“The measure of a society is how healthy its citizens are.”– General of the Skies Nuulo Isdrix

I quote the head of Hell’s police force, the Laal Hethri, to help me make my point this morning. It appears, with the help of the 24 hour, local, national and global news cycle, that problem solving has migrated from simply being able to walk away and cut your losses in America to a thread of having to destroy the problem and thereby destroying yourself. Every Free Citizen of Hell can count themselves fortunate for not being in the Suicide Gardens and allowing the Fates to decide when was their time to die. Not only are those gardens where those who have thrown their First Lives away a center of Eternal Punishment but it also stands as a lining monument to Freedom in the Afterlife. While those suffering horribly in the Field of Crosses outside of Hell’s capital, Dis, do find themselves in a miserable state their suffering is a vacation to those who will never know anything but the repetitive horror of reliving their self execution over and over until and beyond the End of Time.

Our law enforcement and special intelligence groups within the Directat Javeth Nathux have never wavered in their efforts to save the minds of humans that would do harm to themselves. In America, the main obstacle to decreasing the number of suicides and the murders that often accompanied them is the culture of the gun. This journalist is fully aware of what the United States Constitution says about gun ownership. I also realize that if someone wants to die they will often find a way to do it even if a gun isn’t close by. The statistics that I see on a daily basis are staggering in regard to the number of people that kill themselves with firearms, go on shooting rampages and commit murders with guns of all types that it make me wonder why any sane person would want to live in a nation or be a part of a society that has as many guns in the hands of civilians as there are citizens of the country.

Today this isn’t a political issue to the family of Brandon Holt of Toms River, New Jersey. Brandon was killed by a four year old playmate who found a .22 rifle pointed it at his head from a distance of 13 meters and pulled the trigger. Brandon Holt is dead now and all the citizens who are in love with guns in America still can cling to their 2nd amendment rights. But what about Brandon Holt’s parents? What about the 4 year old child that now will become a constant reminder bot to the Holt’s parents and to his own of what a tragic momentary lapse of vigilance can do? Of course Wayne La Pierre of the National Rifle Association would say that this child a 4 year old child could have murdered Brandon with any number of common household items. Mr. La Pierre has a job to do and that is to keep the pressure on conservatives in Congress to maintain their position on the 2nd amendment not for the benefit of Mr La Pierre’s 4.5 million members but for the billions earned every year by gun manufacturers in the United States.

While the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre was the tipping point in the political debate, the facts of the damage that guns do to the America society in the hands of loved ones of gun owners and the owners themselves makes this journalist question just how rational the American people are anymore. Many conservatives see the firearm as the last line of defense against violent crime. This fear of “the Other” coming to their home and doing them and those they love violent bloody harm is a drum that gets beaten by right wing politicians on a regular basis. The code phrases about constitutional rights aside, the simple facts is that white American conservatives are more willing to commit suicide from fear of death than to take the weapons of choice for the vast number of their own demographic off the table. The plain truth is that more white Americans are killed by guns every year by their own hands or the hands of their spouse or significant other than by any minority unknown person wielding a gun.

I would be remiss as a journalist to not point out the crimes of men like Daniel D Billings of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who shot and killed his lover Annemarie Bautsch for reasons unknown, or to leave out the murder suicide of Tony Bailey and his wife Cindy Bailey in Inkster, Michigan where Tony Bailey stabbed his wife 60 times and then self immolated in his garage. Like the horror that took place in Montgomery County, Maryland that resulted in the death of high school student Michelle Miller at the hands of Army Staff Sergeant Adam Arndt these are clearly crimes of passion and/or mental illness. But despite the please from those on the Right about gun violence in Chicago, to simply say these people are crazy and go on accepting the violence is something that no civilized culture, no superpower as a nation state should accept.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
223 Low Lux Negro 2 AS

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