Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A conservative blogger misrepresents the facts to try to score points against President Obama. This from Cluster at Blogs4Victory:

That’s right folks, our roads and bridges are still in need of repair, despite the 2009, $800 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act! Don’t those words sound great together? Who could possibly be against Reinvesting in America’s Recovery? And putting Americans back to work at the same time?? It’s a win – win. Why we were going to invest that $800 billion in rebuilding America’s infrastructure, improving deteriorating schools, and beginning the transition to green energy. What noble and heart warming causes, that only evil, backwater, troglodytes, (ie; conservatives) could possibly oppose. But alas, here we are again today, 4 years later almost to the day, and the cause continues. WE NEED TO SPEND MORE MONEY! We need to reinvest in America, don’t you know, and those obstructionist, heartless Republicans are standing in the way.

hindsight 2153
In Hindsight

My response in comments at their house:

Once again here’s the problem with Conservatives when they have to make reasoned arguments. Cluster I know you know better but you made no effort to check your facts. The $787 billion wasn’t all allocated for infrastructure projects, only $32.109 billion was. I don’t mind doing you’re homework for you and I don’t even care if you take all the credit for it. I just would like for you to get your facts straight instead of making blanket statements to inflame your shrinking base. So you won’t make the mistake again I’ll give you two estimates of what full infrastructure repair in the US would cost. The American Society of Civil Engineers in 2009 set the repair cost at $2.2 trillion. TED-OG our economic watchdog here set the number at $2.78 trillion just last year.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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    • Mitch:

      Two excellent streams of data. A truly gordian knot of information. Well payed!

      • mitchethekid Says:

        Payed or played? Damn keyboards and hand-eye coordination! Gordian! I love that word, have heard it before but forgot it’s meaning. Please enlighten me!

      • I did mean payed in its Hellac sense. I am sorry English is not my first tongue. I am told by my eye rolling wife that to “put paid” would have been a better choice of words. As for the word gordian it was such an intricate knot that it could only be disentangled by the sword. To those of us here in Hell to say this was a gordian knot of information means that only by hacking at the information with disinformation could it be attacked.

  1. mitchethekid Says:

    How about this pregnancy faking cunt. (Can I say that here?)

    • While I get the humor about the pregnancy I must stand on my journalistic credentials that she was not faking her pregnancy but the pressure that this newspaper and others on the Left applied did force her to have to admit her own daughter’s out of wedlock pregnancy–that is “before something could be done to save the campaign.” I am sure you take my meaning on that Mitch. To be honest I don’t care how much money Ms Palin makes I just want her to keep talking thereby hammering nails into the coffin of the GOP as a national party.

      And certainly you can always feel free to speak your mind here- WE ARE PROGRESSIVES!

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

    • anonymous Says:

      Tell us mitchie you fucking coward, who is responsible for more deaths, your incompetence or the scheme to concoct Palin’s alleged pregnancy?

      Yes you are still a little fucking coward. Isn’t time to booze it up since you KILLED American servicemen with your incompetence?

      Are you sure, you had your orientation confused since you can’t tell the difference between under the wing and above the wing?

      You fit right in with these fucking losers – a blog full of putzes and cunts who are confused as to the plumbing they have and they can’t tell which end to stick where?

      You fit right in you little cowardly fucker!

      • mitchethekid Says:

        Seems to me that anyone who is anonymous, who is afraid to state their name is the coward. But seeing how it’s Easter, I’ll forgive your immature hostility and rage born out of frustration.

      • mitchethekid Says:

        The scheme ( To scheme. A calculation to potentially alter future outcomes based upon present falsehoods.) Concoct. To create something out of nothing, based upon a lie predicated upon a delusion that the concoctor’s are intellectually superior to those they are trying to deceive. (Different word, same meaning.) And now the white hot core of this morons impotent rant. An admission that Palin’s pregnancy was “alleged”. So you mean she wasn’t pregnant? Are you implying that she deceived the world with her claiming that she was, in fact, inseminated with a fluid that produced a genetically defective fetus that developed within an organ contained inside of her now anorexic body? The cut to the chase for this reprobate, despicable, self-loathing, resentful, mean fucking cunt who makes a living whoring herself out to phenomenally biased and eye-spinningly stupid humanoids like you is the following. And attempt to be objective. I know this is an effort and a stretch, but try none the less.
        If you were in the public sphere, and there existed a POV that was insinuating you deceived the public with something as personal and disrespectful as the accusation that you faked a pregnancy, what would you do to refute the implications? What would be the path of least resistance? What efforts would you take to shame those that accused you, while at the same time build your creditability with those that support you? The obvious result being more support and sympathy.
        You would release the child’s Birth Certificate and your own medical records. SHUT DOWN!!! END OF STORY!!!

        None of this has occurred in 4+ yrs. No Tri-g Birth certificate. (Which, btw Tri-g is medical short hand for Trysinomy G or downs syndrome. Funny name for a defective child.) But to give some consideration to the privacy of the effected child, lets focus on Paymes medical records.
        She has never released any. None. Zero. Absence!! Other than a poorly worded, one page letter written on a 1970’s typewriter that proclaimed Palin was “healthy”. On the day of the “08 election.
        Where are the transcripts of her multiple visits to her Neonatal care specialist who she talked about in her book? One of the aspects of maintaining a lie is that you cannot contain it. So fuck you Palin and fuck you B4V’ers. Palin doesn’t matter and neither do you. And the moderators pf this blog agree with me.

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Interesting angle Mitch.

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Hi Neocon1! And since you can’t have any of the comments deleted here I’m sure it would be okay to post you name and business address for all the world to see linked to your desire to be pissed on by women?

      • anonymous Says:

        Right on cue, mitchie delivers with another bourbon induced, binge drinking incoherent rant!

        If anything you are predictable!

        “An admission that Palin’s pregnancy was “alleged”. So you mean she wasn’t pregnant?”

        No, dumbfuck, you ALLEGED that she faked her pregnancy. What a fucking moron! You fit right in with these losers who quote anyone on the left from air-headed celebrities to the dumb progressive cunts from the View.

        Are you that fucking stupid? What am I saying? Of course you are, you can’t tell the difference between above and below the wing. Nor can you tell the difference between olive drab clad Americans and black clad VC or khaki clad NVA!

        “You would release the child’s Birth Certificate and your own medical records. SHUT DOWN!!! END OF STORY!!!”

        Are you a birther? You worry about a child’s birth certificate! But a president’s attempts at spending $100s of thousands to keep his birth certificate hidden then releasing two cheesy reproductions (copies), a SSAN from Connecticut, his publisher printing flyers that never were corrected stating he was Kenyan, keeping his past sealed, you don’t question!

        Amazing! As I said before, you are a fucking little coward focusing your animosity of a strong woman on an innocent little child.

        “makes a living whoring herself out”

        you are confused with bloch, green and valencen, – considering you hang out with these bunch of losers because no one else will pay you any attention and take your conspiracy theory bullshit seriously! Did momma have to tie a porkchop around your neck as a child so the dog would play with you?

        Get a life dumbfuck! Keep up the binge drinking though – eventually you can forget about your “accident” in Vietnam.

  2. mitchethekid Says:

    Well, let me respond. I have never been one much for conspiracy theories that metabolize into being through the well-spring of paranoia, delusion and a visceral hatred of reality. With that said, I suppose the thought-processees of birthers can be applied to Tri-g truthers with one glaring and obvious exception. Birthers are convinced that a lack of evidence supports their contention, and Tri-g truthers rely upon the preponderance of evidence to arrive at a conclusion. Rational or not, real or not, I believe; based upon my reasonable judgement of emperical evidence, that $arah Payme faked the pregnancy.
    There is this…
    and then there is this. Not photo shopped, not faked, not a hoax but what I believe is a real photo.

    scroll down 2/4ths of the way down the page until you see the photo of her, emerging thru a door with a long grey winter jacket on; but open, i.e not buttoned with her enabler behind her. The physical change in her occurred in less than 3 weeks? Give me a break. What is she, a freak of nature? Did Jesus fuck her?
    And then there is this observation.

    This alone answers my extreme intolerance for those B4B’ers. But I will say, that one is a nice and reasonable guy. He and I have been exchanging POV and in my opinion, he is more like a progressive than a recessionist. From what he says,I think he’s he’s a pot stirerer. (sp)

  3. mitchethekid Says:

    Yes, but doesn’t Gordian refer to a physical creature or as a description of a physically complex object? (I understand the knot analogy, but isn’t the word Goridan a noun? A reference to an actual living entity?) I suppose I can Google, but you are more fun!!

  4. mitchethekid Says:

    3/4ths the way down to the open door, open coat photo.

  5. mitchethekid Says:

    Sarah, the B4B’r who posted here is not Neo. I have a very good idea as to whom it is. I would prefer his being tortured into madness, to quote a line from A Clockwork Orange.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      I was almost certain that was Neocon1. Keep me posted.

    • anonymous Says:

      “I have a very good idea as to whom it is.”

      dumbfuck, you couldn’t pour water from a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

  6. mitchethekid Says:

    That’s a real pithy retort. And you couldn’t get laid in a room full of rapists if you were paying them to do so. Is making these comments make you feel like a real tough guy? Does your mouth help relieve the pain of your personal failings and inadequacies? Do you think these pathetic attempts at insults have any actual effect, or are you just projecting. Keep hiding, anonymous. You scared little mouse of a man.
    I’ll tell you this though. If you made these comments to me in person I’d split your skull open and worry about the consequences later.

    • sarahbloch Says:


    • anonymous Says:

      “That’s a real pithy retort. And you couldn’t get laid in a room full of rapists if you were paying them to do so.”

      It may be “pithy” dumbfuck, but it accurately describes you, who can’ tell the difference between Army olive drab, black and khaki.

      A room full of rapists? Stop trying to push your fantasies on me …. freddy could help you out or bloch with a strap-on.

      “If you made these comments to me in person I’d split your skull open and worry about the consequences later.”

      …says the sniveling little bitch who whines about civility. If we met in person, I would have no problem with you – if I wore olive drab then I would be worried.

      If I wore black or khaki, I might as well be invisible, putz.

  7. mitchethekid Says:

    Fuck you and fuck your mother and fuck all of your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren and every generation after that. If I met you in person and you said these things to me, you small ball-less eunuch not only would I split your shell thin skull wide open, I’d feed your brains to my dogs. Except after consuming the disgusting worm like organ that resides in your head, they would puke. So again, Fuck You. You indescribable piece of human waste. In the meantime, I am going to fuck your wife while you are in the kitchen making a sandwich. Hear her moaning and writhing in extacy? That’s me sticking my Johnson into her Mrs. She has now forgotten all about you, you diabetic asshole piece of shit. When did you stop beating her into sexual submission? Just so you could jack off into her face? Only way you can get off. Or as so she told me, while she was gurgling my sperm in her mouth, he is sooooo insensitive! And such a conservative, I am at a loss as to how to leave him…. I think I can offer some sagged advice. It involves untraceable poison. Better take care on what comes out of your faucet.
    Want to continue midget?

    • Keep in mind Mitch that as Editor-in-Chief I am the referee for this match. Play on.

    • anonymous Says:

      ….then your dumbfuck ass woke up sober.

      In order for you do even come close to doing what you fantasize about, you must first pull out of freddy and stop catching for bloch.

      Now that I made you lose control of your bowels, where freddy and bloch can’t get around the fudge you cowardly expelled, it is amazing that sniveling little fucking cowards such as yourself can dish it out but you can’t take it.

      Here is a hint, since you can’t find a real woman and have to fantasize about others, go to and get you one of those silicone dolls. They will be just like your typical progressive empty headed little cum dumpsters, that is more your speed anyway.

      Look at it this way, it will be cheaper than using the professional “me luv you long time” little boys you are used to. They don’t rob your dumbfuck ass blind every time you pass out.

      I can continue. The problem is you are too mentally deficient to keep up.


    • Jethro Says:


    • Jethro Says:


  8. anonymous Says:

    “Keep in mind Mitch that as Editor-in-Chief I am the referee for this match. Play on.”

    Sure you want it to continue, this is the most activity this pathetic site has had in a long time.

  9. mitchethekid Says:

    I wouldn’t say pathetic. I would say not followed, not understood and therefore not read. Anonymous is probably Tiredoflibs over at B4V. A short little man who has some issues with dealing with reality. His constant repeat of “dumbed down drones” as an indication of his (or his wifes) intellectual superiority, his obsession with my Vietnam experience, his ignorant yet compulsive reaction to a personal admission a yr or so ago that he (or his ugly wife) consistently make in a feeble effort to malign my character and portray me as a person I am not. But hey! What does one expect from a miscreant that posts on Blogs For Losers. All six of them. Again, all 6 of them.
    Go fuck yourself in the ass. Want to fuck with me?? This is the place to do it. No censorship here. Just the unbiased truth. You chicken shit motherfucker Anonymous. I hope you die soon in massive pain and unrelenting nerve exploding agony. Then after, I’ll fuck your wife.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Whoever they are they’re seriously blind to anything except Glenn Beck’s fucktard view of politics. Sarah Palin is nothing more than a whore who sucks microphones instead of cocks and anyone who thinks she’s going back into politics is dumber than the rest of these wannabe Neo-Nazis I’ve been responding to this morning.

  10. anonymous Says:

    “Anonymous is probably Tiredoflibs over at B4V”

    Wrong dumbfuck, you are not smart enough to figure it out!

    If only you knew, mitche. If only….. I don’t post at this B4V. I just responded to your cowardly little attack on Sarah Palin – and your little “accident” was posted here, dumbass.

    “Just the unbiased truth.”

    Oh yeah, everyone repeating the same lies, no diversity. And to top it all off, they have you, who are too stupid to differentiate the colors, black, khaki and olive.

    “feeble effort to malign my character and portray me as a person I am not.”

    You do a good job on your own maligning yourself as a complete dumbfuck know-nothing. You fit right in here with these losers who have created their own reality, since they can’t cope with the real world. This is true for you too. Your binge drinking won’t affect your posts here since you sound just like these losers.

    It is too easy to fuck with you, since you don’t have the mental capacity to keep up. You offer no challenge and are easily riled into losing control of your bowels – like you did in ‘Nam and caused the deaths of honorable Americans, but dishonorable one survided like you and Kerry.

    Putz – ask freddy what it means.

    • mitchethekid Says:

      You need to do a better job at hiding your IP address. You are exposed and vulnerable. Of course you post at B4V, because to deny it makes you a stalker. The exception being, stalkers have more integrity.

      • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

        And more balls usually . . .

      • Mademitchemybitch Says:

        Mitche, I will always have more integrity and courage than some fucking coward who murdered US servicemen because of his incompetence and failure as a human being. You fit right in with these losers in their made up reality because the real world is too painful.

        Btw, the only pussy you see is when you look in the mirror.

        See you loser.

      • I am reduced to laughter when you, of all people, call the staff of this newspaper “losers” when all you have to do is look around at your country and then tell me what you have won. You have had absolutely nothing taken away from you that a man like you would not have had 100 years ago save for the power to control women, debase minorities and cover up your crimes with impunity, a state of being that was de jure as well as de facto in many jurisdictions. Your anger comes from understanding that while you are allowed to have your guns and worship as you please you in your declining years will never have that power your grandfathers had again. The change is nearly complete and socially it is irreversible without a taking up of arms.

      • Mademitchemybitch Says:

        “save for the power to control women, debase minorities and cover up your crimes with impunity,”

        The echo-chamber of this pathetic blog.

        You do realize that the “debasement of minorities” and the “control of women” was a result of the “progressive” democrats. Gun control was an idea of democrats, especially southern democrats, to keep weapons out of the hands of minorities out of fear of uprisings. Republicans were the ones who freed the slaves and pushed civil rights legislation through against the will of most democrats.

        Why do you think that Martin Luther King was a registered Republican?

        It is hysterical that you keep repeating the same uninformed theme – but what can we expect from this echo chamber that has limited participation…. with losers.

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