[N.B. For those too young to recall Animal House here’s Dean Wormer.–F.S.]

First off before I even delve into the primal scream left by B4V’s resident conservative college perfesser that details just how hollow and ignorant his colleagues in that echo chamber are I have to say this. Dude, if you are going to try to rip off Mel Brooks or you’re trying to appear above it all by using a french word in your screen name use all the fucking French. Compte d’Haricots might have been lost on neanderthal watersports loving catholic fucktard bigots like Bill Logan, general contractor, aka Neocon1, but it isn’t on the lot of us who actually got out of high school with a diploma and don’t reek of stale teenage girl piss.

Now that that’s out of my system here is the braying lament left by The Count:

Seriously people!

I was about to weigh in on the SUBJECT of this thread yesterday when I saw you allowed yourself to be hijacked into Student Opinion Polls, AGW, and other worthless diversions

The Troll Patrol is not here to debate with you!
They are here to disrupt.

They know next to nothing about everything, so they’ll lead you into endless debates on the finer points of just how stupid you are. Then piss and moan when their inanity is finally deleted.

Get a clue! You can prove them for the asses they are with endless minutiae and ever encompassing facts and they’ll declare victory. They do the Happy Snoopy Dance when they’re deleted because It Proves to THEM That You Can’t Win an Argument With Them!

By the time the stench was cleared, the thread no longer has any continuity, and you look like you’re arguing with yourselves and losing those arguments.

People SERIOUSLY! Don’t engage them!

Once they post a comment about a Student Opinion Poll they proved they are unwilling and unable to discuss/debate or contribute in any way.

Once they bring Global Warming up, once they start on evolution or gay marriage in a thread about anything except gay marriage or evolution, STOP READING and IGNORE Them!

Let their idiocy wither on the vine and get back to discussions; wait for a liberal to make a salient point before responding.

Mark had a good thread started here and I really wanted to disagree on many of the points made on subject. But I won’t be distracted any longer by old hippies, goat herders or delusional Goth-kids.

hindsight 2215

In hindsight
Now that’s pretty fucking sad. Okay, okay, I know they don’t know how to make a valid point about their bigoted and retrograde ideology. These conservatives could just simply say “I hate niggers and faggots. As a white conservative Christian I don’t believe they should have the same rights as white conservative Christians. I as a white conservative Christian think that everyone who does not believe in my brand of conservative dogma based Christianity is damned to Hell [except for Jews until we don’t need them anymore]” but that would expose them to the thing they fear most–being ostracized by the others that are thinking the same things but too cowardly to stand with them because appearance and image is everything to these fucks. Now I get annoyed by how smug and verbose Amazona is to the point where I hope Jeremiah would just shove his cock down her throat until she shit herself, turned blue and her eyes crossed. But despite that skull exploding mental picture I gave you I would bet all that I have that Amazona is the least bigoted among the commenters. Still, Amazona comes through against the theocratic bullshit of Neocon1:

neo, where you are “coming from” is a conviction that a MAN named Paul, many years after the death of Christ, was not only accurately passing on the true thoughts of Christ, confided in him, but that his original writings, after passing through many translations from one language to another to another to another to another to another, each of which was filtered through the minds of MEN and subject to the prejudices and bigotries of those men as well as to the problems of translating words which have no actual literal meaning in another language, remained pure and literal representations of those thoughts and words of Christ Himself.

I understand the temptation of feeling morally superior, and the desire to support this by quoting a human being whose own words are unknown to us as he wrote them but only as a version much-handled over the centuries because you think they reflect the words of God.

I merely point out that many evils have occurred because of belief that they reflect the word and wishes of God, and that it might be a better approach to not depend on the words of men to justify hostile judgment of others.

When the Bible offers contradicting messages, one for example of love and tolerance and one of judgment and condemnation, the choice of which message to follow is significant.

In fact, along with Cluster, she might the only true conservative in the whole bunch.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
27 Colnu 2 AS

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