I have to agree with my digital friend kmgtwo over at that the cancer that is BlogsforVictory is distracting Progressive of good conscience from writing about more pressing matters. So today I will rant one last time, for a good little while, about the seething bigotry that oozes from B4V in the form of posts by Bill Logan aka Neocon1. Some of you may be wondering why I use his name and the reason is simple; we’ve caught Bill in a rather embarrassing digital situation where it appears he has sought to be pissed upon by a young woman nearly fifteen years ago. I have to say appears because despite having three connections of proof, Neocon1 steadfastly denies this is him. Well, I guess we are at loggerheads at this point but he feels that he has been “slandered” by The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork based upon his exposing his email address which allowed me to do a simple search with Google that led me to the golden shower forum which had his email there. Now Neocon1 wants to sue us much as the supporters of Kishkush Wilson wanted to do over the murder of Kristine Luken and the articles that were written here. These are two completely different circumstances though. In the Luken case we were wrong and ran with a story without fully doing the due diligence that should come with accurate journalism. Had it turned out our staff was correct it would have been a massive coup it turned out we were wrong and had to retract. To this date the bigot Bill Logan only can offer his word against my digital proof that his email was “hacked” leading to the December 1998 post at the golden shower forum. To our awesome legal staff the burden of proof is met on our side and not on his. When you are dealing with someone who thinks this sort of bigoted nonsense deserves to be remain on a blog [Ed. Note: Originally posted at CBS New York by someone called NonYa Biz.–F.S.]:

HO HO HO ….. Barack O’Clause is coming to town on December 25th, and he’ll be handing out EBT cards to all the good little lazy Democrats this year.

As the 2014 elections draw closer, those of you in the “GIMMIE DAT!!” crowd who plan on voting more than once can expect to find a little extra in your stocking!!

MOAR, MOAR, MOAR Food Stamps
MOAR, MOAR, MOAR HUD Housing Allowances
MOAR, MOAR, MOAR Obamaphones too!

Just remember the Democrat’s motto: “Vote Early and Vote Often!”

Like Barack O’Clause and the Democrats say: “We don’t need no stinkin` budgets! It’s way too much fun playing Santa with other people’s money!”

And whatever you do, do NOT think of it as “buying votes”!!

No, No, just think of it as “compassion”…..yea, that’s it, “compassion”. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho….

☭☭…..This message brought to you by your local commies in drag, the DNC…..☭☭

“Demo☭rats, Unions and Ignorant Minorities …. Doing to America What They Did For Detroit”

and reasonable debate does not then I count myself blessed to be a Progressive open-minded thinker for getting away from this idiot and the cunts that support him.

bigger fish to fry
In Hindsight

Enough of Neocon1 and the vile harpy Amazona for awhile. As you can clearly see above, this newspaper has bigger fish to fry. For the coming weeks we’ll be going back to what made us a great site for these past eight Terran standard years– good journalism, editorial prowess and open debate on topics that are of import to the Living.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
54 1 Leviathan 2 AS


  1. Right. I’ll pilot, you take rear gunner position. And follow our blog!

  2. sarahbloch Says:

    Well done Fred. All of us have better things to do. I’ve written my last reply to those people for a good while and am focusing on matters that actually matter until well into the spring of next year.

    @Mitch All of you are doing a great job and with our help we’ll drive more commenters and eyes to your site over the next few months. There’s a really smart vein of political thought there when you guys are able to get away from the radioactive poison that’s B4V.

  3. Sarah, I tried to email you but not sure if I have the proper address. I have a bit of news to share that I’m sure you will find; ah, intriguing so please get in touch!

  4. Let me add something to this dying a slow death topic. Yesterday, both Cluster and myself received 3 threatening emails from our pal Bill. After investigating just how he became privy to our legal names and our personal email addresses , it seems that b4v violated the WordPress terms of agreement by providing him with privleged information. I have since contacted the FBI, our internet service providers (they transmitted the threats) and have filed a complaint with WordPress.
    He’s also a bit confused as to what porn is. According to his steel trap mind, this blog is a “hot” link to porn. I guess “hot” has a double meaning to him.
    Just thought I’d share the good news that Bill is now a terrorist!
    “You’re a murderer now little Alex. It’s the barie place for you and all my good work ruined.”

  5. PS. I like the snow. Very seasonal.

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