Yes indeed more conservative fertilizer from Blogs4Victory a place where dissent isn’t tolerated but religion based conspiracy theories are!

This is the response from Jeremiah who for quite a long time has been thumping his Bible and praying hard that A BRUTAL THEOCRACY WOULD RISE UP FROM THE ASHES OF SOME MAJESTIC CIVIL WAR FILLED WITH MIRACLES HAPPENS. Of course all the screaming and shouting aside this isn’t going to happen because America is fully a corporate oligarchy today and it will be a progressive corporate representative democracy in 20 years or so despite Jeremiah’s prediction of an Imam being elected President in a generation. And anyway what would be wrong with that? I thought the Constitution said whomever got the most electoral votes wins the election and that there was no religious test to hold office. Maybe Jeremiah has a different allegiance more similar to radical theocracy than he’s willing to admit. It doesn’t matter what religion you are a fanatic of religious fanatics are dangerous to any form of representative government with a free population.


I agree, Spook.
I call bull butter on Ms. Bloch’s predictions.
Saying there will be “no chance” of another Conservative presidency after 2014. Nah.

Polls are now agreeing that a majority of Americans do not trust the government, and for good reason considering the latest developments concerning the IRS, the NSA, and Benghazi.

As far as her statements regarding religion, she is just repeating the liberal mantra cooked up by the likes of Bill Maher, and her other handlers.

I do believe that at the rate we are going that America will be a majority Islamic nation in 20 years considering how fast it is infiltrating our colleges and universities. Some predict that in 20 years there will be enough Muslims in America to elect an Imam for President. But even that is questionable if America has a major turning point in a more positive direction.

All of this prediction poopy by the likes of the far-left libs who visit here get kind of old. They like to make those predictions here to make themselves feel good about their side, and their hopes for an America to the liking of Germany when it was controlled by the Nazis and Hitler in the 1930s, yet thinking they will not be the target of such a type of government. While true that Christians, Jews, and other ethnicity groups would be targeted by such a regime in Washington, those advocating for such a takeover do not realize the repercussions for such a regime change. Most of those advocating for such a type of government in America reside in other countries, and are immune from such a catastrophic regime…though they are lucky, because they have escaped the sword of the Muslims in their own country.

While it wouldn’t surprise me to see the American flag replaced by such as say, a Chinese flag, or Muslim flag…I still have faith that America won’t allow it to happen. If it were to transpire that America comes under such tyranny, I can only say that it is because Americans failed to follow God’s Word. And if such a time were to come, we can only hope that we are following Jesus Christ, because without Him we won’t stand. I mean, how can we expect to stand without Him?

Here’s my comment that got Jeremiah’s undies in a bunch:

Cluster you are half right. America will not become a true oligarchy but by 2028 it will be a a nation controlled by one political party. That party will be the Democratic Party. The problem for the GOP is that they never took any opportunities to reach out to those they would need to be elected that many years down the road. Government works for the voters I have been told many times and the Democrats are the party of handouts and hope for those who have had little voice in America for the bulk of its existence.

The 2014 midterms will be your last hurrah if you are a conservative. Hopefully enough far right conservatives will win in gerrymandered districts that were safe anyway to give the Right an even deeper and more false sense of electoral security. That will lead to more gaffes on women’s rights, gay rights and immigration that will further alienate those fast growing groups plus the American voter between 18 and 25 from your beliefs.

You likely will have the hinterlands well into the middle of the century but as we all know nobody really lives in the hinterlands. The goal should be to win back New York and California but you all know that is impossible. Pennsylvania is now blue as is Michigan. Florida is growing bluer by the day even north of Orlando. Texas, by 2020 will be a blue state as Latino kids who are now eleven years old will be of voting age then. What could your side possibly offer them if their parents are undocumented that would make them vote for your side? Nothing. At best the GOP by then will be a regional party having lost both the House and many governorships nationally. In seven years this will be all over and even you Cluster will have tired of talking about a political battle that cannot be won without a major catastrophe taking place. It’s this simple when Hillary Rodham Clinton announces her candidacy the GOP gets taken off life support and those who support that party can start to plan both the party and how to divide up the estate.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
35 Colnu 2 AS


  1. dcobranchi Says:

    From your lips to FSM’s ears. (Does FSM have “ears?”)

    • sarahbloch Says:

      All seeing all hearing and all knowing, so yes FSM does have ears Ser Daryl!

  2. mitchethekid Says:

    I once asked Jeremiah “what’s the sum of 2+2?” His response was Jesus.

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