Majordomo Pain [qcpn!] left an interesting comment at Blogs4Victory today:

Amazona many of these things you state are untrue. The simple fact that progressives have a different set of values and beliefs as you or other conservatives does not mean that they cannot define their ideology in terms that you can accept. A chart of the issues of the day showing the views of the right the left and the center would clearly point to everyone what direction each would like to see America take. The problem is that many of the conservative ideals and views as currently expressed are not appealing to the bulk of moderates and are not appealing at all to the Progressives. Now these values and ideals to conservatives are rotted in the Constitution but as has been proven over more than two hundred years of American history, like it or not that document is both living and flexible and must be to take into account the pace of change in the modern age of technology and social change. What has worked in the past, and was considered mandatory to the survival of society in status quo ante, no longer is the case. In its most distilled form conservatives are for rules and social conduct from the traditional recent past which may exclude some groups from maximum freedom and Progressives are for moving forward to assure that the rules and social conduct assure that the maximum amount of freedom can be enjoyed by all.

The comment drew the ire of a regular fellow at the conservative blogs called Count d’ Haricots who replied:

Ignoring the obvious hyperbole of moving forward and the subjective “maximum amount of freedom”, the so-called progressives actually support the idea that freedom is a finite entity which requires rationing; one person’s freedom is limited by another’s.

In order to insure equal distribution of freedom, the apparatchiks must first determine which person has the greatest historic grievance from exclusion from freedom, then allocate the freedom accordingly; from each according to ability to each according to need.

Once an equitable distribution of freedom has been achieved, some will find they have less while others have more. This is needed to compensate for previous discrimination from freedom.

In the end, the totality of all parties will have less freedom than before, but none will have no freedom while others enjoy unlimited freedom; the latter at the expense of the former should not be allowed.

A shared sacrifice such that a “maximum” amount is attained.

How much is a maximum freedom in today’s exchange?

Now, let’s discuss Liberty …

I could go on about how many conservative men in America are stuck in their Cold War era struggle against communism. I could even say that the comment would be funny if it wasn’t such a sad reflection of how bitter middle aged white men have become in an age of expanding social activism on the behalf of women, minoroties and the GLBTQ community. I don’t need to do that because rational people can see this for what it is. Progressives have the demographics on their side. The conservatives have only rhetoric and the short side of actuarial table on theirs. So I’m going to let a picture say a thousand words for me and express fully how I feel about the Right’s angry white males.

fuck conservatives

Breitbart adhux autem mortju!

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
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Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
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  1. freedom isnt a zero sum game. those who gave their lives in defense of it arent offset by those who subsequently enjoy eternal freedom in life since the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. this clearly implies continued forces of erosion.

  2. sarahbloch Says:

    o3 I don’t think conservatives really value the cost of maintaining freedom because if they are not in control, to them it really isn’t freedom.

  3. […] What Trump has done is find a commonality that goes beyond the Culture Wars and moves more toward what many Conservatives really desired and that is a strongman who will give them, in their limited remaining years on Terra a levee against the rising waters of Progressive Socialism which are sure to come by the middle of the 21st Century. Supporters of Trump do not want to feel better about the playing field being tilted away from white middle aged Christian men; they simply wish for the swift roller coaster of American society to slow down as they prepare to get off. Mencken to his credit said to me last night, “Trump’s campaign slogan could easily have been, ‘White men want to feel like they… […]

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