You knew it would only be a matter of time before the real cowards in the debate about guns in America showed their true colors. The bigots over at IOwnTheWorld.com led by the Grand Imperial Cyclops of Stupidity aka BigFurHat is angry that Mark Mattioli, a father of a victim in the Sandy Hook School massacre who supports the National Rifle Association, isn’t getting the same amount of press or love from Google, as those who are advocating stricter controls on large capacity magazine, ammunition and assault weapons. This was the conversation BigFurHat had with a commenter, Liberal Larry who reacted to the first comment after the post:

Whom: “It is amazing. The actors and fakes of the shooting. Even the pic above looks fake (bad acting).”

Liberal Larry: “His son was murdered, you monster.”

BigFurHat: “His son’s death has caused a bunch of friggin opportunistic morons to go after “assault rifles.”

That is like cracking down on steroid abuse in baseball by banning weight-lifting.

I realize you’re a parody commenter, but, liberals must be eradicated.”

I realize that these gun nuts and bigots have a heavy burden on their shoulders. Having to drag all that hate and animosity around all day while, at the same time, keeping a sharp eye out for the black guy that’s going to carjack them and force them to watch as they rape their whole family including the dog in the comfort of their conservative and safe suburban homes, must be exhausting. But this is even too far overboard for your friendly neighborhood Gonzo™ journalist having his second bourbon and branch water this fine warm morning. To mock people in their grief is a time honored tradition if they were responsible for the situation they are in currently. This is quite aptly known as schadenfreude and it is virtually a currency here in Hell. But BigFurHat and the other haters at IOwnTheWorld.com aren’t in the business of schadenfreude harvesting; they are in the business of filling the minds of fearful angry people with the poison that will ultimately lead to widespread violence among conservatives against whatever the target of convenience is.

It won’t matter to them when a white supremacist kills a state director of prisons as BigFurHat dare not write about such matters because they don’t fit into the fearspeak paradigm that demand that there is no black middle class, that their is a gay agenda that wants to destroy Christianity and that the current president is a Marxist Muslim from Kenya. I was of a mind that the whole matter was settled after the last election cycle and that the writing was on the wall that conservatives especially ones living in the suburbs of New York City needed to reevaluate their positions on a number of matters politically or meet their historical end as a national movement. Instead the right had tripled down on guns and new tactics that will turn them into the caricatures of the violent Left they blabber on so much about.

Neil Heslin did nothing more than send his son to school where, like many Americans have come to understand horribly in this modern time, he felt his child was safe. Neil Heslin’s tragedy didn’t come at the hands of some inner city thug with a cheap revolver who killed a child to take his lunch money to buy crack. This man, who BigFurHat calls, “mumbles,” is mired in grief because his child was taken from him by the very same fire of anger and fear that burns in the hearts of every bigoted right wing jackass who is willing to vomit their bile all over the many digital pages that will allow them. Those children aren’t dead simply because Nancy Lanza was a flighty bitch who loved guns more than she loved common sense. Those 20 children and the six school teachers and officials at Sandy Hook Elementary are dead because of Conservatism and it never ending addiction to guns and gun culture as the only means by which to keep the brown and black wolf and their allies from their doors.

hindsight 2137
In Hindsight

I have a tip for all you doomsday preppers, birthers, family values snake oil sellers, homophobic right wing pundits, minority conservatives that jump on the train to make a quick buck, Breitbart corpse eaters, Reagan idolizers, La Pierre lovers, Republican chicks who use gun barrels as dildos, Mama grizzlies, right wing hockey moms and TEA Party patriots, out there in the good old US of A. Fucking get a life people. Really. There was once a time that a simply word could keep a man from doing what his heart and mind told him was the correct thing to do. A solitary word could make it justifiable to beat a man to death because he loved another man and that same word could be used to hang a millstone around a brutalized young boy’s neck and cast him into a river to die. That word is SHAME. What comes along with that word like a loyal hound following closely is fear. Back in the day the fear of being call a faggot or a nigger lover or a commie was so powerful because it meant you would be ostracized from the tribe of white men who could be trusted, who were honorable, who knew their way was the right way the only way, the American way. Now, my friends we all know better. What those bigots and haters did for centuries wasn’t to keep their women safe, it was to keep them quiet. It wasn’t to preserve anything but their own power, nothing more. So the next time you hear someone spouting the BigFurHat’s racist bullshit on any topic smile politely and say, “You’ve already lost, shut the fuck up.”

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
215 Low Lux Negro 2 AS

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