To anyone working in journalism here in Hell the name Ben Bradlee is revered. As historical figures go Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee could have done anything he wanted with his life. He served in the Pacific during WWII in the United States Navy as an intelligence officer. Her returned home and poured himself into journalism. If you recall he was portrayed by Jason Robards in the motion picture All The President’s Men.

Ben Bradlee turned 92 on Monday of this week and on a personal note I wish him many many more happy birthdays. Now to the more odious reason of my post today as consiglieri of this newspaper. On that day, Howard Kurtz who now works for Fox News after a stint at CNN, wrote this article about Bradlee’s daughter in law Pari Bradelee. The article is almost nonsense and it is definitely not news. Kurtz seems to have settled into the other side of the Fox News de rigueur of oftentimes thinking that anything that comes to mind, especially if it has a titillating aspect, is worthy of a column.

Pari Bradlee

The article makes one think before delving into who Pari Bradlee is that she had been photographed naked, or nearly naked as if there would have been something inherently wrong about that. There is a quite elegant, feminine and artistic photo of Pari looking confident and stunning on her Facebook page that seems to have become a brainworm in Kurtz’s mind. Then the article becomes really bizarre. Kurtz informs his readers, “In another just-posted photo she is nude, shot from the back, twisting one arm behind her.” Then he asks his audience, “Do the pictures go too far?” I find it difficult to cough up enough petals to even offer that question a reply.

pari bradlee 2

The quote explaining the photo that is offered by Howard Kurtz is done in a style that would have a freshman journalism professor wincing and reaching for his red marker:

“I have worked so hard all my life and always wanted to feel and be beautiful inside and out,” Bradlee writes on Facebook. “I own my sensuality and teach others not to repress it. Femininity for me is a very powerful and beautiful force.” She says the bra, which looks like someone took a scissors to it, was suggested by “my beautiful Persian QUEEN Maryam Amirimaidi” and that her mother-in-law, Sally Quinn, “bought me those Louboutins” — the only other thing she is wearing.

The actual quote from Ms Bradlee is:

This is a very special photo for me for various reasons: It’s in a room that I’ve always dreamed of, one of my dearest friends took it and made me laugh so much I was sore! I have worked so hard all of my life and always wanted to feel and be beautiful inside and out. I own my sensuality and teach others to not repress it. Femininity for me is a very powerful and beautiful force. The bra was suggested my my beautiful Persian QUEEN Maryam Amirmajdi in her store Jaryam. I would have never picked that out. She said it was made for me as well as the shrug. Sally bought me those Louboutins.
I’ve always wanted a picture like that. Barry gave me one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I will treasure it forever.
It’s a symbol of overcoming being bullied and told that I would never make it in life. A poor girl from the hood that could never afford nice things and take care of herself. A symbol of overcoming pain in general and showing all beings in the world that you can be who you wish to be no matter what.

Very strong words from a strong and beautiful woman versus the a writer who has taken the low road and by doing so damaged his journalistic reputation for no reason at all. Kurtz even got wrong that Ms Bradlee was wearing something other than a bra. It is my opinion that Howard Kurtz is one of those types of people that are bullies that Pari mentions. The scandal here is not the art and beauty of the human form but why Howard Kurtz felt he could throw such feces on the wall of the Internet and no one would call him out. Were it possible for me to travel to Terra, and seeing that Pari Bradlee is fond of cigars I would enjoy sitting somewhere quietly with her, and her husband of course, and enjoying a nice Cuban Presidente. Of course, this too would outrage Howard Kurtz and his loyal readers!

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Ciu Cava daelth Nixhot, J.F.. D.S.V.J.
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  1. i used to watch reliable sources on CNN and thought it was a decent show covering the media. but kurtz has made previous errors (intentional or not) as exposed by subsequent on-air questioning after his mea culpa on jason collins.

    with that history its only natural that faux entertainment would find a place for kurtz just as with palin. remember these are the people who convince their audience that sadaam hussain was behind 9/11, climate change is a giant conspiracy (pay no attention to the changed animal behavior behind the curtain), and its inconceivable that romney wouldnt win, even as romney wasnt winning !

    all in all, comedy central is better entertainment indeed.

    • o3:

      Indeed it is a world of cognitive dissonance in which conservatives live. This piece by Kurtz was a disaster. Cavalor, The Boss let me know in no uncertain terms that if any columnist here wrote such a thing, they would be roasted out the door on a rail in very short order. Slow news day? This is no excuse. It is as you say Comedy Central is better entertainment and factually more accurate.

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