huge fan of the female figure.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Mitch the pleasure is all mine. Fighting the culture wars is what I do but things are changing in America so swiftly that many here where I dwell feel that the war is won already and it’s time for our side to have a parade. To those people I say not so fast. Neocon1 is the sort of guy that many Progressives encounter here in digital spaces. They would never say any of the things they write in comments at B4V in public. The kerfuffle that arose around his email being found at a “watersports” site sent him scurrying into the dark corners of B4V for a few hours before coming out with more baseless threats. I agree he should be shamed at every turn, but to ban him would violate his right to free speech. That’s important here I WANT conservatives to have a megaphone where they can spray their archaic ideas out onto the fire of political discourse. Note how well that worked for Messrs Akin and Mourdoch? If we can keep them talking for another decade and they continue to dig deeper into that pit of bigotry and misogyny time will cull their base around 2030 and the replacement rate of “young conservatives” just isn’t high enough to keep up with the rise in Progressive youth, the Latina vote and the votes of college educated whitw women under the age of 30.

      A supermajority in both houses of Congress for the Democrats by 2020 with the GOP being bypassed in their House numbers by the new Christian Conservatives Party which will form after the 2016 victory of the Democrats in a landslide.

  2. mitchethekid Says:

    What kerfuffle? And what email address? I am most interested in learning more. I did notice that my post about his wife telling me he stopped beating her was erased as was my post calling him a reptile and complimenting him on his heels and AR. I guess they don’t appreciate sarcasm. Or reality! Looking forward to your response..

  3. mitchethekid Says:

    What do you think would happen if one of us simply posted his friends name, Joseph Gerlach III; or what ever it is? Or asked who is bill @ aol? (Complete address of course.)

    • sarahbloch Says:

      I honestly don’t know mitch considering Gerspach died in South Vietnam in 1967. That would be interesting though. Neocon never really denied that it was his email address and Gerlach by way of email confirmed that this was Neocon1. His business was tied to the same email address and I cannot imagine why anyone would post as Neocon1 in such a room so far back ago before any of us knew who he was.

      As you can see it’s still there:

  4. mitchethekid Says:

    Well, I didn’t know his friend was killed. To type his name just to enrage Neo is just to cruel for me. I am a Vietnam vet myself, although none of “those people” believe me. I flew recon missions and made a mistake once that resulted in the deaths of a few Americans. It is something that I rarely talk about, but a few yrs ago I was trying to be nice and find some common ground so we could have; you know, an actual conversation. I had been drinking a bit and I told them the story. This explains why they call me “Bomber Boy”. Such a creative insult.
    But I think I will say something about a wm in tampa and a billj1998.
    I don’t gamble, but I’ll be willing to bet good ole’ Neo will explode!
    I suppose the good news with folks like them is that they are a minority. Representative perhaps of how far too many people think, but a minority none-the-less. They can’t stop the inertia of political and social change and instead of being smart about it, they resort to their reptilian brain stems and mindlessly, violently and with a profound absence of forethought and reflection, just lash out. The very struggle makes it worse. Like being in quicksand. It must be a part of evolution. Neanderthals, for all their artistic creativity and rising consciousness died out too. Cro-Magnon’s were just better tool makers. And here we are today!

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Point taken Mitch. And well played at B4V btw. They’ve blocked me from commenting because: 1) I’ve made an ass of Mark Noonan here in this space and they’ve read it yet again 2) They are afraid they’ll openly say something bigoted and not be able to erase it 3) They are tired of looking like the bigots they are by not being able to engage us with ideas [which is why they don’t come here to debate.]

    • anonymous Says:

      Tell me mitch, what is responsible for more Americans’ deaths – neo’s alledged pee fetish or your utter incompetence?

      You fit right in with these losers.

      • Tell me anonymous, who that you have ever known has escaped Death? Is this not the one thing Human Beings can be certain of if they ever live?

      • We, Ourselves, do not understand why dialogue you consider bigoted and anti-Christian is deleted from Blogs4Victory. Would not that make The Collective and the other contributors here appear to be exactly what you say We are? But, of course, Neocon you have no say in what can and cannot remain posted there because from the same censorship there as We, Ourselves, do. Do not you find it curious that the Liberals would give you an open forum to say anything you wish without editing or censorship while the freedom and Constitution loving Conservatives make words disappear like something from Stalin’s time in the Soviet Union?

  5. mitchethekid Says:

    They’ve blocked me as well. Although it doesn’t last to long I’ve noticed. Sometimes they just selectively block certain posts. Like when I hit a nerve or belittle Jeremiah the supreme Christianist. I’m sure with all of your skills you can figure out to way to get around said block, can’t you? I did make a post to billj1998 and his desire to get urinated on. Don’t know if they will pick up on it or not. Or maybe we can just email ole’ billj and see what happens!

  6. Back in the Day Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about cluster, Mitch. If you’ve been checking that site since the early days, you’ll remember that even back when cluster was neocon (and neocon01, aka Bill J. “Pee On Me” Logan, was fmrmarine), he was an emotionally unstable, highly fragile little twit. He was–and still is, obviously–puffed up on bullshit bravado when he was–and still is–clearly chickenshit. He loves to talk tough about how he’ll crush “you libs” in a debate, but as soon as the debate starts, he runs away in hysterics. And his meltdowns!

    Here he is threatening to file false charges of child molestation against Casper:

    And here he is claiming he’s going to fly to NYC to murder a poster named Nietzsche-Is-Peachy:

    He’s pretty pitiful, really. Not Bill Logan pitiful, but still…pretty pitiful.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      I was around in those days but somehow missed or forgot these events. If I thought it was worth it I would protest to the new leaders of B4V but I’d rather hove those idiots keep talking right up until the end of conservatism than have them whining how this blog took them down. And Back in the Day thank you and yes Bill Logan is pathetic

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