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The Springs fire in California’s Ventura County has been 30% contained after consuming 27 500 acres [~11136 hectares] 50 miles to the north and west of Los Angeles. Fifteen homes have been damaged by the fire and many have survived due to county requirements for sprinkler systems and fireproof roofing materials.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory in delivering the response to President Barack Obama’s weekly radio address from Costa Rica, noted, “When I look to Washington, I see entrenched gridlock and an immediate need for executive leadership.”

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is scheduled to have surgery on his hip in late July 2013 which may keep him out of the technical area at the start of the 2013-2014 season.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Knight Slayer of Shai’ tan
الافتتاحية من الفتاحات
Majordomo of Hell and Terra’s Skies
Order of the Black Rose of the Empire
Ayatollah of Rham and its Shadow
Fair Judge Executioner of Souls
Quarterer’s Order of the Descending Aorta, 1st Class, with diamonds, rubies, platinum concertina, golden concertina, gilded pancreas, emerald gall bladder, platinum spleen, mesentery and lymph nodes
Lady Gaoler of Dis
Chief Engineer Hellac Power & Light
Womb of Empires
Order of the Superior Vena Cava
先生 立石 上様
Fifth Sea Lord of Hell
Comptroller of the Currency
Chair, Hellac Consumer Products Safety Commission
Oracle of Elections
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Mot. Pict. Arts & Sci.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Tort]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Fluid Dyn.]
Chair, Hellac Commission on Sentient Being Rights
Lady High Justice of the Court of Acts & Merits
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Gold
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Silver
Keeper of the Keys of all the Gates of Hell
Qadi of Hades
Chamberlain Imperial of the Necropontiff of the Universal Fatean Church
Order of the Quartz Heart [Eng.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Jur.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Metaphys.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Philos.]
Countess-Palatine of Sheol
Marquise di Gehenna
Empress Consort
White Rod
President Pro tempore Bax Culdnu
Managing Editor—Breaking News
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
247 Low Lux Negro 2 AS


  1. Obama reduced America’s aerial fire fighting ability by gutting their budget, either by a 1/3rd or by 1/2lf, I don’t quite remember which now.

    However he invested $536,000, 000 of mostly white taxpayer dollars in the green energy company Solyndra. That is more than half a billion dollars

    Solyndra went belly up. Oh well, easy come easy go, or how to stay toasty in America’s West. Thanks

    • For the 5 trillion in waste by Bush in Iraq one could have funded 9328 Solyndras against the lobbying power of Big Oil.

      • Of G W Bush’s 8 year accrued debt of 4.9 trillion dollar, 2.1 trillion came in his last two years when the liberal democrats took control of Washington, the other 2.8 came from his first 6 years while fighting two wars against Islam and Sadam Hussein in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Because of the overall results the lesson here to be learned is clear, we cannot win the hearts and minds of the Islamic people because Islam has them by the testicles. Just remove the tyrant, his threat and then leave the people to their own devices.

        The democrat party, when 2/3rds or all the power in Washington spends 5 times what the republicans spend when said republicans are 2/3rds or all the power in Washington. These numbers can be gleaned online.

        Of the 16.7 trillion dollars of current debt 8.2 trillion has accrued since democrats took control of Washington in 1/07, compared with G W Bush’s 2.9 Trillion accrued during his first 6 years in office. The debt was about 5 trillion when GWB took Office.

      • We are not talking about debt, We address direct cost in the form of American treasure spent on and off books. The total We have seen from Our sources is $5.17 trillion for Iraq alone.

    • CALFIRE has over twenty air tankers at its disposal and can call on the assistance of tankers from Oregon and Washington state if necessary.


      • This shook my memory a little, I believe they had 29 tankers before Obamas transference of money from Calfire and to liberal causes of one sort or another; now they employ 22, perhaps those 7 tankers could come in more handy than all the many, belly up green companies the mostly white taxpayer money was wasted on. Thanks

      • The tankers taken out of service by CALFIRE were due to them being beyond their usable service life. You cited US Forestry Service cuts which are federally purchased airtakers. Most states hire contract airtanker services as necessary. Please try again.

  2. The Bush tax cuts grew the economy which in turn increased the tax dollars paid Washington. At least W had an offset to defending America, and ridding Iraq of the Butcher of Bagdad, alone responsible for 600,000 murders of innocent people, most were murder by the cruelty of chemical warfare. Thanks.

  3. PDK falsely conflates
    So delete his ugly face!

    Wingnut tea for the masses
    Served by keyboard fat asses!

  4. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

    O3 I like the rhyme but PDK can stay we’re better than B4V and other right wing blogs because we can argue facts which Pain has done very well and PDK is simply making our points for us by spouting white nationalist, glenn beck and rush limbaugh bullshit. Hey you can swear here because there’s no moderator! Isn’t it weird that they always accuse Progressives of wanting a nanny state at B4V but they can’t handle a little colorful language and must censor or they’ll feel ashamed?

  5. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

    And yes PDK I’m a Jew and fuck you in advance of any smart assed thing you can think of to say. Play on . . .

  6. Thanks for besmirching me and with clean mouth to boot. I get my facts, real facts, from online, government stats and others. I’ve not conflated but contrarily I broke down, in general statements and, augmented partial truths by others. You can yourselves glean these truths on line as previously stated. Thanks.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Hey I call em like I see em. If you want to secede then you live in a nation that you can leave anytime you want if you have a passport. Now if you want the rest of America to play by rules that you feel are your right as a person of a particular race then well pal you’re going to have a miserable time as those days are long past. And no you simply choose to not look at the facts regarding slavery. You know as well as I do that slavery was a for profit industry run and controlled by white southern men from the late 17th century until it was abolished with the Confederate surrender at Appomattox and the reconstruction that followed. The South bet on racial animus against Human Beings who happened to be darker than poor whites to give low class whites a feeling of superiority over something. It failed then and it will fail the next time that sort of racially driven rebellion rears its ugly head in the nation of my birth. Now I’m not so ill educated of ideologically rigid to state that there were no black slave owners there were many. However, their numbers pale in comparison to the numbers of white slave owners, traders and ship owners who profited from nearly two centuries of work done without wages and a genocide whose name is the Middle Passage. Now you can amuse me by citing Nat Turner or how many white girls were raped by runaway slaves if it’ll make you feel better but I’ll weep for their Souls when there is a level playing field in America for the GLBTQ community, all undocumented working people who keep food on your table and women who have always been the calmer more reasonable voice in American politics since Wold War II. You’re welcome.

  7. F.S.; thanks for the reply.

    Actually I have no problem with those who speak their mind with honesty, in fact curse words bother me not, but I usually save them for personal conversations. Further, I have gleaned my facts online, I do not simply target my conclusion of illusion by cherry picking the facts that then necessarily and naturally deduce said targeted conclusion of illusion. As I see it, that is a liberal trait.

    That slavery snowballed into an institution has no bearings on the historical facts preceding it’s emergence as an institution. The facts are simply that, the facts, and as Sargent Joe Friday used to say, “The facts Mam, just the facts”.

    As far as secession goes, it happens to be a movement just now starting to emerge. Obviously it is in the non-liberal domain, not the liberal. Weather secession will eventually manifest, only time will tell.

    When W was about to be re-elected, I remember Robert Redford said, “If Bush is re-elected, I’m moving to Canada”, as best I remember it. Bush was re-elected, but Robert stayed.

    However, in BHOs first term, some near 6,000 wealthy, mostly white Americans have renounced their American citizenship, and become nationals somewhere else. This can also be gleaned online.

    Joe Biden said, “time to be more patriotic and pay more taxes”. Ironically our Founding Fathers braved a revolution, and founded this country because of the Crown’s tyranny of excessive taxation.

    Our Founding Fathers created a free enterprise Republic, (FER) not a socialist democracy, further this FER, is what they bequeath to their posterity, including we of today.

    Now however, 2 mutually exclusive ideologies struggle against each other, the liberal socialist democracy and the non-liberal FER. What ultimate will materialize is currently in the making and time alone will manifest the results of said struggle. Thank you.

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