This wasn’t going to begin as a rant but it likely will end as one. I had prepared to write an article last night after reading Pamela Geller’s screed about “Jihad Coming to Boston!” but finding both my partners spooning in bed [much to my surprise Valeri had returned from Rham unexpectedly while I was reading] I chose to enjoy my hours before sleep rather than pound these keys in the miserable hope of confounding a woman whose bigotry and ignorance know no boundaries. This evening after a full day of research laced with bourbon and cigarettes Carlton Pryor my good friend and economic genius brought by a pastrami sandwich from my favorite deli on Via Lacrima and invited me to watch a film he’d been interested in for quite some time.


The film was Hyde Park on Hudson and the film features the talents of Bill Murray, Laura Linney, Olivia Williams and Elizabeth Marvel. Before I go any more down the rabbit hole connecting this fine film and the story with the political dagger I’m going to wield to puncture the premise about jihad that Ms Geller makes, I need to have a brief aside to wax appreciative of the artistic talents of Ms Linney. Those of you who have read my columns over this near Terran decade know how I feel about Laura Linney so I need not go down that road again. I must ask, however, is there as intelligent and beautiful a woman who can portray on the silver screen such melancholy and fragility? If you haven’t seen the movie I won’t spoil kit for you and a good pastrami isn’t required either I just got lucky.

The importance of America’s relationship with Great Britain got me thinking about how closely we’re tied even in rising from the ashes of terror attacks. Britain has a much longer history of dealing with their “troubles” than the nation of my birth and death. The British don’t panic when something blows up because they know that the United Kingdom is bigger than the hatred of those that would like to see the Union Jack in tatters. Often, like in the United States today fear of the IRA bombers was used for political purposes; rarely was that ever effective.


Geller would like to make Americans think that there is some conspiracy afoot within American government that will have the United States Constitution shredded in favor of sharia. I don’t think that Ms Geller believes this I just think she knows if she says it loud enough, and often enough, that a few people who are suspect to being afraid and those who know they can profit from supporting her views without actually getting the stain of genocide on themselves, will come to her aid in the form of economic compensation. In a quick phrase Pamela Geller is a whore for Islamophobia. Before any of the conservative men who want to get a blow job from Pamela Geller or even the few thousand who want to fuck her in the ass [she might still be of childbearing age and of course you’re not going to use a condom, of course not!] get all riled up about how violent Muslims are take a chill. Yes, many Muslims have been very violent in their efforts to get all the shit they think would come from forming a theocracy all over Terra. Since I don’y yell in my posts let me say this slowly and clearly– they’re all nuts just as all religious fanatics are nuts. If they think anyone in the West is going to give up all the secular good times they have to walk around in a circle about a stone well, to quote Carl Pryor, a proud gay man from Maida Vale, “Fuck off, mate.”

laura-linney 2013

In Hindsight
I want Ms Geller to understand this from a Jew who knows more about history than she has learned by picking out only the worst actions of the people she’s chosen as an enemy; history is cyclical. There is no jihad in Boston and as cynical as this might be to say I guarantee you that just as Americans were talking about other things by the summer of 2002 Americans will have something new and likely not terror related on their plate by the summer of 2013. Pamela Geller is in the business of Islamophobia but doesn’t, literally, have the balls to say what her most ardent and ignorant supporters really want and that is for the United States to conduct a global campaign of genocide against all Muslim peoples. That’s the quiet solution to the problem that no one wants to say in polite company because there are 2 billion Muslims globally and they aren’t going anywhere. They won’t all fit on Gitmo so they must be planning something permanent for their cousins just as the post Weimar government in Germany did to many of my distant relations in the last century. Any Jew that can stand for this kind of hatred needs to have his head examined. Never again also means you don’t want your brother’s tribe to be exterminated.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
233 Low Lux Negro 2 AS


  1. geller, like palin, fear-mongers & peddles misinformation for profit to the gullible & know-nothing wingnuts.

    • @O3

      The more the Right loses its grip upon reality as they wish it to be the more and more detached from the real issues of the day they become. Do these people not realize they are taking poison to cure the antidote? The greatest curiosity is that many of them, and this is likely because their average supporter is male, white and over the age of 45, are still fighting for issues that have been resolved like abortion [1970s] the Vietnam War and Communism [1960s] and against black civil rights [1960s]. Historians in 500 Terran years will not have to work too hard to discover what destroyed the GOP they will simply have to go back to Nixon connect him to Reagan and realize that the coup de grace came in the form of the blundering into the war in Iraq by Bush the Younger. This coupled with the election of the first man of color to the Office of the President who was not a Conservative and then in their eyes is immediately “the Other” triggered Reconstruction Era bigotries to rise to the surface as they had not done in American politics–ever. The question that will be addressed by Sarah Bloch in her post today is “What will Conservatives do when a white centrist democrat is elected in 2016 and they simply can no longer pander to their bigotries?”

      [q c p n!]

      • the sad truth is that our democracy NEEDS a viable 2d party at the federal level. as the gop self-destructs, i cant imagine the libertarians rising to the challange.

      • @O3

        Eventually the centre left will grow disenchanted with the far left and they will become two parties. The centre left by say 2050 will resemble the Republicans of old, from a public policy standpoint and the far left may advocate for social changes that go far beyond anything we have seen in the recent past. Libertarians will come to the centre and that coalition may govern the United States well into the 22nd century.

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