The MSM has made quite a bit out of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality. I am one of the few here at The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork that is not a journalist. I am a practitioner of the law here in Hell’s capital Dis. To me, the issue swirling around A&E and their reality star is not a matter of 1st amendment rights at all; it is a matter of how much one is willing to sacrifice to hold on to their personal beliefs.

The right to free speech is codified, federally, in the 1st amendment to the United States Constitution as:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Clearly, this is not a de facto or de jure allowance of all speech. The 1st amendment begins with the words, “Congress shall make no law . . .” and it continues to state that the body of people who represent the American eligible voters and their minor offspring will not establish a state religion, nor shall they prohibit the free exercise of religion or prohibit free speech or governmental interference in the Free Press. So to inject more clarity, had Congress passed a law stating that Phil Robertson or anyone can no longer express their religion based beliefs in public, or on the airwaves, this would have been a violation of the 1st amendment. The simple fact that his comments or some of the ones below from Neocon1 of Blogs for Victory infamy have caused the ire of Progressives, Moderates and Conservatives alike have little to do with 1st amendment and more to do with how society feels today in 2013 about bigoted speech.

I feel that the words of Phil Robertson were a stentorian shout of bigotry based in biblical beliefs. Robertson has a right to express these beliefs but what he doesn’t have is the right to bear no consequences economically for expressing them. One must keep in mind that America is far from being a democracy. The United States is a corporate oligarchy, and quite a complex one, married with a representative constitutional republic. Corporations gain far more from the federal government than individuals do, however, the system still would work on behalf of the individual or in the case of the LGBT community if their interests mesh with those of corporate powers.

That said I come to Neocon1 who has said many bigoted things in the past and seems to relish the fact that his comments make Progressives and others angry. For years the moderators at Blogs4Victory have simply gone along with this man’s rants and ravings which are regularly anti-black, anti-LGBT and anti-Obama. He has a right to do this and has been allowed by the moderators to do so until most recently when they responded to an anti-LGBT rant in this manner:

Neocon1: I guess quotes from the Catholic church and it’s saints over the years fails the homosexual PC test. very sad.

You seem to be saying that moderators are homosexuals defending a PC position. Not so. But your constant ranting about homosexuality and your constant efforts to justify your rants have resulted in having all of them removed. And they will be continued to be removed no matter how many Catholics you quote. Enough on this subject. No more homosexual rants, no more white hut rants, no more Kenyan rants. Be sad but enough is enough. //Moderator

While the B4V comments were removed some of his comments at one of his favorite haunts The Blaze have been archived and follow:

neocon1Jun. 20, 2013 at 4:31pm
this was a cherry picked case by left wing S**Tcago racist mobs to over turn the stand your ground laws in Fla.
It all falls into his insane destruction of the 2nd amendment in order to usher in his marxist/muslim paradise.
Make NO mistake about it our GOP governor scott FOLDED like a piece of tissue paper when confronted by lunatic blacks marching, beating, looting, murdering threatening all in the name of “justice” for a doper, thieving, fist fighting thug, named NO_LIMIT_NI^^AH.

Hope ole George likes being in jail with the rest of the DEMOCRAT blacks who hate white (hispanics)

One can read the pattern of bigotry and his hatred for blacks at The Blaze and while William J Logan aka Neocon1 isn’t a public figure on television, like Robertson he is a businessman. The Moderator has finally put his foot down at B4V with:

This is a pattern of yours. You obsess about something and post about it over and over again, you get deeper and deeper into your obsession, and when you get called on it you act innocent and hurt. You know what you do and you know you like to push things as far as you can. You have made your point plenty of times and have crossed the line from just reposting things of interest into selecting things that support your personal prejudice and hammering the topic incessantly. You know what “enough” means and whining about being called on your efforts to see how far you can go with your posts will end up getting all of your posts removed. // Moderator

Maybe Mr Logan will learn his lesson and decide a blog is not the best place to vent his spleen about those to whom he bears prejudice and anger. It would be terrible to think however that a man with such beliefs would find a forum for such retrograde ideas but to express is and always will be his right.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Ciu Cava daelth Nixhot, J.F.. D.S.V.J.
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
68 1 Leviathan 2 AS


  1. if it walks, quacks, and looks like a duck…

    on the other hand, here’s something that quacks waay better


  2. Thanks for the link. Very festive.
    It remains to be seen if they ostracize this cretin. Personally I doubt it. They have tolerated him for yrs. Phil Robertson was given a platform to reveal his racism for Blacks and bigotry towards gays, all nicely wrapped up by his using the bible as a defense against criticism. What’s head smacking about the right wing response to it, is their complete neglect of the comments he made about how great the Confederacy was for Black folks. You couldn’t find a better stereotype. They posture and pose about how this is an example of free speech and yet when it comes to television commentators saying things about; oh don’t know, $arah Palin they demand someone lose their jobs. In this case, “free” speech isn’t “free”. It comes with a cost. Most paramount being advertizing dollars. I don’t think the ad dept at A&E was to thrilled at his comments.
    The good news is that if a political party and a conservative philosophy wants to be identified with racists, bigots and toothless uneducated rednecks, then give them more rope. They might get TV shows that appeal to voyers, but they won’t win national elections.

    • Mitch you are very welcome. I doubt that they will ostracize anyone from The Blaze because it is a feverish cauldron for the expressing of far right conservative bigotry. While Robertson and Bashir both have a right to voice their opinions they do not have the unfettered freedom to do so in a forum owned by a corporation. This is the reason that both find themselves unemployed, at least in the media, at this time. As far as Neocon1 goes he has been banned at B4V for his anti-gay and bigoted comments and for this I am disappointed at the moderators there. Open discussion no matter how vitriolic the words and message should be allowed so that both sides of a debate can fully understand each other’s positions.

      We would welcome him to come here as he has done before to discuss anything in an uncensored manner. but keep in mind this isn’t one way traffic. If he can sling fecal matter we can sling fecal matter as well. But better if we present ideas he can do the same!

  3. The problem isn’t free speech so much, it’s the content of the speech. After “debating” someone for yrs (more like a one way conversation) one comes to certain conclusions. The conclusion I have reached is that Neo is the embodiment of everything I despise. B4V is a continuous feedback loop of extreme ideas and they need an “other” to make mock and use as a punching bag. When someone like myself has punched back, they have been banned. Which is fine with me. To give you an example of just how Neo thinks, today I received another in a series of threatening emails from him. I’m pretty much convinced that someone at B4V gave him my legal name and email address. I’m really intimidated…

  4. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

    Nice to see you here in the free speech zone. For the record I’ve never said I’m not bisexual but demons aren’t my type and I’m certain Cavalor isn’t one to be buggered in any sense of the word. There isn’t a straighter demon in Hell. That said there isn’t one more supportive of the fight in America for LGBT rights either. As for my colleague Sarah Bloch to know her is to adore her. There might be a handful of brighter people no matter their gender or politics in all of Hell, period. She will run this newspaper one day of that I am certain. For the record her hygiene is impeccable. What you’ve said is typically juvenile for someone so filled with anger and steeped in the dead rhetoric of religion as a crutch that i find your posts not only funny but welcome here. As I said this is the free speech zone, welcome!

  5. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

    You said to pragmatist that 2000 years ago your ancestor were building great monuments of civilization. That’s not true unless you are either Greek or Italian which i doubt. Logan sounds English or irish to me so that means 2000 years ago your ancestors were painting themselves blue and getting their women sold as whores to Roman legionnaires. Should I keep on or are you sick of this game?

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Fudgepacker. Stay classy Bill. I am what i am man nothing more nothing less. At least I don’t have to hide behind the skirts of priests . . .

  6. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

    On the same note say happy Holidays to your wife for me. that oughta bring a rare smile to her face.

  7. We, Ourselves, of the Collective are happily married and in love with Our Empress, Ang’ki Hoor I and have no desire for Ms Bloch. We do, however, have an undying friendship with her and your comments show a lack of maturity that is common for conservatives of a certain age. Know this you can pray for heaven but Hell is far more full of those you know and those you do not know as well as those your mind cannot imagine! May you live in interesting times William Logan . . .

  8. Mr Logan I have observed that you are not only a bigot, or at least dance around the periphery of bigotry, but you are obsessed with the sexual practices of others. I will make no assumptions about the people with whom you associate, but the generation in which you were born tells me that you bear the burden of all the arcane teachings of that age. I have only one piece of advice: “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”

  9. It’s not an obsession. It’s a purposeful expose (x po zay) of a miserable, shriveled racist who is at war with a changed culture. You have a gun fetish, admire bikers, are proud of your abject ignorant hatred and think that impugning ones sexuality is an indication of intellectual and moral superiority. You think your religion makes you better than other people and gives you licence to mock them. The only thing these characteristics prove is how monumentally dense as lead you are. Dan Savage would carve you into little pieces. You made a comment below that I’ll address, although ultimately it’s pointless to respond to your challenge because no matter the evidence, evidence that contradicts what you demand is true and your inability to produce any evidence that substantiates your racist ideology is a waste of time.
    Lets begin. On the Blaze you claimed that a “2 star General” told you COLIN; (not COLON as your anal obsession caused you misspell ) Powell was (and I’ll complete the sentence since you are to chicken shit to) “the house nigger”. Now mind you, this “nigger” is the 4 star general who was the Secretary of State under GWB (the name sake of a blog that was a dedicated dick-sucker of all things GWB) National Security Advisor, Commander of the US Army Forces Command and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Persian Gulf War. Yep. He’s a nigger all right. And you fix AC units, all the while eaten from the inside out with resentment and self-loathing.

    Lets move on to the “nigger” in the White House. Please provide evidence that: he is not a US citizen, that he was born in Kenya, that he is a Marxist, a socialist, a Muslim (obviously you think that’s a put down and therefore proves “something”) and that he’s gay and an IV drug abuser. Sources such as WND, The Blaze or any others disassociated from reality do not count.

    And BTW, my full name is Mitchell David Epstein and I do not live nor have I ever been to St.Louis. You really need to pay more attention to details. Let me assure you Bill (or do you prefer William? Or maybe Will I Am?) that I have not given up on finding out exactly how you were made privy to my legal name and my personal email address. This goes for Jay as well.
    Your legal name and personal email address had already been published on the internet, therefore it was public knowledge. You gained mine dishonestly. And you’re jacking yourself off if you think you’re intimidating me, but keep those cryptic emails coming. No pun intended.
    And since it’s Xmas and I feel a bit Santaish, here’s a FB group that I’m sure you’ll be right comfortable in. Take your shoes off, relax a while. Ted Nugent for President. Ya’ll come back now, hear? Or is it here?

  10. If you Bill are the standard for universal stupidity, no one can come close. Why even compete with such a master.
    Lets see. You think a work of fiction, written by a mentally disturbed individual who has a 27 yr history of making wild eyed claims and engaging in bizarre behavior has credibility??? Oh yeah. And whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. Apparently you have no sense of shame for a simple Google search of Larry Sinclair should certainly be embarrassing and humiliating to anyone who thinks this guy should be paid attention to. Apparently very, very few do.

    Then you claim that I “repeated a conversation from a third party and attributed those words to me”. Well, harumph! I say! If you are not the “me” you were referring to, then just who is this mysterious me? Please explain why your alias is attributed to these comments.

    “Colin Powell Said What About George Zimmerman Acquittal?
    August 27, 2013 at 3:53pm
    In reply to californiac.
    years ago I had a two star Genreal tell me that colon powell was a house …… guess he was correct.” Tell us again who’s stupid?

    Then we have the piece de resistance. And I quote “A kenyan? (Kenya should be capitalized, btw but whatever.) I believe his wife, grandmother”. You believe his wife, grandmother what? Are you grunting that you believe what they have said in the past, and if so which grandmother? There are two. Both in the United States and Kenya. And if this is in fact what you are attempting to communicate what exactly is it that these 2 people have supposedly said? And I hope this information hasn’t a connection to Larry Sinclair for that would certainly let the cat out of the bag.
    Or are you suggesting that the fact that he is married to a Black American woman and had (not one but 2 grandmothers) that this somehow “proves” he isn’t a citizen?? You suggest I “study up” on international law. I must admit that I don’t know of any connection between “international law” and the qualifications for being a US citizen, but then I wasn’t educated on the planet Inositol. Perhaps you should take a lesson in human biology. A wife cannot give birth to her husband. Unless she can somehow marry her son. But that would be even more repulsive to you than homosexuality, would it not? Are you sure you’re not senile? Or have access to a computer from an insane asylum?

  11. This is just to pathetic not to broadcast. Yep! This Sinclair guy should be paid attention to! This guy makes Alex Jones look sane and well informed. There’s a reason the only people who have ever heard of this screaming me-me are fringe dwellers themselves. Sort of like a private club. Leave your mind at the door before entering.

  12. You probably believe the Dinar is going to re-evaluate as well.
    You can think anything you want to, it doesn’t make them true or have any corresponding reality. If these things were true, how did he get elected.? Twice? Oh wait, I know. It’s a conspiracy. Posting links to fantasy websites and obscure blogs does not count as factual, verifiable and irrefutable evidence. You can remain as convinced as you want to, it’s not going to change the way things are nor will it change the minds of the majority, and people like you are decidedly in the minority. Min or ity. Or in your language of choice, ebonics: min Or iteeee.
    We’re still waiting for your explanation re the Blaze comment about Colin Powell. You know, the one wherein you claimed that “it wasn’t me! It was the one armed man!” Maybe you were just schizophrenic that day. The day the you separated from the me so that at a future date who ever the fuck you are; or were, whichever, can claim plausible deniability. You’re a sad case. And unfortunately not man enough to admit you are wrong. Instead you cling to these phony claims and show them around like placards. Like they are some defensive shield against the truth. Maybe if you close your eyes ever so tightly, stamp your feet and hum to yourself, these delusions will magically become true! Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that not only does believing these things make you a fool, but it’s a glaring example of your racism and religious prejudice? Who gives a fuck if he’s a Muslim? What? Do you think he’s got a bomb strapped on his back? If he’s a socialist, he’s doing a worse job at that than he’s doing as a “Marxist”. Go repair a rheostat or something less dangerous than trying on critical thinking.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      OK Bill what exactly was the problem way back before you moved to Florida? Was there some girl that you liked that turned out to be a lesbian? Or is it simply that you were one of those kids who actually swallowed [Oh my! I bet you’ll make a “faggot” joke out of that one!] all the shit Johnson and Nixon said about victory with honor? You know I think you still believe that any war America is dumb greedy or both enough to fight is honorable because deep down because and I fought in war and lost [yes we lost] you WANT to see American boys and girls blown to bit to make up for your feelings of failure in Viet-Nam. That’s amazing this just came to me in an epiphany. You were never a Progressive you worshiped Nixon and just wished he had dropped you into Hanoi with a nuke strapped to your back so you would win the war and be a Hee-ro. What the fuck dude get over it. The Cold War is over there are no more Communists lurking in the State Department. There are only old religious white dudes who almost get a hard on when they think back to the first day they saw a moist bush way back in 1962 and how guilty they felt. Now people can be openly themselves and you hate them for it because you couldn’t. Let’s say I come down to that nice Greek place across from your shop after the New Year and bring you a nice shapely blond girl of say 19 to enjoy and you can stop torturing yourself by eating the same dinner every night? Nah, you’ll never take me up on an offer that sweet because that would make a mockery of the sanctity of marriage, right Bill?

      I’ve got this HVAC problem I think you can help me with. The ashes of all the douchebag Catholic Conservatives keep clogging up the filters. Maybe you can tell them to stop fucking children so they won’t all keep coming here and burning up over and over again. I think 3M has made enough money off me already. Stupid HEPA filters!

  13. Alleged! Yeah, that proves it. You are a performance artist! I knew it!! Maybe it’s you who is the administrator of this blog and you are just goofing on all of us! Pretending to be a real person. Very clever! After all, no one could be that stupid and un-self aware to think that the rest of us would actually believe this 1950’s style tabloid garbage. ” Kansas housewife has dinner with an Alien. Baby born 4 months later. Grows up to be President”.
    I’m beginning to feel sorry for you. Your desperation is increasingly more pathetic. Maybe what you really want is some validation and a pat on the head.

  14. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

    I still don’t get what your point is. Nobody cares but aging white people who are standing on a book they don’t understand.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Personally I don’t want to go to Iran until it is free of their theocratic government and has a government like oh let’s say the one Mossadegh had in place until the US replaced him with the puppet Shah. Face it Bill the US has ruined much of that part of the world with its greed. The Shah’s horrors lead to what they have now and if you had your way LGBT people would suffer the same fate in the USA.

      Since you are offering me advice try this. Post your “conservative” views at your business and see how that plays out.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      You know if I was half the asshole you think I am bill i would simply do you a favor and start to advertise for your business on this blog. But Like i said I’m not an asshole. You on the other hand think that your beliefs are gospel which is far more than ignorant it’s a sin. And let me tell you pal I know sin when I see it.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      What threats? All you have is a bunch of birther nonsense, religious bigotry and cowardly innuendo. In other words, nothing. The victory is mine bro and here’s the proof. We haven’t edited or deleted any of your posts. Why? Because we believe in free speech even speech that offends the people who work here. Can you say that about your lick spittle conservative brethren over at B4V? Nope you can’t. Only a Progressive blog would let you rant and rave like the right wing madman that you are. We aren’t trying to change YOUR mind we’re too busy changing the WORLD.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Whatever, man. Tomorrow’s another day.

    • Neocon1 If that is what you call a holiday We, Ourselves will pass and come to work to bring light into a world threatened with darkness.

  15. I hereby refute thee!
    But lets indulge little Billy. Lets present an academic hypothetical. Lets say his mother was photo’d nude. Apparently you think the depiction of the naked human body is the same as seeing humans fucking. So assuming that is his mother (with the same amount of conviction that one sees Jesus in a slice of burnt toast. For sale on Ebay) what reflection does that have on her child? Is this some allegory for original sin? Or is it more like YOU trying to claim once again; Ah HA! We gots him now! This PROVES he’s an usurper because; along with all of the other fantasies you are deluded by, his mom was photo’d nude!!! The Horror! String him up! And his mother too!! The filthy whore! Bear witness to the wrath of my angry man god! You exist, therefore you must suffer! And your little dog too.
    The bigger questions remain. How did you link to this, this whatever it is. Hybred blog maybe? And why? Searching for something? And how do you explain the tag on the photo that says Vintage Porn.com? And if in fact it is his mother, how did that photo end up on Vintage Porn and by whom and how was this picture determined to be the Presidents mother?
    Wanna buy some toast?

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      I tell ya what Bill I’ll give you the Holiday present you want in the next post.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      And yet you are banned by your own catholic brother at B4V? Why is that Bill? Is it because even Noonan, as dumb and fucking utterly sad a waste as he is, can’t stand your bigotry anymore?

    • Neocon1 Maybe after your holiday We, Ourselves will debate you on some of the more important issues such as crime in America’s cities and how to solve that problem, immigration and America’s debt?

    • Matzo. Learn to spell. And have some respect for your betters. After all, Jews are gods chosen. You have to figure out the maze on your own.

  16. I’m not little. Tall actually. I don’t hate “Christians”, but I have no time for zealot fanatics of any stripe. But I do take pleasure in asking questions of them, trying to understand absurd folly. I heard one the other day say that if god hadn’t chosen America, then why is the bible written in English?
    When Obama releases the Muslim hordes to take over America and go on a beheading spree, what makes you think I won’t be one of them??

  17. This has been a great day of comedy. Every response by Bill has me laughing to hysteria. Is hysteria an actual place? If so, he sent me there. This one is the best..”.you dont have the brains, skill, knowledge, to own or run a business. But hey maybe ole jay will take ya up on that ad business, or you could put it on your taxi…”
    You sure read a lot into an iconographic photo. What’s yours? A mucus excreting slug? A geriatric asshole? Or a sexual deviant limp dicked chump?
    Yep. You sure kicked our asses. Guess this blog will just fold up and move to another town. We’ve been exposed by the Sheriff Bill. We”re having a collective sad. 😦
    Tell you what einSTEIN. (And that’s a compliment. Einstein, Epstein same Jewish intellect) why don’t you make a change. Instead of pretending to yourself you’re winning some sort of galactic battle with forces who vastly overpower you, why don’t you join the 21st century. We’ll help. Become a double agent. I’ll bet you have the attire. After all, if you’re healthy at your advanced age you could live another 10, 15 maybe even 20 yrs before you either suddenly die or end up toothless and drooling with an atrophied brain.
    I’m being serious here. It’s Xmas. The season of perpetual hope and forgiving.

    • Well done Ser Mitch! We would welcome Neocon1 to debate at any time but would rather have him see things as they really are.

      • What We are may be beyond your comprehension, but yet We thrive in Hell. You do believe in hell do you not William?

      • William you cannot grasp how wonderful the Afterlife is here in Hell because you are full of delusions. What you cannot see that does not satisfy your belief that all the people you love go to a place of peace called Heaven. This is not for Us to debate with you because We, Ourselves know what lies beyond Death. You take these matters too trivially that all things must be black or white. Was it not Cavalor who offered you kindness when you had a tragic death in your family? Did you know he went to the Fatean Temple and prayed the Kel’hesh’ar for you lost grandchild? We can disagree on the matters of politics but in all of the hearts of those who work here is nothing but love and hope for you that one day you will cry tears of joy at becoming a Free Citizen of Hell.

        [q c p n!]

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Mr Logan I think you go too far in your vendetta against Mitch by publishing his personal information. What Fred found on the internet was public information about your activities at a watersports site. What you have done is extract personal information for the purpose of causing another potential harm. If a customer to your business angered you because they support the ACA how could you be trusted to not publish their personal information on the Internet?

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Mr Logan it’s not the same. You offer little or no proof that your site was hacked in 1998 no less. Next, Wet Set is a public forum that has links all over the Internet. Now it was your error leaving your email address hanging out, on you another public forum that started this whole imbroglio. But once again public. We have not published your date of birth, the place where you live or the phone number and address of your business as you have partially done to Mitch. If it is okay for you to do that to him I can only assume that you would be fine with us doing the same for you to enlighten your HVAC customers? Our lawyers here in Dis see no problem with this do you object?

  18. If Bill thinks he’s intimidating me, he’s sadly mistaken. I am neither embarrassed nor ashamed that I was hospitalized nor that I sought financial relief 21 yrs ago. Why don’t you publish my lipid profile and my net worth Bill? I am proud of both. However HIPPA violations are a whole other issue.

    • And BTW. Whats’ CDS? And to clarify I am my own “boss”. So please, send my “boss” whatever you want.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Mitch I hear you have a very healthy prostate. Sorry i counldn’t resist. We’ve got you back in this one. If William Logan wants a shooting war [digitally, of course] we’ll give him a Holiday Season he’ll never forget. I’m eager for some “payback” after those “smells like fish” comments. Neocon1 has fucked with the wrong bitch.

  19. I’m not hiding behind anyone. And since you have a photographic memory, you should recall that not living in the same house was a positive solution to our marital problems.
    Tit for tat is extremely juvenile but it’s not surprising. Nor are my personal issues a surprise: since I already admitted to them. On line. But it’s rather perverted to keep a record of these things since they were said a long time ago. It’s obvious that you think that calling people names cows them. It doesn’t. You also seem to think it’s a creative insult to make sexual comments. It isn’t. It just shows what kind of a person you are. You talk a big game behind a keyboard but then again most pipsqueaks do. You’ve been run off of B4V which in itself says a lot about you. When those people won’t put up with your bizarre rants, you should consider making changes. You are not interested in conversation, you just want to fight. You behave like a bully but you’re really a pussy. You think machismo, bluff and bluster makes you a man. It doesn’t. You’re a racist but talk in code about it because you don’t have the guts to come right out and say what you mean. You’re a bigot as well. Most recent example earlier today when you referred to me as “jboy”. We all know what you were implying: Jew boy. You relentlessly promote ludicrous insanity about the President and use fringe characters to try to prove your correct and to justify your conviction. No matter how many times the falsity of these wild-eyed claims have been pointed out to you, you still cling to them and then provide even more crazy people as proof.
    I told you yesterday that I feel sorry for you. And I sincerely do. I think you are a very disturbed individual and should seek some sort of therapy. Unfortunately you don’t and I’m sure you will scoff at the idea. After all, only pussies seek help.
    Has it ever occurred to you that your behavior and what you say on line just might have something to do with the ire you bring out in people? Yeah, I said some nasty shit to you. I was very, very pissed off. And so were other people. So much so that you have been both a subject and topic of conversation. Now why do you think that is? Could it possibly be that attention needs to be drawn to people like you?
    You’ve been run off from B4V so now you’ve perched here. It’s a different branch, a different tree and different birds.

    • An invitation? And after the fact? No, you have been allowed to respond. I must say that you are one of the most arrogant, self aggrandizing, proud of their profound stupidity individuals I have ever come across. The depth of your inferiority complex requires Scuba gear to measure. If you provided factual evidence to support your claims that would be one thing. Instead for show and tell you pass around Larry Sinclair. What would Kahn and Frmr Marine think. Tsk tsk.
      I love the way you’ve spun your pathetic te ta te over at B4V. One week vacation my ass. Better spin than a gyroscope. But I’m sure that after doing penance and providing the fruits of your recon work, you’ll be welcome back with open arms.
      I guess if you think taunting other people is a measure of some absurd notion of superiority, you’re on a genius. But one fucked up person. An art form? Really. But something to be proud of, that’s for sure!
      You love playing the bad cop, huh? I bet you wish you were a cop. One that embodies the absolute worst characteristics of one who doesn’t have the public interest in mind, but rather their own sick, demented addiction to lord over others. Hiding behind a gun. A compensation for inadequacy and a licence to be judgmental. Free of accountability. Like the cop in New Mexico , or Arizona; where ever it was who shot multiple times at a van full of kids. And for what? Speeding? BANG!!! HALT OR I’LL SHOOT!
      You know Bill, if it wasn’t xmas eve and I wasn’t feeling benevolent: having been reading about Pope Fancis for the past hr or so, I’d tell you to go fuck yourself. I’d even provide you with a map. As a xmas present. I’d even give you the phone number of some good PT’s. You’ll surely need them, wrenching your back, neck and shoulder performing the act of self love. Maybe even through in some high Mg Cialis.
      Have a spiritual holiday. It’s the reason for the season!

  20. sarahbloch Says:

    there needs to be some class an character injected here unless everyone just simply wants to go thermonuclear. Fred being bisexual and Pain being married to a woman, a great one I must add, doesn’t absolve Catholic priests of their crimes against children all over Terra. Mr Logan cannot address this at all. he cannot say as Fred would say about his sexuality that “I am what I am” because that would be a de facto pass for anyone who presides over his chosen religion to do any harm they choose as long as Mr Logan gets his golden ticket into Heaven.

  21. If Heaven exists, he’s preventing himself from getting in.

  22. This isn’t a “tussle”. And why do you attempt to insult people by addressing them with baby cake names? It’s a pattern. It’s universal. You mock everyone. What exactly are you trying to prove? It just reinforces what people already think of you. “Hey Kid!”
    How fucking stupid.
    You know nothing about my take on the concept of god, other than what you have filed away on your hard-drive. Likewise, you are opposed to even making the attempt to understand my opinion of religion as a human construct. The smug, condescending surety of so called Christians like you is galling. Take a look at how you treat other people. Presuming your concept of heaven exists, why would someone like you be allowed in? Were you absent the day they taught the golden rule? I’ll give you this though, you treat everyone like shit. You must hate yourself a lot! Would Jesus approve of how you talk to others?
    I don’t believe in original sin therefore I don’t need to be “saved”. I think a lot more of myself and my concept of god is not as simplistic as yours. Nor am I as militantly insistent on it as you. Fundamentally you are really no different than the Muslims you so love to hate. They think their religion is the only true, “real” one as well. And sadly some of them act on it.
    But if I were to truly believe in what the bible says, I know I don’t need a middle man to stamp my ticket for entrance. Entry was guaranteed a very long time ago. Sort of like an infinite trust fund, set up by the protagonist of the book by the people who had the idea for it. But others according to it? Not so much. Copywrite infringement.
    On the celebrated eve of the Christ’s birth, perhaps you should bear witness to his teachings. Cast out the evil within you and remember Luke 2:14. Good will towards men.

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