I’ve heard some really stupid things come out of the mouths of overpaid pundits for this ideology or that over the last few years but this one from Liz Trotta at Breitbart.com really takes the cake. Trotta’s commentary states that since people don’t believe in the devil anymore society is just going to keep getting worse and worse. That really means that conservatives are going to keep losing culture war battles over things that the young people and moderates, you know the folks who really make the decisions about society in America, find fully acceptable. As you, loyal reader, know, I am a citizen in good standing, gainfully employed in the breathtaking capitol city of Hell, Dis.

If there’s one thing I know about, with a personal certainty it’s what the state of Old Scratch is. The tyrant who once ruled all twenty city-states of Hell, what you Living folks call the Afterlife on its own special plane of existence with its own cool new rule book, no longer exists having been cast into Oblivion just over 14 Terran standard years ago. Now I know there are conservatives and their most vitriolic bigoted fringe of white male Dominionists that will never accept that this is the case because it doesn’t play well with their end time needs. To them all I can say is sorry for your bad luck pal. Yet and still these people believe in talking snakes, talking fiery bushes and a rapture that isn’t even in the Bible but was made up nearly out of whole cloth in the 1830s. That aside for the moment at least I have to admit that Trotta is moving in the right direction when she says, “Our need to be shocked, though, has spiraled out of control, and death surrounds everyone, especially the children.” The thread is lost when she doesn’t go into why all the guns? Or why not decriminalize marijuana and cocaine? Or why do conservative pundits have to push the fear button every time? Instead Liz Trotta starts to whine and drone on about things in popular culture that she finds annoying or offensive. Liz Trotta does not care about what children see or do her job, her only job is to put a seed of fear in the minds of middle aged white men and women who already feel that the country they are living in is somehow less free, less safe and less prosperous simply because Barack Obama is president and his face is not white.

hindsight 2057
In Hindsight

This commentary by Trotta ought to be must see TV for every Progressive young person who gives any thought to what the real motivations of the Conservative movement are. I like the analogy that the GOP is on its way to becoming a “zombie party” having been infected with the TEA Party virus they are now running around foaming at the mouth like the crazed undead from the Resident Evil movie franchise. [Note to Milla Jovovich: I know these movies pay you a shitload of money but I’d really like to see you “act” again.–V.D.] The chief reason for the concentration of this virus among a single nearly homogeneous demographic is because of delivery systems like Liz Trotta. Why do moderates and Progressives not fall for this nonsense? Well for the most part we;ve built up and immunity to the Limbaugh strain, the Coulter strain and the Hannity strain after many years of constant exposure. But wait! There’s hope! For any conservatives out there hoping they could cure themselves of possibly save their children from becoming political zombies as well I hear a little drug called Reason works every time and has a double effect it relieves the symptoms of bigotry brought on out of anger that one is simply middle class and middle aged.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
15 1 Leviathan 2 AS


  1. shorter trotta “get off my lawn”

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