I take Fred Schwartz’s decision to distance this newspaper from the cancer that is Blogs4Victory very seriously so after this example of conservative hypocrisy from the disgraced Bill Logan I too will be taking a sabbatical from commenting on their delusions. These people constantly state that the writers and researchers here are living in a fantasy world yet it is the fantasy that is supported by their own religious beliefs. “There cannot be a Heaven without a Hell,” is a constant in this Afterlife. Yet religious Conservatives at B4V mock that their is even a possibility that I, or Fred Schwartz or Pain even exist in the realm where we do live. To sum up, their fantasies, that all of their loved ones go to Heaven must be true because it supports their worldview; our reality is impossible because it is in conflict with their ideal that all Conservatives go to Heaven.

This level of delusion is important to understand when dealing with Conservatives especially ones of an age that lived through the Cold War. The fight against the Marxist-Leninism of the Soviet Union was supposed to be the last great fight that America was ever to have. It would be a winner take all battle between Communism and Capitalism, Christianity versus Atheism and Democracy versus Totalitarianism. Of course, this hasn’t been the case. There were many complexities politically and economically that do not fit into neat little boxes regarding the collapse of the Soviet Union. The same thing would have been true has America been broken up for similar reasons and the Soviets won the ideological battle for Terra.

Bill Logan, aka Neocon1, makes light of many things. He mocks the working poor and their struggle for a Living Wage. What he does is typical of a man who is angry that Death is so close and he has not been rewarded on Terra with what he felt he deserved because he was loyal to his racial tribe and religious tribe. As a Human Being, in that great struggle to become one he has failed because he has chosen the opposite path of Nelson Mandela and now fights for hate rather than love. To be on the side of hate is to relish lying and obscuring the facts to convince the other rotting souls who ally with conservatism that the Progressives are due for punishment for taking away the golden future that white Conservatives were promised. That golden future, sadly for Bill Logan is neither the golden shower he lusts for, nor is it a golden parachute; that future now is being enjoyed by the powerful oligarchs of the American 1%.

Neocon1 in his most recent tour de force of hypocrisy and obfuscation note that McDonald’s is installing 7,000 touch screens at restaurants to replace cashiers. It is a response to last week’s push by fast food workers for a Living Wage in the United States. Neocon1 gives the impression with his post that the hammer is going to come down on McDonald’s workers for standing up to their corporate masters. However, this story is neither about McDonald’s restaurants in the United States nor is it a current reaction to the protests. The story is about restaurants in Europe and was originally written in May of 2011. In the article itself, are the words, “McDonald’s says they have no interest in replacing cashiers with kiosks in Australia, however, or anywhere else for that matter.” So once again Neocon1 depends on the rabid stupidity of the other walking corpses of Conservatism who gobble up the feces of bigotry and anti-intelelctualism at B4V. To me they are to be pitied not to waste digital space on here or anywhere else. For at least a few months, unless their crimes of hypocrisy are grave, I will devote my time to pressing home the Progressive agenda to my American readers and enjoying the warm weather here in Hell.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
55 1 Leviathan 2 AS


  1. i ve found the best way to force wingnuts to critically think about real issues is to ask pointed questions lest they become emotional. for ex, in dealing w the neoconfederate revionist meme that the civil war was fought over the union and not slavery, simply ask “why did the southern states sucede?”

    this non-confrontational approach will bypass emotion & force the wingnut to actually think thru an issue rather than resort to radio memes & TP’s.

  2. blinkeredinva Says:

    I read that post and have to agree. I thought neocon1 was filled with anger at what he perceived to be his elitism and the “dumb” people who serve him at his whim. His labeling of people who are low wage earners was a perfect example of his disconnect. I notice that he went to three different local fast food places just so he could make his point, whatever that point was. Recognizing that these employees were acting on management direction, it isn’t the low wage worker who should be criticized for mopping the floor, it is management who no doubt told them to do it at that moment. If not, why wouldn’t management say not to do it during that time?

    Someone rightly pointed out that if people earned a living wage there would be less utilization of safety net programs. I felt sorry for the guy…how dare he use logic and truth to make a point!

    • not only less coporate welfare thru govt support for low wage earners, but they will actually spend the money which may well roll over in the local economy.

      i might ask then something like “shouldnt we cut govt benefits to employed low wage earners”? this would force the wingnut to think thru folks NOT taking those jobs unless the wages were raised which may, in turn, lead them into critically thinking about corporate welfare.

      this way one isnt arguing w a wingnut (which is pointless) but rather gently coaching them and avoids their emotions.

  3. Let me add something to this dying a slow death topic. Yesterday, both Cluster and myself received 3 threatening emails from our pal Bill. After investigating just how he became privy to our legal names and our personal email addresses , it seems that b4v violated the WordPress terms of agreement by providing him with privleged information. I have since contacted the FBI, our internet service providers (they transmitted the threats) and have filed a complaint with WordPress.
    Just thought I’d share the good news that Bill is now a terrorist!

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Bill Logan seems to have violated at least four laws one of them federal by gaining your personal information. There’s more public dirt about Logan out there on the web. If he keeps this litigation talk up I wonder what his wife will think of his browsing habits?

  4. Well lets broadcast it! Shove a stick into his cage. Cowardly puke that he is.

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