TERRA, [incapacitated due to refusal OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DEFENDANT to become signatory to the International Criminal Court at ‘s Gravenhague], ex rel, HELL v. United States, [Citigroup, Halliburton d/b/a Kellogg, Brown and Root, Bechtel, Fluor, Parsons, Custer Battles, Blackwater USA, the American Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney, Donald Henry Rumsfeld, Andrew Hill Card, Junior , Karl Christian Rove, Stephen John Hadley, John David Ashcroft, Michael DeWayne Brown, Michael Chertoff, Alberto Gonzales, Lurita Alexis Doan, David S. Addington, Karen Parfitt Hughes, Kyle Dustin Foggo, Porter Johnston Goss, John Dimitri Negroponte, Michael John Gerson, Mary Joe Matalin, Peter Pace, Nicholas E. Calio, Robert Blackwill, Irving Lewis Libby, Lewis Paul Bremer the Third, Ari Shapiro, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Luther Powell, Gale Ann Norton, Richard Lee Armitage, Frances M. Fragos Townsend, Doctor James Clayton Dobson, Monica Marie Goodling, Julie L Myers, Thomas Joseph Ridge, Paul Dundes Wolfowitz, Dan Bartlett, George John Tenet, Robert Bruce Zoellick, Harriet Myers, Dov S. Zakheim, Douglas J. Feith, George Pratt Schultz,] et al., [38094 Serratoth 182] 2 AS.

During the month of August 2002 Current Era [C.E.] the Bush administration concerned about the situation within the Republic of Iraq vis-à-vis the flow of oil in relation to the rest of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries [OPEC] and the potential for these daily oil extractions to be priced in Euros [€] , convened a council called the White House Iraq Group. Chief of Staff Andrew card was tasked with creating a strategy by which a casus belli could be offered to the American people. Saddam Hussein al Tikriti, the de facto and de jure governmental authority in Iraq and the only Soul which could possibly initiate harm or threaten the United States from within the confines of the city of Baghdad, was effectively in a political and military trap from which there was no escape. This trap was set for a variety of reasons the Bush administration has not been overtly concerned with keeping covert. The close relationship of major petroleum gathering concerns to both Bush and Cheney and, by association, the goals and the agenda of their first and second terms in office, defined the path to war with Iraq, but was not the sole of even the chief casus belli.

The Crown Fiery would like to establish that the war in Iraq was initiated for manifold reasons but the sole consideration for deceiving the American people into thinking that Saddam Hussein was seeking to develop the weapon they most fear, thermonuclear devices of yields greater than 1 megaton was the need to secure, destroy and control the estimated 50 billion pages of documents within the Baath Party archives and in Saddam Hussein’s personal archives. Adrift in this blizzard of information are the few thousands of snow flakes that detail the depths of complicity of the American government in the Iraq Iran War of 1980-89 C.E., in atrocities that took place in Iraq shortly after the Gulf War of 1992 and the building raft of intelligence gathered by the Iraqi government on US special operations forces using Iraq as a staging area into the Islamic Republic of Iran. Faced with the public display of the contents and far reaching meaning of said documents and the opening of the window of fear provided by the events of September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington, D.C., the Bush administration did the only thing it could: manufacture information of the growing and imminent threat of Saddam Hussein as a global force for terrorist aims and mass death and destruction, promote the goal of invasion with the full weight of the Oval Office and to meet any and all opposition to the plans for invasion with character assassination, smear tactics and even criminal activity couched in patriotism.

Weighed against these facts, the corner which the Bush administration has painted itself is far colder, darker and more sinister than the perjury trap William Jefferson Clinton set for himself in the Monica Lewinsky sexual impropriety scandal. While President Clinton did commit perjury never was their effort by the White House to keep any information from public scrutiny. From the earliest days of the Bush administration, the need to keep records secreted from the public was a paramount goal. From the Cheney Energy meetings to the number of visits to the White House made by Jack Abramoff no detail of White House activity could be divulged without moving through a Machiavellian maze of internal Executive Branch bureaucracy. To wish to be excused from your work in the White House all one needed to do from Inauguration Day 2001 to September 10, 2001 was to leak any trivial bit of data about who came and went from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The secrecy shrouding the Executive Branch is born out of the Nixonian need to keep criminal activity out of the scrutiny of a complicit but always on the alert for profitable bombshell, Free Press. The only two entities that could have possibly brought the march to futile war with Iraq and the subsequent destruction of a nation state were those within the Bush White House who might have grown a conscience for law and order ex nihilo, or the Media who could have dug deeper and utilized its many avenues to gain facts rather than go along with the party line as it was being given out in daily press briefings, sound bites and talking points. America had a brief chance even to allow United Nations Weapons Inspectors to complete their work but even in this lay a threat to the plans of those within the American Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, several prominent multinational government contractors, Citigroup and other financially interested parties.

From the above environment and knowing the depths of their crimes already committed, to make good on their intentions to invade, the architects of the Iraq War and its subsequent cost in currency and Souls were prepared to defend it politically, even at the cost of the majority status of the Republican Party in the United States Congress. Seeing himself, out of prudent necessity to maintain his air of being beyond reproach and the reach of Law, President George W Bush, to be, “the Decider,” was willingly complicit in the following criminal actions:

1) The authorization of public statements of deliberate fallacious meaning and spurious intention about the capabilities of the Iraqi government in 2002 regarding the nature of their chemical biological and radiological warfare programs.
2) The Bush administration has conspired to utilize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 as codified into the law of the United States of America into law in 50 U.S.C. §§1801-1811, 1821-29, 1841-46, and 1861-62 against the citizens of the United States of America,. [and amended in the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act of 2001, (18 USC §2712, 31 USC §5318A, 15 USC §1681v, 8 USC §1226A, 18 USC §1993, 18 USC §2339, 18 USC §175b, 50 USC §403-5b, 51 USC §5103a, 8 USC §1105, 8 USC §1182g, 8 USC §1189, 8 USC §1202, 12 USC §248, 12 USC §1828, 12 USC §3414, 15 USC §1681a, 15 USC §6102, 15 USC §6106, 18 USC §7, 18 USC §81, 18 USC §175, 18 USC §470, 18 USC §471, 18 USC §472, 18 USC §473, 18 USC §474, 18 USC §476, 18 USC §477, 18 USC §478, 18 USC §479, 18 USC §480, 18 USC §481, 18 USC §484, 18 USC §493, 18 USC §917, 18 USC §930, 18 USC §981, 18 USC §1029, 18 USC §1030, 18 USC §1362, 18 USC §1363, 18 USC §1366, 18 USC §1956, 18 USC §1960, 18 USC §1961, 18 USC §1992, 18 USC §2155, 18 USC §2325, 18 USC §2331, 18 USC §2332e, 18 USC §2339A, 18 USC §2339B, 18 USC §2340A, 18 USC §2510, 18 USC §2511, 18 USC §2516, 18 USC §2517, 18 USC §2520, 18 USC §2702, 18 USC §2703, 18 USC §2707, 18 USC §2709, 18 USC §2711, 18 USC §3056, 18 USC §3077, 18 USC §3103, 18 USC §3121, 18 USC §3123, 18 USC §3124, 18 USC §3127, 18 USC §3286, 18 USC §3583, 20 USC §1232g, 20 USC §9007, 31 USC §310 (redesignated), 31 USC §5311, 31 USC §5312, 31 USC §5317, 31 USC §5318, 31 USC §5319, 31 USC §5321, 31 USC §5322, 31 USC §5324, 31 USC §5330, 31 USC §5331, 31 USC §5332, 31 USC §5341, 42 USC §2284, 42 USC §2284, 42 USC §3796, 42 USC §3796h, 42 USC §10601, 42 USC §10602, 42 USC §10603, 42 USC §10603b, 42 USC §14601, 42 USC §14135A, 47 USC §551, 49 USC §31305, 49 USC §46504, 49 USC §46505, 49 USC §60123, 50 USC §403-3c, 50 USC §401a, 50 USC §1702, 50 USC §1801, 50 USC §1803, 50 USC §1804, 50 USC §1805, 50 USC §1806, 50 USC §1823, 50 USC §1824, 50 USC §1842, 50 USC §1861, 50 USC §1862, 50 USC §1863)]
3) Utilizing vague language to implicate the government of Iraq in the attacks of September 11, 2001.
4) Eavesdropping on phone calls made and cellular phone calls initiated within the borders of the United States without securing a FISA warrant.
5) Accusing Ambassador Joseph C Wilson of being a political operative due to his dissent and discovery of the corruptions of fact used in the run up to the Iraq War.
6) The use of government officials to out Valerie Plame Wilson, a covert non proliferation agent in the United States Central Intelligence Agency and the cover up maintained by members of the Executive Branch of the United States government.
7) The use of the power of the executive Office of the President to further the cause of religious ideology in direct violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.[US Const. Amend I].
8) The refusal to turn over documents that require Congressional review to allow the determination of criminal activity within the Executive Branch of the United States government.
9) Repeated violations, by cabinet and non cabinet level political appointees, of the Hatch Act.
10) The improper granting of no bid contracts to politically connected “super contractors.”
11) Gross incompetence in the response to the plight of the poor and elderly in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast region.
12) Creating a general atmosphere of disdain and morose on Terra regarding future prospects for peace and prosperity especially within the borders of the United States of America.
13) Assuring that tax rates would remain historically low for those most able to deal with implications of much higher tax rates while misrepresenting the benefit for the middle class.
14) Gross negligence in the service of peace, life liberty and freedom of non American peoples in the light of having the power to do so at little or no cost to the United States.
15) War profiteering.
16) Accessory to rape.
17) Accessory to murder.
18) Accessory to kidnap.
19) Accessory to maiming.
20) Gross negligence and improper use of Executive Authority as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States of America for the illegal invasion of a sovereign land, namely, the Republic of Iraq.
21) Causing a refugee crisis
22) Accessory to genocide for the failure to end the suffering in Darfur.
23) Theft of national treasure in the estimate amount of $US 1.7 trillion [h! 2 063 106 796 46d 40s]
24) Seeking to pack the federal appeals courts of the United States of America with theocratic, pro-life, Christianist judges whose chief purpose for that appointment was to overturn Roe v. Wade 410 US 113 (1973).
25) The destruction of documents pertinent to the Iran Iraq War and the involvement of the United States government in its aid to Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq in the acquisition of weapons systems, chemical and dual use materials to prosecute said war in violation of international treaties and United States Law as well as the accepted doctrinal law in the Hellac Empire as it is relates to the functions of the Living.

As petitioners for the Crown Fiery in this Manner and bound by service Of Our Immortal Souls,


1st Chair
Medgar Evers, O.D.A, J.F.

2nd Chair (Joint)
Clarence Darrow, D.S.V.L, J.F.

Thole baranna, I.O.G, M.F.

Of Counsel
Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, D.S.V.J., J.F.

Pain, K.S.S., M.H.T., O.B.R.E., Q.O.D.A[(1er), w/D., M. and LN]., M.F.

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