A little Shakespeare, a little anti-intellectualism and the corpse worship of the politics of yesterday all offered to the politburo of the political far right by economic opportunist Sarah Palin.

This likely gives Blogs4Victory commenter Neocon1, aka, FmrMarine, aka, Bill J. Logan a little comfort in the light of his support for the idea of armed revolution in America. [See the full poll, here.] If there is one thing I’ve noticed since the re-election of President Obama, it’s that the far right is carrying fewer and fewer of the moderates, the centre right with them over their cliff of destruction. I just want the Sarah Palin supporters of the far right to keep offering her as a standard for what they believe socially and politically for at least the next four to six years. many of my Progressive friends here in Hell feel the 2014 House elections in the US are a watershed event; an election cycle that must be won to move the political agenda forward for Progressives. I’m beginning to disagree. Such a victory by Progressives that would tilt the balance of power in Washington and thereby the nation, would create a backlash in 2016 when Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party nominee for President. With a continued obstructionist view by the GOP led by their TEA Party wing the status quo by election day 2016 would assure Progressive House victory on the heels of a Clinton landslide. If you think the radical right is losing its mind now, wait until Hillary is sworn in and she has a Congress that will work with her to move America forward into the third decade of the 21st Century.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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  1. “If you build it, they will come”, a would be cryptic message from the old Kevin Costner film “A Field of dreams”, about the building of a baseball field in the middle of a corn field. After building the baseball field, they came.

    When the Mormons sent out their message of building their own nation in the American West, circa 1840s, the nation of Deseret, a Biblical name, those of the spirit, from far and wide the world over, came; answering the call for all those of the spirit.

    Should American, non-liberal whites find both their courage and moxie to forge a new, white nationalist, free enterprise Republic with limited enfranchisement, and limited federal power, the type of absolute power that corrupts absolutely, and the message is sent out far and wide, all those whites of the spirit will come.

    Whites can be divided into 2 groups, the mature and the immature. It is for those who accept their personal responsibility of nature’s charge to mature, the non-liberals, that this new nation-state would be built. It would not be built for the immature whites, liberals, and their personal possessions of the immature character traits such as cowardice, selfishness, sloth, envy and others of the “Seven deadly sins” kind. In the very least, immigration should be discouraged by particular laws in a new Constitution that specifically disallows them access to power, democracy, a fully enfranchised democracy, their most necessary means to their end of ruination for all whites and the white gene pool via imposing the liberal ideology of the white man’s burden as the means to their cherished dream of a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy.

    Liberals, foolishly believe this new world order will materialize their long hoped for Utopia, in reality however, it will materialize a Dystopia and further will, along the path to their false Utopia, meld our precious white gene pool to gene pools of inferior, lower IQed, more animalistic gene pools, such as the Negro sub-species gene pool.

    Contrary to both liberal and Amerindian revisionist history, white Europeans, the Solutreans, were the first humans to both set foot on and conquer this new continent, and further our white relatives were here many 1,000s of years before the Mongol Amerindians of today. Today’s Amerindian ancestors came after the old world invention of the bow and arrow, arming their ancestors with the new Mesolithic technology our white relatives were not armed with as they emigrated from the Paleolithic old world, and the invention of the bow and arrow is the hallmark feature of the birth of the Mesolithic time period, circa 15,000 to 10,000 years ago.

    The archeological record has found no evidence of Mongol Amerindians further back than 9,000 years ago while the archeological record for Solutreans is at least as far back as 16,900 years ago. Radio carbon dating is one of the means for dating.

    Therefore, by the white liberals and Amerindians own position of the land belonging to those who arrived first, this land belongs to whites of European decent. Further, should a new nation state, conceived in white, free enterprise nationalism, and further Canadian whites being near identical to American whites, and also being relatives of the Solutreans, the new nation should be carved out of both countries.

    As far as those of other gene pools are concerned, being denied enfranchisement, denied access to white tax dollars, imposed harsh penalties for transgressions of the law, miscegenation laws and other Constitutional realities, they might be more inclined to emigrate of their own free will. They can lump it or leave it, their choice, but they will understand this is our white land, our white culture, our white gene pool and we intend to protect and defend what is ours for evermore.

    For our white posterity, this is our challenge to accept and triumph. Godspeed we, in this, our endeavor. Thank you.

    • The We, Ourselves take it that the whites that came to America and utilized slaves to build the nation instead of their own blood sweat and toil were severely immature?

      • Whites did not enslave blacks, blacks enslaved blacks both back in Africa and here in the Colonies.

        When the black slaves came to the Colonies they were lifted up out of slavery and into indentured servitude just like the poor whites, and further were paid their due just like the whites.

        In 1655 one Anthony Johnson began slavery in the Colonies by winning his court case to enslave his indenture black worker. Anthony Johnson was a black Angolan from Africa, arriving as a slave but was elevated up to indentured servitude like all blacks, but then who used his earned money to start his own farm and subsequently began slavery.

        Anthony Johnson can be gleaned online.

        Whites, near 200 years later fought a war that both liberated the blacks and cost 625,000, mostly young white men, their lives.

        It all works best with one chief and many braves, if not GM’s CEO would do his own work and build the cars himself. The workers would not get paid and the American consumers would not have many cars to buy.

        Blacks are from a more r selective gene pool, whites are from a more K selective gene pool, the nature of this two strategies of life can be glean online. Thanks.

      • We would point you to Jamestown colonist John Rolfe’s letter to Edwin Sandys purchasing 20 African slaves from a Dutch trading vessel in 1619 as the first purchase of slaves in the English colonies. In the months after Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676 laws regarding the treatment of African slaves became more and more strict with the wealthy Virginia colony being the focal point for the purchase and transshipment of slaves for the purpose of creating a middle class out of the poorer landless white classes in the English speaking New World. While those who fought and die to end this horrible practice were mainly white the facts are present for all to see that only whites had the power to free those held in bondage primarily by white plantation owners in the South and border states. If you have an interest in the flawed art of eugenics you need to read “The History of White People” by Nell Irvin Painter.

  2. By 1676 blacks had already begun the abomination of slavery by the enslavement of their own people. The merchants who brought the blacks to the Colonies needed to be paid for their investment and effort. This does not negate the fact that blacks were lifted out of their self imposed slavery and into indentured servitude. Thanks.

  3. Why is Sarah Palin even involved? Since she quit her post in Alaska, she hasn’t run for public office but acts like a politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at

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