My initial career goals, as a much younger demon, were to one day be the highest legal official here in Hell and to inspire the people here in the Afterlife to a more fair and equitable system of government under the Law. In those days when Shai’tan ruled here in Hell and sought to bring fear and suffering to the Human Beings of Terra there appeared to be no future for those on your planet save for war and brutal death over resources and the illusion of power. Over the three hundred and sixty seven Terran standard years that I have lived change has become a state that I relish.

Change for Hell came in the overthrow of Shai’tan thirteen Terran years ago sending the Prince of Lies to Oblivion after a war of more than six decades which saw billions of Afterlives lost. Change for Terra came in the marriage of technology with the Progressive marches toward civil rights in the 20th Century. Both have inspired and intrigued me in ways that make my tail flick with excitement and rouse me from my bed to engage the day at my current career as editor of this prestigious newspaper.

Many, on the conservative side of the great and Universal ideological divide, have mocked not only the digital version of The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork but the very tenets of Progressive politics. Some of those who vehemently disagree are men and women who fear the very thing that i love most–change. They see change as too chaotic and an existential threat to their privilege; I as a demon journalist looking at the actions of both the Living and the Dead see change as the natural order of things. I find this a true curiosity considering conservatives delight in order the way I delight in exotic raw meats.

Having said these things I move to the main topic of my post. The conservative blogosphere and the technological marvels that move news as the speed of thought in the modern era collided last week as the American public witnessed a singular topic front and center in their consumption of news–the Boston Marathon terror attack. I call this event by that name because it is the accepted nomenclature for many of the conservatives who pound out their opinions on the cultural events of the day in the hope not of gaining converts to their ideology buy maintaining a fervor among those who are and always will be with them. Here at The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork we refer to the same event as the Boston Marathon bombing. The former is description of a tragedy through a political lens. I would be the first to point out that even President Obama, for political reasons and to be politically correct, has characterized this event as an act of terror. This demon journalist feels that the President is in error for this but alas, these are the times you live in on Terra. The latter is the accurate description of a known event, a crime of using explosives to cause bodily harm and murder the Living. While I am certain that President Obama and the leaders of the American federal law enforcement infrastructure have pools more information than I do about the events of the crime I still can stand on the veracity of my view of the events than those of conservatives who for good or ill need to have something other than the sour wine of hatred fermented by failure to blame for the events of 15 April 2013.

The conservative blogosphere latched on to several individuals, linking them with the murderous apostasy that is the utilization of religion to breed hate and not love, to blame for the crime in Boston. First there were two men, one a track runner named Salah Bartoun, browner than the rest of the crowd, who were pointed to by the New York Post as seeming suspicious. This reminded me of the millions of flyers that adorned the sides of buildings here in Dis in the years before the collapse of Shai’tan’s government that portrayed our Empress, Ang’ki Hoor I as a fang toothed horror lurking under the beds of ever child demon waiting to strike in the dark with glowing blue eyes that would mesmerize her victims. This is not a rote paranoia. Terrorism fomented by people who have fully, body and Soul, embraced a corrupted version of Islam morphing it into an ultraconservative theocracy of murder, bigotry and misogyny is a clear and present threat to democracy on Terra. This was clearly proven far before the 11 September 2001 attacks to anyone who knows their Terran history.

The problems that you have now as citizens of Terra are manifold. An examination of the reasons behind the corruption of Islam like any examination of the more murderous actions by individuals with guns in America is deemed by the Right as a fool’s errand. Both are necessary for an understanding that can lead to the destruction of the apostasy within Islam and lead to the creation of an Islamic reformation which must come kin the next century lest Islam be lost to the radioactive ash heap of history. I make that assertion with the knowledge that doctrine, globally among nuclear states, demands that if apostate Islam grows to a point where they are no longer the hunted minority but the open and well financed majority their existential threat to capitalism and democracy will demand of those nuclear democracies a reaction to any atrocity that has its basis in dirty bombs or the use of weapons of mass destruction [and by this I mean chemical, biological or radiological] the response will not come to some remote region of southwest Asia it will come to Mecca and Medina, Cairo, Damascus, Grozny, Tehran, San’a and every other place where there is a possibility of this global threat to turn for comfort and support.

I hope the words I have written here are digestible by those both on the Right and the Left in American politics because I feel relatively certain that the majority in the Centre do grasp the context and the content, equally. I will finish this post with a point about journalism which is the main point here. Sunil Tripathi a young man who struggled with depression had nothing to do with the bombings in Boston, Massachusetts on 15 April 2013. Those simple words of fact come easy for me to write because I and my staff knew this young man had nothing to do with the crime, as did Sunil Tripathi’s family. We knew this because we report and opine on the news and that, vice driving an agenda bent on bigotry and division, is our job. Conservative bloggers are now quite uncomfortable now after a spread the virus of misidentification. Now the conservative blogs are littered with dead links of scrubbed pages that are themselves the very links of the shame that comes with being not only a bigoted reaction to breaking news but being horribly and dangerously wrong about a serious event in America.

Hell, delightfully, has resources legally that America does not to assure that every action and its consequences are accounted for over a lifetime. Within the Laal Hethri there are several officers whose only task is to account for the amount of suffering that befell the Tripathi family and the family of the others falsely accused. This may take time but that is a luxury we have here in the Afterlife. If you take the time to follow some of the paths their research takes them down at Butcher’s Garden you will see the pattern of disregard that I mentioned in the graf above. Seven days ago Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit was among one of the very first to seize upon the fever that was the accusation of Sunil Tripathi. Now Hoft’s site, scrubbed of the damning evidence.

Mr Pinko at jumped on the bandwagon as well and that page has been edited to seem as if the conservative bigots there were trying to aid in finding Sunil. This is lauaghable when the comments below the post are out of step with the content of the edited post. And then there is this post that seems to purport that using the words “pending confirmation” makes their efforts any less libelous.

Then there is Pamela Geller at AtlasShrugs2000 where too her failure has been scrubbed.

For the record this reckless rush to judgment was not limited to the Right as Salon admits that its Twitter feed listed Sunil Tripathi as a suspect as well. Pat Dollard’s blog still has the Sunil Tripathi Mike Muguleta post. Michelle Malkin posted the false accusation which she got from which left the false data along with the correct information.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., CS, O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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