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Another trip down the limitless hole of failure on Terra . . .

Amanda Huard
There’s quite a bit to cover this morning and I’ll start with the case of the death of Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway. This is a case from Maine that got quite a bit of national attention in the fall of 2012 when it is alleged that Kelli Murphy, 11, murdered the child which was in the care of Kelli’s mother Amanda Huard. At this time the courts have determined that Murphy is incompetent to stand trial for the three month old’s death and no charges have been filed against Amanda Huard who was responsible for Brooklyn. Legal minds here in Dis see this case differently and are trying to determine why Huard, who knew her daughter was never to be left around small children would agree to sit for an infant after her daughter had attacked a child less than a week before?

astria berwick

We move now to Great Britain where we have a case of technology saving a man’s freedom. Astria Berwick accused Mohammed Asif, a taxi driver of Carlton Hill, of sexually assault and battery after she hired the driver to take her from Nottingham to her home 11 miles away in Bingham. Asif who dropped Berwick at her home after stopping to allow the drunken woman to vomit and get money from an ATM was arrested later in the evening by local police on charges of assault. Despite Asif’s pleas that he had recorded the entire trip on his mobile phone because he had been warned his fare may be drunk at 16h 50m in the afternoon, the man was stripped and locked in a cell. Once the cops finally listened to the entire recording Asif was released and Berwick was arrested for perversion of Justice and sentenced to 16 months in jail. Here in Hell Berwick faces similar charges which could result in imprisonment in the Field of Crosses for up to one year or a fine of h 1,000.

jodi strahan

Jodi Strahan, 26, of Nacagdoches, Texas abandoned her one month old infant with a complete stranger so she could continue her drinking binge with her boyfriend, 47 year old Norman McDonald Jr. It is a good thing the drunken couple did drop off the sick child because shortly after McDonald was pulled over by police after hitting the side of a bridge and leaving the scene.

Frost Family

Cardigan at conservative bigotry blog has made a factual journalistic error in posting “Welfare cockroach gets luxury roach motel” in regard to British mother of 11, Heather Frost, 37 of Churchdown, Gloucestershire. Ms Frost collects £ 30,000 per year for the care of children from the taxpayers and this angers Cardigan thus the title of the post. But Cardigan errs in agreeing with the Daily Mail article which sensationalizes that Frost would receive a £ 500,000 council house for her family free of charge. In reality the local council, Severn Vale Housing rejected Ms Frost’s claim to the house deeming it unsuitable to her family’s needs. The Daily Mail article mentioned this as well however, for their own class warfare purposes, Cardigan chooses to leave this out. The conservative view is interesting that they are libertarian in regard to guns and adamantly pro life but when it comes to taking care of those who need it most they are willing to allow homelessness, starvation, rape and death because it costs them nothing.


Testing reveals Pepsi products have traces of a known carcinogen, 4-methylimidazole. However, the real news is that you would have to drink nearly 1,000 liters of soda a day to have any harmful effects.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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