Just a few links this morning to things that seem to give the “loyal opposition” a warm fuzzy on the unluckiest day of the year:

I luv sluts

Kathy Shaidle on the “phenomenon” of “sluts” and her failure at becoming one.

dreaming in Cuban

The Daily Caller continues to fan the flames of the inappropriateness of anything in the Common Core Curriculum. This time it’s Cristina Garcia’s book for 10th grade reading [in some school districts] “Dreaming in Cuban”.


How many times have you heard from conservatives that women exposing tattoos or even having them is inappropriate or quite possibly makes them a “slut?” [See how I linked all of those things together. They teach things like that in good colleges!] Now those on the far right who are okay with body art have Theresa Vail to thank. Theresa is literally out of right wing conservative central casting. She’s in the military, she is a Bible believing Christian and she is strikingly beautiful. I hear it only cost the RNC 1.9 billion dollars to have her built and beta tested. Sadly, newer models will be constructed in Myanmar and will look like Kay bailey Hutchison but only cost $49,50 to manufacture. Funds to cover this cost will be gleaned from the defunding of ObamaCare.

And finally to the idiot at the Daily Caller who calls himself Scoops Delacroix, for the “Faces of Meth Obama edition” story which I guess mocks the fact that UN Ambassador Samatha Power is like most humans do aging, well today is Friday the thirteenth. And for the record the before shot of Ms Power was taken in 2007 for Men’s Vogue. Enjoy.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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