This will be brief this morning as we have more important news to report today. There is a growing resentment among white supremacists and their common conservative allies recently for both the federal authority which many of them see as illegitimate because of the leadership of the Executive Branch being in the hands of President Barack H Obama as well as for a group of citizens that these people feel have done ill to the United States over many decades. That group to these bigots would include the entire LGBT community, blacks, Latinos and anyone who sides with their ongoing struggles for rights and equality. Here are three comments from IOwnTheWorld.com that bear this out and point to connections to why so many in law enforcement have been slaughtered in the past few months:


So Freddie believes morals are some set of rules that those above us wield to keep us in control. That is truly a leftist perspective – Something else the STATE has in order to control us.
Dumbass! Morals are inherent within the psyche of all humans. They just have to be exposed to rational minded children as “the right thing to do” otherwise, there will be ramifications. Those who are irrational (like Lanza) will never get it. That’s why we have institutions.
Dear Freddie – you need to thank God conservatives (the majority of the people on earth) have morals. If some day they chose to give them up people like you will be the first dangling from the lamp posts. If you don’t believe in God now, then you most likely will during those last few seconds as you’re being strung up.


I hate white liberals and I hate ni66ers,I don’t consider it racist to hate this human shit for what they have done and what we have allowed them to do to our country,hating evil isn’t racist and if it is then racism is a good thing.If we don’t get a handle on these two groups,we can kiss our country goodbye,you don’t have to go around advertising that you hate these two groups but you can work behind the scenes to undermine everything they do,you can teach your children that these are not people to emulate and associate with.They are garbage and they will pull you down,if you allow your children to become filth like these two groups,you are an unfit parent and you deserve the children you get.Teach your children that we are headed towards a civil war and the ni66ers and white liberals will be exterminated,if they want to be on the winning side,they need to act like humans,not baboons.


When my children were young,they were not allowed to associate with ni66ers or bring them to my home,it worked because since they have grown up,they see what the ni66er is all about and they thank me for not allowing them to associate with ni66ers.They don’t allow their children to associate with ni66ers,if enough people practice this,the ni66ers will not have the influence on your children like they have now. Ni66ers have no culture,they are a cursed race and the black shitskin they have is the mark of cain.

It appears that these comments have been allowed to stay up at their site and this is perfectly fine because Progressive want the other side to speak their hearts. If they do this more often their demise, politically, will come sooner rather than later. And as we all realize their children have minds of their own and they will seek their own paths to the truth rather than rely on the bigotries of past generations to guide them.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Ciu Cava daelth Nixhot, J.F.. D.S.V.J.
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
216 Low Lux Negro 2 AS


  1. Rat-flavored Race Bait Says:

    What a fucking joke. Planting racist comments over at another site because you don’t have any answers to the questions you are asked over there. Fucking coward! You are lost. Adjust the meds or ask your therapist to get you a fucking lobotomy.

  2. Menderman Says:

    You know that the IP’s of you planted comments will be traced right? You are the lowest form of human that says the most vile and racist things and then blames others. You will be revealed for what your are.

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