I like a good fight but I also know when and where to pick my battles. Some issues like a woman’s right to choose, gay rights, gun control and a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers are worth going to the barricades every time. Many inside and outside the halls of power in Washington, the capital of my country of birth seem to have forgotten this. I am stunned still by the political cowardice of women like Heidi heitkamp and Kelly Ayotte on background checks. Their terrified minority of gun loving constituents and NRA lobby hacks scared the political piss out of them making them fear having to get a real job since being a Congress member was never intended to be a lifetime career subsidized by the very fat cats that need regulation the most. Yeah, right I’m off on a digression tangent.

Conservative blogger Dianny over at Maser Media a worshipper at the Church of the carcass of Breitbart [yes, yes, dear readers, he’s still dead and a free citizen in Hell] has two links to why she converted to Conservatism from being a Liberal in her artsy youth. From what I read I can understand why she’s a woman in her middle age and a Conservative. Like so many that make the switch she was never really a Liberal or a Progressive to begin with. She wanted a conventional life like the lives of the women she grew up with. Dianny also admits that her mother is an avid acolyte of Rush Limbaugh. I’m not so dense as to think that this droning windbag could convert anyone to his way of thinking if the soil wasn’t ripe to spout that poisoned tree in the first place. From Dianny Rants:

There has never been a more vital time for Conservatives to stand up and become warriors than today. This nation is under attack, not just from Islamists outside, but from Liberals within. The conclusion, the end objective of Liberalism is the destruction of our Republic. And this is so clearly embodied in Barack Obama.

Obama didn’t spring fully formed, unique and singularly different from every other Democrat. He’s exactly what Liberalism is – socialist policies draped in the robe of feel-goodism. The difference between Obama and other Liberals is he doesn’t just show a little leg, but exposes the sickening socialistic underbelly of Liberalism. In Obama, all pretense has been stripped away.

Obama’s ego is so dangerously enormous, his self-love and self-importance far beyond anything we have ever witnessed in contemporary political circles. He interprets his 50+% reelection victory as a sweeping, mandate for more socialist, redistributionist policies.

But it isn’t just Obama that has misread this last election. The entire Liberal Establishment – from Congress to the Senate to the Mainstream Media – have overreached. And this can be Liberalism’s undoing. But only if we Conservatives step up, speak up, and stand on our principles.

While the feckless GOP trips all over themselves to appease Obama in much the same way Chamberlain appeased Hitler, we Conservatives need to rally together, stand together and fight off this Big Government Statist while we still have a nation to defend.

We don’t need feelings; we need action.

We don’t need to appeal to the media; we need to disregard them, go around them.

We don’t wring our hands and bemoan the lack of a voice in Washington; we become our own voice.

We have to stop caring what the mainstream media says about us, what the Liberals in Congress and in this White House say about us. All they have are words. We have principles.

And as Walter Cronkite used to say at the end of his news cast, “And that’s the way it is.” Yeah, I thought they made tablets for that kind of delusional thinking. The sheer reflexive nature of it all is just astounding and yet I am given hope simply by reminding you dear reader that this is a person who has lived most of their First Life. Like many middle aged Conservatives especially the super motivated Breitbart and Limbaugh lovers who have to be double plus Conservative because they went along to get along when their paychecks from a Liberal dominated industry depended upon it, Dianny has a lot of trouble looking at any of the good being Progressive has done in its “feel good” drive to make America a true success in the post Cold War age. The fact that this person could vote for Bush after he went into iraq tells me everything I need to know.

hindsight 2176

In Hindsight
I’m not the least bit concerned about anyone who has this sort of midlife crisis in political ideology. Nor do I think that President Obama is trying to destroy the Republic. If Dianny was 20 something instead of 40 something I would be concerned for the future of American Progressivism, especially if she were a lawyer rather than in the employ of the theater arts a trade which I have many friends in and the utmost respect because the bulk of them that I know realize that being a Progressive is to serve their own present and guarantee their comfort in the future.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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