I just finished my post about the new media site that was whelped from the loins of the corpse of and hopped over to my new favorite political debate site where I found this brilliant comment from my Progressive pal MitchEtheKid in response to his conservative colleague Cluster’s attempt to shame President Obama and his foreign policy:

I’ll make a deal with you. I won’t quote MSNBC and you won’t read Little Lord Fauntleroy’s [The Daily Caller] attempt at satire. How are you going to feel if the behavior of the extremists in the GOP are responsible for a GOP loss in the house next year? Then 3 branches of government will be dominated by Democrats. How will you feel if I what I say becomes reality as well as the realization that the loss was totally self-inflicted? But more to the point, how will you feel if the United States falls victim to economic terrorists (and that’s exactly what they are. Death by any other means) and the entire world plunges into chaos? Is refusing to accept settled law i.e. AHC, worth it?
The mentality is the same as people who blow up abortion clinics, murder abortion Doctors or pass draconian laws in state legislatures. Sure, fighting the good fight is noble and admirable, but this is neither. It’s a death wish. A refusal to accept things the way they are. It’s no different than me getting pissed off because I can’t breathe water.

hindsight 2214
In Hindsight
Don’t get me wrong I like Cluster and I respect his opinions even if they are grounded in an archaic us against them Cold War fight against communism mentality. That doesn’t work in the modern era and it definitely is a loss leader for conservatives in domestic affairs. The era of shaming is dead and all he’s doing is preaching to a decaying base of people that wouldn’t vote for Obama in the first place and never will get a chance to vote against Obama in the future.

Pax Terra!

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