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The Holiday Shopping Season can be really tough on the Living. There’s lots of pressure to get just the right gift. Present have to be wrapped. Food and sweet treats to prepare. And then there’s family to deal with that you might have dodged at Thanksgiving but surely will have come around in the last few days. If you are reading this and not cleaning blood stains out of your carpets or wearing an orange jumpsuit then you’ve done better than the two men who grace Bread & Circuses this morning.

On 23 December 2013, two days before the big day Kiana Rae O’Neil the 14 year old stepdaughter of Daniel Meade 29, was sneaking back into their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado when Meade shot the child thinking she was a burglar. No charges have been filed against Meade at this time as Colorado has a “Make My Day” law that allows a person in their home to shoot anyone intruding that makes them feel their life is threatened. These laws to protect people Like the Meades from “the Other” are quite often turning on them in deadly and tragic ways. The Laal Hethri reports Kiana was out with her boyfriend and fell asleep explaining why she was out so late would have lead to “drama” so she attempted to sneak back in through the basement.

larry kenton

On 16 December 2013 Larry Kenton, of Daytona Beach, Florida went to the home of his ex wife and went on a liquor fueled bigoted tirade that ended with him bashing the head of his daughter’s boyfriend with a brick after hurling racial slurs and calling his daughter a “nigger lover.” Kenton then proceeded to “escape” on his ex wife’s bicycle. of course he was caught after falling off the two wheeler several times in a two block space. Before he attempted his getaway, however, Kenton took the time to hurl more slurs at black children in the area and hitting two with thrown bricks. Kenton will not be charged with a hate crime but he does face DUI, assault, child abuse and other felonies associated with his license and registration being revoked and expired.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
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