The title applies to both those who are willing to commit violence in the name of a broken and fundamentally flawed belief that they are somehow closer to the Creator of the Universe than anyone else based solely on their traditions of worship and to those who because of their political ideology feel that they are morally superior, superior in class and are superior because of the random luck associated with where they were born [in this case this would be the United States of America].

For the former you can see the ignorance and arrogance of religion based hatred in the actions of Somali terrorists who feel they are doing the work of the Creator by shooting up a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya and killing 68 people. The same ignorance and arrogance comes from the Right ideologically who are angered that the suffering of their religion of convenience is being ignored in Pakistan after Islamic apostates bombed a Christian church in Peshawar. Yes, there is outrage that the killing of large numbers of what Conservative Americans feel is the “one true religion” half a world away is more important than an ongoing hostage crisis a quarter of a world away. In the politically poliraized United States of America it has gotten this bad.

I hold an example one of the moral exemplars of skewed belief in religion, class and exceptionalism from the Right in the United States in the form of Christian Post op-ed contributor Rachel Alexander. In her post, littered with nuggets of class hatred, bigotry and malice toward many for the benefit of keeping aging conservative base voters from thinking about their soon to come demise at the hands of the undefeated inevitability of Death, Alexander makes this claim:

For too long, the left has held up the poor as an emotional lure to get knee-jerk support for their policies. It has worked, and now the poor have everything available to them, while the middle class is going without. The poor receive food stamps and can buy steak, fast food, and expensive food that the lower middle class cannot afford. The poor qualify for Medicaid to cover their healthcare, while the middle class is stuck with unaffordable Obamacare. The poor can live in Section 8 free or reduced income housing. The lower middle class has no such assistance and instead has been hit with foreclosures.

This is not a new tack for those on the political Right in America. The appeal to base voters that the Left has no substance and can only appeal to the emotions of their voters has often been trotted out in times of electoral peril by the Right. I would only have to point out the worship of armed men and women who go to war as demi-gods, reverence for a dyed piece of cloth as if were some sort of living divine icon and the notion that the Creator of the Universe meant that people born an ocean away from the land in which they live now would become exceptional if they only took that land away from the inhabitants of the age and brought in slave labor from yet another continent. Alexander earns the right to be devoured by the rational also by simply appealing to the deity she and most other Conservatives worship one made of gold and firing cruise missiles out of every orifice and giving birth to lies so numerous they cannot be seen by the faithful as anything other than the Truth. The poor cannot use their SNAP benefits to buy fast food as it is cook and is one of the many things [like alcohol tobacco and toilet paper] that are prohibited SNAP items. The writer also forget that the average SNAP benefit is around $133 per month/ per person in a household. Rachel Alexander is too “moral” to state that she just wants those who, do not worship the violence of guns as she does, is not white and upper middle class like she is, and does not believe in a certain deity as she does, to simply slink off and starve to death. There are millions of those who agree with Rachel Alexander in America and despite their cowardice regarding physical violence they are just as deadly and dangerous with their words and lack of intellectual honesty as the hijackers who destroyed the facade of American exceptionalism on 11 September 2001.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., CS, O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
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  1. sarahbloch Says:

    I am sure there will be conservatives who cry foul about the fast food thing but they have to keep in mind that whether some restaurants are allowed to serve SNAP customers is up to the individual states. The elderly, the disabled and the homeless have for some time been able to walk into a Wendy’s or a BK and order food. Not so much which the single mom of three. I find it a testament to your journalistic prowess Boss that you could write this article and not mention Duck Dynasty once!

  2. as soon as the gop realizes that most welfare goes to the rural poor in red states, they’ll drop their food stamp obsession quicker than u can say “privatize the postal service”.

  3. Typical liberal with no grasp of the truth and only name-calling to fall back on.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      I’m far from being a typical anything. The Boss, Cavalor, is certainly far from being a typical anything. We’re a Progressive shop here but we do have our disagreements but unlike conservatives ours are about policy rather than simple ideological purity. We Progressives don’t have the problem conservatives have of needing to twist themselves into knots to disagree with the opposition. All we have to do is simply repeat the volumes of baseless, bigoted and misogynist crap your side says with cameras rolling and microphones live.

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