This brilliant explanation of why the political and social ideology of Conservatism is dying on the vine in the United States of America as posted by Mitchethekid at Blogs4Victory. Blogs4Victory has currently barred most liberal comment and has devolved into mostly a conservative echo chamber of soft racism, dominionism, bigotry and fearmongering, but this little nugget of gold slipped through their censorship filters. Enjoy:

The right can’t and it won’t because it is incapable of convincing enough people of their self serving righteousness. The right is the intolerant. The right is against even their own ideas if a so called “liberal” embraces them. Why do you, on the right, insist on excoriating being educated by a public system designed to have a well informed populace in all areas? Could it perhaps be because being educated encourages critical thinking? And critical thinking contains an element of doubt? And doubt leads to questions and questions lead to being critical of the mindless, lockstep absolutism of contemporary conservatives? Instead of focusing on the failures of Leave No Child Behind as an example ,the right focuses on an opinion that public education produces more skeptical liberals than rote, lock step unquestioning conservatives. And is therefore supportive of alternatives which do not produce well educated young people but rather a mish mash the confused, scientifically illiterate and socially awkward. I know there are exceptions, but generally this is a factual observation.
This country has always prided itself on being the best in all areas. And yet now it’s the right side of the political spectrum that takes every opportunity presented to trash the valued institutions we have spent 237 yrs building. So who here is really anti American? Who here truly resents what America is? Not some romanticized false memory of a time that never existed nor was experienced, but an actual conviction that a conservative template is the more superior.
The facts are that the more the right defends their rigid stance on all issues, the more they are rejected by the general public. You here on B4V can delude yourselves all you want, you can disallow comments from someone like me and I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t posted but denying the publication of my POV doesn’t make it any less true. All it does is show how intolerant the moderators are of any dissent or alternative and just how scared they are to engage me in issues of real substance.

“Seniorwoman” formerly Crissyann a commenter at Blogs4Victory summed up how the Baby Boomer Right feels about the ever growing Progressive movement which has time and demographics on its side:

Progressives are the scum of the earth. I have no desire to get along with any of them.

Those are awfully strong words both positive from a Progressive like Mitch and negative from a Conservative like Seniorwoman. Reading these made me think about the “death panels’ farce Betsy McCaughey ginned up during the debate over the Affordable care Act. One of the greatest components of irony in the conservative side of American politics is that considering how religious these people say they are and how certain they are the Chosen People in the eyes of the Creator, they sure have a deep and abiding fear of Death, the one thjing certain in their lives. As far as I am concerned the only death panels the GOP and far right Conservatives in America need to be concerned about are call “election day.”

[NB: Tiredoflibbs could not help himself but to reply to Mitch:–Gavlar Reudo Maxric, Copy Ed.]

This is the only response I am going to give mitchie’s massively uninformed and ignorant rant.

The left has brought us political correctness where they demand an individual to talk a certain way. So that puts his “critical thinking” and “lock step” arguments of the right away. A true critical thinker would not be constrained as political correctness is. Plus, today’s public schools do not teach critical thinking (at least until the college level and then again, liberal professors would not tolerate such behavior and speaking in their classes). Many public school have produced barely functioning illiterates much less an independent thinker where education is wrought with political correctness and ideology.

And let’s talk science, true science would bring forth both sides of an issue and develop through research and experimentation theories and observable hypotheses. Global warming is the prime example. The whole issue is wrought with misinformation from the left. The left won’t entertain any counter argument as we have seen in the UN’s pursuit of the issue. The “skeptics” are not allowed in any discussion that counters the propaganda. Their results are not allowed either – this too put his myth “the left are critical thinkers” away also. If they were the critical thinkers he claims to be, then they would allow both sides represented on the issue. He thinks B4V is bad for omitting and deleting “opinion”, he should really investigate the UNs tactics on the issue.

And lastly, when the left’s ideology has failed in practice again and again and again as history has consistently shown us, would true critical thinkers on the left keep trying the same lunacy over and over and expect a different result?

No. There are actual FACTS mitchie. Your “facts” are nothing but unsubstantiated ideology. You can join the real world or continue to live in your ideological fantasy and visit the pitchfork for more regurgitated material.

Don’t bother responding there will be nothing new for you to present that you have not presented before that was not debunked. It will be a waste of time and bandwidth.

Breitbart adhux autem mortju! [Breitbart is still dead!]
Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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  1. Wow! There is so much ignorance over at B4Bush, that it’s really a bit of a challenge to pick just one item to highlight. But, as a scientist during my time on Earth, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that science is for scientists. Yes, all of society benefits from the product, but the scientific debate is pretty much closed to outsiders. They simply don’t know enough to be able to contribute. And I include myself in that number. As a chemist, I know little to nothing about climate science. So I defer to the actual climate scientists who have spent decades earning the right/responsibility to contribute. If there’s a consensus about anthropogenic global climate change, I’d be a poor scientist indeed if I, in my ignorance, rejected that consensus. Do I believe in global warming? No! Belief has absolutely nothing to do with it. I simply recognize that I don’t know enough to contribute to the debate and, therefore, I have no choice but to accept the consensus as the best hypothesis.

    Now, if there’s ever a controversy surrounding the best way to analyze a particular compound via GC, then I might be in a position to contribute.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      And this reasoned set of facts you lay out Ser Daryl is why you have never read an article about global warming or global climate change here. it is not a political issue to those of us here in Hell it is a matter of science for those on Terra.

  2. mitchethekid Says:

    Thanks for publishing my rant. That’s twice now and I’m doubly flattered. Had I known I was taken so seriously, I would have given more thought to my thoughts and have been more concise. But I am humbled by your admiration. Thank you again. 🙂
    I would like to communicate with you Sarah privately for I want to share some news. Please feel free to contact me via my personal email address. I know that Bill might have a bladder control issue over this public exclamation and try to prove something or other to the B4V’rs but just ignore him. As you always do and so eloquently.

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