I hate to start this post off sounding like Andy Rooney but . . .

Have you ever noticed that when pious conservatives write or speak they always talk in terms of what “should” be? These people have invented a cottage industry centered around telling other people how they should live their lives and what they deserve to have and not to have. Noonan is catholic but I think if he were a Lutheran it would not make a difference. Mark Noonan wants to be able to tell everyone what they can and cannot do based solely on what frightens him and what he knows he wants but should not wish to have. In his comment below the reader will get a glimpse into the mind of a Dominionist:

That is because you don’t understand that Big Government and Big Corporation are two sides of the same coin – they are in it together and against the rest of us. But here’s the thing – a 26 year old ISN’T A CHILD. For crying out loud, someone at 26 should be married, working, owning their own home, have a couple kids. My dad at 17 was a United States Marine being sent to fight on Saipan…he wasn’t a little boy who needed mommy, any more.

Our children might be our greatest asset, but someone in his 20′s isn’t “our children” anymore…he’s an adult and can darn well look after himself like an adult.

This theocrat begins in the right direction because on of the biggest problems in America today is the merger of corporation with elected officialdom. You have to keep in mind that this is the opinion of a neutered drone who has lived the best years of his life more than two decades ago. He has no hope of passing his genes on and seeing his grandchildren grow up in his old age. All he has to look forward to is that decline that ends in death. So to punish you young people out there who are doing all the things he wishes his religion of choice allowed him to do he and millions of other like minded dominionists demand they put aside their personal freedom in the name of far right nostalgia and power concentrated in the hands of white men.

Of course a 26 year old is a child if he or she is your child. A 26 year old shouldn’t be married unless they want to be. They should be working and thousands of 26 year old who work for the federal government would be working if it weren’t for crazy conservative voters who scare the crap out of establishment GOP members of Congress who fear primaries in 2014 more than they fear polls in 2013. As far as where mark Noonan’s father was when he was 17 i have to say who gives a fuck? I say the same thing about the grandstanding right wing stunt about veterans at the WWII memorial. Who gives a fuck? I really wish Americans would stop death worshipping and begin life honoring.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
140 Colnu 2 AS

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